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  1. Just some fun before New Year, done in Affinity Photo after a pencil sketch.
  2. Yes, that's why I was myself hesitating between the 2 versions. More branches with various angles would probably have been the best solution... But I wanted to finish it on time and I understand that this compromise is not totally satisfying. Thank you all for your opinion and advice. Next time I will try to post sooner so I will be able to modify before the deadline 😉
  3. Thanks @Alfred Yes, you got my point. Like I said above, I was expecting some pareidolia effect with the bar as antlers, the side lights as eyes, the middle as nose and the triangle line as a smile. But I guess it was too subtle in the end...
  4. Thanks @Timespider! I was hesitating , since it's clearer without the bar, showing more the gifts. But the front bar was to symbolize a reindeer horn. Yep, not sure if it's obvious but I tried some pareidolia , to mimic the reindeer nose, eyes and horns. 😅 Maybe It's too complicated...
  5. So it's done... I have 2 versions and I don't know which one to chose. Merry Christmas everyone ! 🎅
  6. Thank you ! 😊 Yes I have a traditional background. Well, I'm almost 50 years old so I started to draw before computers were so common. 😉
  7. Hi Everyone, I failed to finish something for Halloween 😓 but I will finish a drawing, just in time, for Christmas. This is a WIP but I'm almost done...
  8. Weird... so I totally approve 😁
  9. Impressive ! 👍😮😍
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