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File Hash information to verify downloaded Affinity apps

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Affinity Photo

macOS (1.10.5):

  • MD5: 920c0663518cedf46dcbde600bf8ebca
  • SHA1: de0d465fa11eee58271b5892b6c3d4cf793c5c7d
  • SHA256: 7786101767815037942ca918629958b691d266601f72be063e7c209978813149

Windows (1.10.5):

  • MD5: 45b48e04a879b117b10a08ae2a99e190
  • SHA1: be3faeacef0b1c471aa4fa981a4726a8eff95021
  • SHA256: 8b44177b86f22d2b2c4f31e94eaf7e2ac28fdb7095e087d265473450118c2db0

Affinity Designer

macOS (1.10.5):

  • MD5: 6fab80e2aac88ceebe583abe0fc4d995
  • SHA1: 7deb27b26b7e11a3a8fafd28a9677a53d3acedca
  • SHA256: bbcdc5540233d2cfa6daba0512fb61417119cffcb28012e08b04d1693989d390

Windows (1.10.5):

  • MD5: ebe16cfcc3bec9d8fbdad976740fbc61
  • SHA1: e881db30fab434361fad1fa5b8894148e67c04eb
  • SHA256: adeeb1b791ddaa8100a19110e8c90270ab69943f78f5b10a196239a95a981b7b

Affinity Publisher

macOS (1.10.5):

  • MD5: 9b8f0b4f0bb4134f8c81b4db97be8087
  • SHA1: 1bfbbe41853b744bf58604b005c66803abf4202f
  • SHA256: 96a72789dc8bd9a84bbd4333cf8cc4076b84dde4dba21d551be3904024ba35d7

Windows (1.10.5):

  • MD5: e28f8c316ee14086b97b98b3a0890389
  • SHA1: e00e8610d147e3dafac5f2f673ffa3bf0be3ed1a
  • SHA256: 68c4932f925fa967e78f965499bf33f55eecdc96004f8ea40295d4a15014f25d

You can also use simple downloadable resources such as this to verify the files. Another method is to use Terminal within macOS, as outlined here.

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The post above has been updated to reflect the latest V1 releases

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

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