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About that One-Time Payment for your Apps

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Hi Team Affinity!


1st let me thank you VERY MUCH for bringing real competition to the Adobe-driven world we live in.


Most of the things I've seen so far in Designer and Photo are really awesome and i am really looking forward to future releases.

Not everything can be perfect from the start, but with Designer you have so far proven you are committed.


Which brings me to my question:

Can you really keep things going with your One-Time Payment policy?

Don't get me wrong, everyone including me loves that, but i suppose somewhere down the road (v2?) you will have to ask for money again, right?


I really want you to succeed and personally i would'nt mind to pay an upgrade price - say every major version.


Maybe its still far off, but can you say anything about that?



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Hi ugn, and Bram de Mooij,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

What that means it that Affinity software don't use a subscription model where you are simply renting the software paying every month.

We use the traditional model where you buy it once and then pay just for major upgrades.

So yes, you will have to pay an upgrade price for version 2.0 etc

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Hey MEB!


Thanks for clarifying!

If your team in the end supports all three apps like you are already doing with Designer, everyone will be more than happy to pay for reasonable upgrades.


And FYI, i just finished a medium sized project just using Photo (Beta) and Designer - i gotta say, once you find our ways around, the workflow is just awesome!


Thanks again.

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I think it is reasonable to ask money for major upgrades, but how about new camera support ?

With Adobe at a certain point new camera raw is only supported in the latest versions of PS.

Will this be valid for Affinity Photo develop module too ?

Is raw conversion dependent on OSX, btw ?

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I, for one, am actually totally peachy with a subscription payment model. I am just not happy with Adobe's unreasonable money grab ~ for many small teams there is no good value/cost ratio with the 3 subscription options they make available. UGN brings up a very good point; we like a low cost tool with great features but also important is that the company who provides the tools will do well so we get to use these tools for a long time. We like the Affinity team to do well, make a nice profit and hopefully create more products that make us all happy.  But I would not shackle the Affinity team to the current license model. 


Adobe lost it for me because:

- unreasonable pricing for derived value.

- continuous complication of the user interface.


I am fine with the subscription model itself.


By the way, I stopped my creative cloud license a few months ago (50 bucks/month). Within a few weeks Adobe offered me a 30/bucks month option to lure me back. That gives me the same feeling as dealing with the cable company - it seems to me that Adobe has a very wrong idea about how they can deal with their customers.

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questo è quello che si diceva nel 2015 come è cambiata ora la vostra filosofia di vendita ? dato che il tutto è costicchiato 170 euro comprese le due versioni per iPad che secondo me uno che compra suite completa la versione iPad dovrebbe averla ad un prezzo ridotto ... ho anche scritto messaggio su vostro sito fb ma non ho avuto ancora risposta .. dove chiedevo se c'era uno sconto su hi comprava l'intera suite. ,,, attendo risposta .. anche se come ho detto sopra ho comprato l'intero pacchetto per mac 


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On 7/12/2015 at 4:54 PM, joost said:


I, for one, am actually totally peachy with a subscription


I prefer one-off payments -- simply because when a subscription ends, I cannot use the software at all and cannot open or edit my own files, without subscribing again.

Corel had a decent solution anwhilenago, where subscribers got to keep the most recent version perpetually (but no upgrades and support any more), when thensubscription had lasted at leastntwo years -- I'd be fine with that.

As things are, I'm happy to pay every couple of years for a new version (because - contrary to Adobe - I trust Serif putting some nice new features on each big upgrade).

Currently Serif is making money by sellong their apps and, through the constant updates and their coverage, expanding their user base. Also, with rougly one new app per year, there's a certain cash flow that holds until version 2.0 where the cycle starts over. This is, by the way, how software was developed until a couple of years ago, with big paid upgrades every two or three years and free smaller updates inbetween -- forces developers to actiäually deliver good updates / upgrades and to manage money a bit diffrently, but it's a better model for everyone in my opinion. 

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wow! look at us... 4 year old thread B|

@fenix please try and post in english... it's kinda common ground (i'm from germany) - thx

To recap the sentiment four years later:

I don't mind paying for (semi)-regular updates. not.at.all!

I work for a medium sized post-production company and we (sadly) are mostly reliant on Adobe Products.

Thing is this: Adobe made a mess out of their whole suite... dating back to atleast the first CC suite.

Usually we need to have at least 2 or 3 versions of every Adobe program installed to reach maximum compatibility with everything a customer throws at us.

Problems with Plugins come on top of that...


Now... years back, me and two coworkers started using just Affinity Designer and Photo because we do programming most of the time and just don't need/like newer Adobe tools.

Turns out, because of file quality & size, app speed and easy (& joy) of use, today EVERY artist here "also" uses at least Affinity Designer to open/review almost all Illustrator files we get.

Designer is able to open more .AI versions than Illustrator itself....:o


Long story short (also preordered Publisher, just because Designer & Photo ROCKKKK!):

Thank you Serif!

Even if you are a smallish contender, your Apps changed not only my daily workflow, but also the view of our company at Adobe pricing and politics.

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Well, I was going to ask if there was an "Upgrade" price for Designer's new version (1.7.1) but, after reading this topic string, it occurred to me that I've paid more for upgrades on CorelDraw and Adobe products than the asking price of Designer's new version.  Shame on me!  I love this software.  Purchasing this package EVERY YEAR to get the latest version is still less expensive than dancing to Adobe's tune.  I will support Serif with my money - a great product deserves to stick around.  My order is going out NOW!

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