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  1. Thank you Tom for your observation and help....
  2. Is there a word counter installed, to keep track of manuscript entry? I am asking pertaining to short story requirements.
  3. My wife has been using Designer and has a problem with cropping out a portion of one of her images. When she attempts to do so, the crop tool removes the entire image from the screen, failing to crop anything. I use Affinity Photo primarily. She expected to remove the unwanted portion of her design, leaving the remainder in tact. The video seems to be inoperable, although, I will forward this information to her and attempt to make heads of tails of it myself. Thank you for the response.
  4. This is really fine work/demonstration...looking forward to your future offerings.
  5. I bought the program and want to share it on my wife's computer also, however, I can't figure out how to do it! Is there a step by step format to follow on Apple or here in the forum? I would appreciate any helpful feedback.
  6. I want to hook my wife's computer to mine, so we can both edit our images individually, what are the steps to doing so, if possible?
  7. Your response is great, having difficulty finding how to do the stroke color....
  8. Looking for ideas/methods to create various sections in document.....Example was created with Elements
  9. I would weight in on Topaz, On1, Nik, Macphun, Photomatix Pro 5 to NAME A FEW.