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  1. Fred Lespine

    Old CCTV image experiment

    Nice effect. Oh, don't pay attention to me, I'm just waiting for Leatherface to appear...
  2. Fred Lespine

    Old CCTV image experiment

    It's exactly the way I imagined it ! Glitch effect makes it even more credible.
  3. Fred Lespine

    Old CCTV image experiment

    I like the mood. I checked the image in case I could see some hidden weird element. I've been watching too much movies I guess
  4. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Thank you Phillipp Actually, I'm very slow with these vector illustrations and it would take forever to make a comics. But I may try some little animation later, I keep it in mind.
  5. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Hi everyone, Very soon it will be time to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Here's my version of the Metal Rat. Same process as usual, I started with a traditional sketch before tracing in AD.
  6. Fred Lespine

    Painting - Fighting Spirit

    Very nice !
  7. Very nice ! And thanks for showing us the process.
  8. Fred Lespine

    Story Boards

    Cool !
  9. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Maybe this is not the final version, but it's close to what I wanted. I will probably adjust some details and maybe brighten the light a little bit. At least it has been done in time
  10. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Work in progress : some kind of Santa Claus & Galactus mix . Coming soon... hopefully before Christmas
  11. Fred Lespine

    Adam Ratai Instagram

    Very cool style !
  12. Fred Lespine

    Book'em Danno

    Super cool ! For us (in France), it was called "Hawa├» Police d'├ętat" (Hawaii, state police). But the name doesn't matter much, your illustration is really awesome !
  13. I find it very cool, visually speaking. Maybe you could add one single (even mysterious) element, in order to make the storytelling a little bit more exciting.

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