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Publisher Beta Tabbing through fields []

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I am going ot put this here now that everyone has gone home for the Holidays.
It would be great if there was a general maintenance update that would fix these tabbing in fields problems. I do believe that most if not all these problems exist in the Designer and Photo betas as well. This is on Mac OS 10.14.6 so there may be more or fewer problems on other OS releases or systems.

On the Character Panel
In the Positioning and Transform section
Tab from one field to the next only works on the righthand side of the fields.
Not in Kerning, Tracking, Baseline offset or Leading. Tab will enter the value and exit the panel, so to speak.

The Paragraph Panel seems to accept tabbing and the use of the arrow keys to change values in all the fields, with one weird feature/bug. If a section is closed with its little triangle arrow, unless it is a feature whch can be turned on/off like Auto Hyphenation or Drop Cap, the tabbing still cycles through the fields and they are editable. I think this should not be allowed to happen, lots of problems could occur and to be honest I see no real value in this behaviour.

The Transform Panel is just odd. I can tab through all the fields but Shift + Tab only works on going from the rotation field to the Height field. It is only six fields and the tabbing does fold over to the beginning but it should be fixed.

The Colour Panel will not allow me to tab into or out of the Opacity field in any of the colour models. With the odd exception of the CMYK model where the Tab will work once I have changed the value to something other than 100% and used the Return key, not the Enter or Tab keys. There is also an odd thing with the arrow keys in the Opacity field, the Down arrow will display a menu with 90 80 70 ... and I can go up and down using the arrow keys but if the value is 50% the up arrow doesn’t call up the menu, I guess it is by design and it does make a sort of sense but it stikes me as a little unintuitive. 
The Arrow keys work well for entering values in the other various fields in the Colour Panel.

The Stroke Panel will cycle through all the fields, including the values for the dashed line even though that is not chosen, again this could cause problems. The values for the arrow’s size are not cycling if there is no arrow head applied, this is what I would expect for all collapsed sections. The arrow keys work well here. The panel for the Brush Stroke works well for tabbing and for the arrow keys. But a value field is always selected, even if the window/panel is not the focus, this is disconcerting.

The Text Frame panel is broken in an odd way, actually a couple of odd ways. First to describe is the Columns sections. I can use the arrow keys once to change the value of the width of a column or gutter but a second hit on the arrow key’s up or down is transfered to the position of the selected text frame. Also I cannot tab further than the width of a column to the gutter, subsequent tabs will be in the other sections fields. I would want to be able to set, say, four columns then have three narrow and one wide by tabbing between all the fields.
Now to the other oddity. I can tab forward and backward only in the Insets section, after that it is stuck there. If I start in any other section’s fields I can tab or shift + tab into the Insets section and then I am stuck. The arrow keys seem to work correctly for these other sections.
Finally there is the colour for the baseline grid missing a readout or field for the opacity of the colour. It just has the slider.

The Table panel will only allow me to tab between fields in each section, I cannot go from the Frame Insets section to the Cell section or back. Having said that the shift = tab works as do the arrow keys. The one problem is in the Baseline Grid section, if I am there then tabbing from field to field is broken and the second tab will occur in the the selected table. But... not if I have a row or column selected or the entire table is selected by the move tool.

For the Text Styles panel I find it frustrating that I have use Command + A for select all in order to use the delete key and reset the fields to [No Change] afte I have either tabbed into it or have changed a value. If the field is highlighted by the outline I feel that I should be able to delete that value. Plus there is a second “empty” tab once I have gone through every field and can now use the arrow keys to select the next/previous page/section/tab (the bit on the left, the list). Bit mystifying.
And finally. Why can I not tab into the Leading field in Spacing? No matter what choice I make for the sort of leading %, multiple, exact... I can only tab out of it.

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Mac OS 10.12.6 || Mac Pro (Late 2013) Mac OS 10.14.6

Affinity Designer 1.9.3 | Affinity Photo 1.9.3 | Affinity Publisher 1.9.3 | Beta versions as they appear.

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