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  1. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Sure, but it's also my fault, not to finish a work in a row. I would have kept in mind which brushes I was using. But it wouldn't happen in a professional situation. Sometimes, I should consider even my hobby illustrations like pro ones. And I admit it's easier for me with vector drawings, as long as I keep my swatch.
  2. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Here it is : a Zaku inspired drunk robot. I did the sketch more than one year ago. I finally made it fast on AD, which means it looks sometimes clumsy, but I had some fun.
  3. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Hello, My last try with motion blur effect was not totally convincing... Maybe I should add more blur but I also think that the effects makes some kind of "echo" with the pattern of the building. Anyway, I switched to another new drawing...
  4. Fred Lespine

    Company Profile $15

    In my opinion, the structure is interesting but the colors should be improved. I don't think that yellow on yellow is a good choice and I'm watching it on a computer screen. That means it could be worse when printed. Black text on fully colored image is quite aggressive. You could blend the background image and make it semi-transparent.
  5. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Thank you Gary. I will try this following your examples. I have nothing against using A-Photo in the process in general, but I have fun with the full vector constraint.
  6. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Well, I don't know how to handle it because I really want to keep the "all vector" thing. It's part of the game for me. And Vector only provides the gaussian blur...
  7. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    It worth a try. Thanks
  8. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    An alternate version, after I got some advice from the Facebook users group I belong to.
  9. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Hi Everyone, Another UFO themed illustration done in AD. I may make further adjustments (not sure about the green lighting sticks that may catch too much attention).
  10. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    Hi, With AD, I'm using mostly the pen tool and some shapes (ellipses most of the time), all done with the mouse. I work a lot with the node tool as well. So I don't have any clue about how to use the pencil tool yet (I will probably give a try one day). When I draw raster (bitmap) images, I'm using AP and a simple small Wacom Intuos tablet (like the furniture or Santa Claus in previous pages). I have a different workflow depending if I draw vector or raster image, and I don't mix it, at least not yet. Maybe later with some new experiments. The common thing is that I always start with traditional sketches, handmade, that I trace.
  11. Fred Lespine

    Photo - Live Displace Filter Tattoos

    Interesting project, it's quite cool. In my mind tattoos are a little bit less dark though, and bluish. But I had mine more than 30 years ago
  12. Fred Lespine

    [AD] [AP] Misc illustrations

    It's coming... well, slowly
  13. Fred Lespine

    Captain Noise Comic - Autism awareness

    Great job ! Both the theme and the design.