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  1. Text style copy & paste ( like in google docs, it is called the Paint Format tool) I do not want to create a new style every single time I am working with text, sometimes I just want to copy and paste a style! I know this is more word processor based but it's such a nice option to have, hands down useful. There is a reason text editors have styles and paint format/format paint (Google Docs/Word) options. And it seems like it would be super easy to implement. I don't want to clutter my global text styles with two-three pieces of text that I want to be the same style. Just make a button like those word processors.
  2. Story editor - The ability to go through text and copy and paste parts of it out would be really helpful... Or better yet let me link to a google doc somehow. I know this is a bit of a stretch but hey, thought I'd throw it out there. I have to copy and paste text a lot and just creating a text filler block and being able to update that outside the page would be nice.
  3. Table updates - This needs a lot of work to really be that useful, but minor things like highlighting the cell you are in would be nice, adding a checkbox to link stroke on outside & inside stroke would be nice (even though it would only save me a few clicks I would like the option), the ability to right click on row > resize all rows to the currently selected row would be nice... Actually is there even a way to alter all rows or columns? It wasn't very clear to me if there was... Also it wasn't super clear how to affect the whole table at once, like I get I can select all the cells by clicking in the first cell and dragging to the last cell but if I had a very large table this could be a problem. Having a global table option and control would be nice because what if I want to hide all inner table dividers? Also having some default table styles would be nice, just a few basic colors which I can edit later because a lot of tables have different colored rows to make them easier to read. Including one or two different table formats with a global color option for alternate rows would be very handy. Having the ability to make nice tables would really really be amazing. Perhaps I missed something though and these options are available elsewhere. Also headers on tables would be great.

Would be nice after some of those updates are fixed:

Footnotes and endnotes. While they have not become a big issue yet, they would be very nice to have as I aim to be creating a manual down the line and don't want to have to work this in manually.

I work as a book publisher and I know Publisher isn't actually built for that but it's been really helpful and I think working on a few of these additions would help my workflow considerably.

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18 hours ago, softsound said:

I do not want to create a new style every single time I am working with text

When working with most larger documents, it is generally best to keep the use of styles to a bare minimum outside of those defined as actual text styles.  In other words, 99.9% of the text in the document should have zero style information outside of what is defined by the styles in use.  This helps to keep the styles consistent between different parts of the document, allows formatting adjustments to be done in one place, and eliminates the need for the format paintbrush tool...  though I certainly wouldn't complain about having that option available when working with smaller projects.


18 hours ago, softsound said:

having some default table styles would be nice, just a few basic colors which I can edit later

Now that templates are supported in 1.8, you can create your own template containing a handful of styles you design.  Anything provided by default with Publisher would be so generic as to not likely be as optimal as something you set up for the type of work you typically do.


18 hours ago, softsound said:

Also headers on tables would be great.

This will become more important once tables can be split between pages.  Currently you could simply format the row as a header.


18 hours ago, softsound said:

Footnotes and endnotes. While they have not become a big issue yet,

They are quite a big issue already for many users, particularly those working in academia and in various fields of research.

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16 hours ago, Bryce said:

Can't you do that now with Paste Style?925402142_ScreenShot2020-02-26at10_17_03PM.jpg.5b9a04a83f373efc9f33b3a23965d0d1.jpg

That's layer styles which the OP isn't asking about. He's talking about styled text. In InDesign there's an eye-dropper tool - click on one block of text and then click onto a second block of text. That second block then takes on the attributes of the first.

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No it doesn't work like that. I just tried it. When I select the new text, Past Style is greyed out.

UPDATE > ok I tried it differently. It only works by selecting the entire text frame, not the specific text. So it's partially helpful but not the same because you can't just grab from one part of a text frame and paste it onto part of another.

It also seems to just grab the formatting from the first line of text, so if the formatting you want to copy is lower down then you're out of luck.

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I just discovered this issue when I opened a IDML document, before I can jump ship on adobe, I need to make sure that publisher can handle everything... 

There is no text style eye dropper... 

The other thing is, when I copy text from an email and use it to replace a sentence in publisher it changes the formatting style of the pasted text. WHY would it do such a thing...

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