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node handles alignment

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1. I think it is crucial to have the possibility to align node handles in 45 degree steps AFTER they are created. Preferably with a keystroke like alt-shift or something like that, of course. 

So far it is only possible to so WHILE creating the nodes. 


2. I would love to to be able to change both node handles of a curve at the same time in order to keep them equal. 

So far I just can make them equally one after the other. 


Thanks and best

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+1. And I like the idea of it being a new keystroke while dragging the bezier handle.


I think Sketch handles #2 very well where you can select the type of node connection, (parallel, parallel + equal length, disconnected, etc..). It would be nice to have a similar feature in Designer.

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Sorry to bring up an old topic, but is there any way to snap node handles to 45 and 90 degree angles after they are created yet? This seems like such a basic and important feature of using the pen tool.


This is done in most applications by holding shift while moving a bezier handle. In Affinity Designer, holding shift snaps the handle to the angle that it was originally at.

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The only hack I've found to snap to 45 or 90 degree angles is:


  • Create a new anchor point on the shape, snapping it to the desired angle by holding shift.
  • Select the new anchor point and drag it on top of the old anchor point that you want snapped to an angle.
  • Move the new anchor point using shift + arrow keys to get it off the original (remember how far you moved it)
  • Delete the original achor point.
  • Move the new anchor point back to the location of the original anchor point.

A bit ridiculous for such a simple task, but it's the only way I've been able to do it.

Affinity Team: is this something that can be considered please, or at least acknowledge that it's been seen? Thanks!

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