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Daniel Tapia

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Some of the illustrations I've done for the game Urban Cards. 

Oper: The most expensive real estate in the city. Where the tall shiny towers can blind your eyes, and the expensive scent can make you sneeze. Here you walk into echoing halls and amass a fortune with the tried and true methods of speculation and insider trading.  This is the realm of the millionaire CEO, the walking suit and the smile of a lending shark.

Akibara:  The technology valley controlled by gamers, hackers, and neon lights. People walking around with cybernetic enhancements, a faint glow coming from the windows of gamers expending endless hours playing competitive games online. This is the birthplace of new tech and the apps that rule us, of electronic beats and coding poetry. This is the playground for tinkerers, digital artists, modellers of the third dimension. This is where bitcoin fortunes are made with other people's data, this is where big brother comes to watch.








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