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  1. Fred Lespine

    First works (colorful video game)

    I like the style. Maybe the plane shouldn't display both wings since the helicopter and the tank are seen on a strict side view. I agree with gdenby about limiting gradients to big elements.
  2. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Thank you both for your kind words.
  3. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Hello everyone, Here's a new experiment with AP. It took me too long, the original sketches were done 3 years ago. I started the digital part months ago then just came back to it recently, . The problem is that i didn't remember which brushes I used at the beginning, so it lacks of unity. I also rushes a little bit, probably because I wanted to finish it anyway, and not let it in the unfinished cellar with a lot of his "friends"
  4. Fred Lespine

    Free brush packs - Both Vector and Raster

    Thanks a lot !
  5. Fred Lespine

    Gritty Book Cover Experiments

    Hello Gary, This is a nice style with great impact and some flexibility in order to adapt it to different themes. I like the intentional confusion of the shapes in the first cover, it matches a novel about war. In the second cover, I like the composition but the girl's silhouette is a little bit too obvious, I mean too detailed or too "readable". I don't know if I'm clear ? And I wouldn't use more than 2 fonts on one page.
  6. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Thank you. Haha, you're right for the wheels.
  7. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Thank you both
  8. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Thank you
  9. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    thank you very much.
  10. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    and Merry Christmas everyone !
  11. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Hello everyone, Here's some works I've done with AD and AP.
  12. Fred Lespine

    Just... crash

    The 1.5.2 beta 3 apparently works ! :) I haven't used too many functions yet but it doesn't crash.
  13. Fred Lespine

    Just... crash

    Yes, I see the splash screen. I tried to launch with no internet connection since I also suspected some issue when the software try to get access to it on opening, but the problem remains. It's just weird that I'm apparently the only one with this feedback, which means something is probably wrong on my computer's settings. Thank you all for your suggestions and help. ;)
  14. Fred Lespine

    Just... crash

    Thanks for your answers. I'll check the Beta 2. But is there a way to get back the previous version ? Because I don't mind to wait longer to get the new AD 1.5, but right now I cannot use AD at all. Sorry but the report text is too long for the the forum. Here's the links to the .text file https://we.tl/CBA7wTSNqm