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Found 37 results

  1. Is there any way you can set a particular object as a default on Affinity Designer for iPad? Here's attached a screenshot of the desktop version to give you what I mean
  2. As topic ask for , how do I open several pictures at 100% in a document ? in the video I can easy stretch it to 70 or 120%. I know I can check it out later , I just want a quick way of doing it. 2021-01-12_16-46-22.mp4
  3. Hej, this happens very often and everytime I lose my work. I work on a document in Designer on my 2020 iPad Pro 12.9. All things are uptodate. If I switch to other apps, eg. Lightroom, because I export one artboard to PNG to prepare for use on my website, iOS decides to cleanup memory an ends Designer. But my work isn't saved. Why is there no automatically saving? I don't understand why this isn't implemented. I don't observe this behavior in other apps than the Affinity apps. In Photo this happens on a similar way. Out of my point of view this is the most critical behavior in your software and needs a fix as soon as possible. This is the only thing what I see that doesn't work properly. Ah...and save by hand isn't a valid workaround. Sometimes you forget it if you are in your workflow and sometimes I switch between 3 or 4 apps for an illustration. BR Thorsten
  4. Hi there, I'm new in this community, so I don't know if this feature was already requested. It would be useful if Affinity Designer has an Adobe Illustrator option, so I'll be able to work on the same project using two similar softwares without doing the project from scratch. Thanks for reading Kind regards.
  5. I've tried to delete pages by highlighting the page icons in the Studio and by using Document>Delete Pages ... Both methods have deleted pages, but not the range 1-27 that I want to delete. It deletes page 1, leaves page 2 and then deletes from page 27 - I think. I was trying to cut the document to share on another bug report. Oh the irony! See the sequence attached 1. Start of Document (shows page 2 which remains) 2. Highlighted pages to delete 1-27 3. After deletion - page 2 remains , though Cover page 1 is deleted, stray table from section I want to keep remains.
  6. In photo persona I select a viewable artifact (the selection action result is correct) then try to export the ‘selection plus background’ as a png. That process worked flawlessly until yesterday. I tried to attach a screenshot of the problem but can't attach a png or jpeg or even a very small pdf to this post. That makes this problem really difficult to describe in writing. When you get the upload feature working let me know.
  7. Hi all. So I have a very old, but very trusty Wacom Bamboo CTL-460, latest drivers, windows 10 (fresh install). For some some reason I can't make it work with Affinity Photo. Pen Pressure refuses to work. It works fine with photoshop and krita. Screenshot of my settings: Thanks in advance. Edit: Well nevermind. If I disable windows Ink in the affinity photo and on my wacom control center, it works!
  8. Hi, I remember finding the answer a while ago but I cannot find it again. When you break a curve, you get two vertices instead of one. How can you select the one under ? If I remember well, there is a trick for that. Thanks.
  9. Hi I am very new to the app and publishing. Can anyone explain when I export from Publisher to pdf everything looks OK. But if I open the new PDF doc in Affinity Publisher some letters/words are garbage. PDF opened in Affinity looks like this: ' Christmas BriĜany Break This is a good opportunity for a relaxing break aĢer all the Christmas shopping has been done and before the arduous Christmas fesHviHes begin. It’s also a chance to stock up with some keenly priced French goodies, wines, cheeses, etc and enjoy a typical French dinner before deparHng. We are oĢen asked why we follow the same programme each year. It’s simple - it works! ' In Affinity Publisher original doc and exported PDF looks like this: ' Christmas Brittany Break This is a good opportunity for a relaxing break after all the Christmas shopping has been done and before the arduous Christmas festivities begin. It’s also a chance to stock up with some keenly priced French goodies, wines, cheeses, etc and enjoy a typical French dinner before departing. We are often asked why we follow the same programme each year. It’s simple - it works! ' Font used in Affinity Publisher Calibri -- So it seems to export OK just an issue if I open the expected doc in Affinity Publisher. Thanks
  10. I have tried several times to update bother Affinity Designer and Affinity photo from the App store as the updates are sitting there waiting for me. I click update and after a while nothing happens and it goes back to saying 2 Updates available. I am using a Mac and have Catalina installed. 10.15.3 I can get the Publisher update as I bought it through your website, but the other 2 I purchased through the app store so the download is not available on my account page. Thanks
  11. Is there a way to disable spellcheck, or at least the wavy lines in Designer?
  12. Much appreciated if someone could demonstrate how to draw text shadow as below on the iPad. I've tried duplicating a layer and pasting, but it's simply not as elegant as in Adobe Illustrator. Source:
  13. i have picture that is slightly of centre how do i straighten it Regards Terry
  14. What now? I don't have Adobe anymore and there is no way to send my files in any other format. i already asked that.
  15. Hi, do I miss something or is this a known Bug? The "hyphenation" for German does not work. If I fill the text box with English sample text and switch to English the "hyphenation" is working. Do I need to download some language Packs for that? I have got the latest stable Version installed //
  16. Axis editing handles are displayed opposite from what is chosen (Publisher v1.7.1). See attached images. When 'Show axis editing handles' is checked -- the handles are not there. When 'Show axis editing handles' is unchecked -- handles are visible. Expected behaviour would be the opposite, of course. Also, one can notice that the grid (gray) is off, not aligned with the handle or page corner. That is another issue, always happening here when non-uniform grids are used, but already reported elsewhere. Perhaps this issue is sorted out in the newest beta? I did not have time to check...
  17. [Last exception 2100 in PDF_clip]["Function must not be called in 'page' scope"] Error happens on both x1a and x3. X4 (and normal PDF) works fine. I believe I know the problem - transparent images. x4 supports transparent images, but x1a and x3 doesn't. I need to export to either x1 or x3 for my print-on-demand provider. Can we flatten/rasterize any transparent images with page background so we can have a x1 or x3 compliant PDF? I'm using PNG files with transparencies as linked resources. thanks
  18. Hey guys, documentation says, that alt + rmb drag changes size and opacity of the brush. Unfortunately I cannot get this working. Thanks for your effort!
  19. Hey all, I've been running the trial version for the past week and I have to say, I'm very happy with the overall results I get out of this software. Easy, intuitive and perfect for web illustrations. Though I've been running into a problem those past days : I use a 2 in 1 laptop (Lenovo Yoga 920) in tablet mode to draw stuff. And whenever I do, things get funky : either the pen loses calibration completely and appears at a random position below where the pen actually is, or all functions get disabled. Not only in Designer, but on everything else. I can only draw stuff in Designer's working zone, but it's completely unresponsive in other programs or just to navigate windows. I can use my fingers just fine, but if I want to draw stuff in photoshop or use my pen as a mouse, I have to restart the computer or reinstall the driver. Not the most convenient. Could someone give me a hand on this one ? Thanks !
  20. I can view my image with the builtin photo app. But when I opened it in affinity photo. It appeared as cropped. Also there's a white line on the left edge. Is this a bug? PC Version: Win 10 1809 ( Build 17763.379 ) Affinity Photo Version: File Format: DNG Properties show in Affinity Photo: 6028x4024px, 24.26MP, RGBA/32 (HDR) - RAW
  21. Look at the gif (animated): both strokes show a size of 0.2pt but you can see the size slider move as I select on or the other line and obviously they're not the same size.
  22. I don't know if anyone else figured this out already but; When you try to export LUTS in Affinity Photo you export them, and when you put them back into Affinity they have the opposite colors. Well I figured that two opposites would look the same. I exported the LUT and then opened the LUT I just exported and exported the opened LUT as a second LUT. It turned out to have the exact same edits as the previous edit. I don't know if any of that made any sense but there you go. If it didn't make any sense you can watch my youtube video:
  23. Hi there, I see there are fields (or "placeholders" as I call them ) for "Page Number", "Next…" and "Previous Frame Page Number", but there's no field for a self-updating "Total Number of Pages", so one easily could add something like "Page 1 of 10", "Page 2 of 10", and so on, to the document. Also it would be nice to have some fields for time values (current date: day, month, year, current time: hour, minutes, seconds... with or w/o leading zeros). Those could update on save or export.
  24. UPDATE: SOLVED! I looked over the log files myself (I was only dimly aware of them as a useful thing before yesterday evening). I found an error message within. "...OpenWithProgids Verify that you have sufficient access to that key" It turned out I didn't, so I fixed that, and have successfully installed both Designer and Photo. Not only can I now work with the lovely Affinity toys, I can troubleshoot, too. Cheers! Hi, I've been trying off and on to install Designer (and Photo) to my Windows 10 computer, with no luck. I've read the forums and applied these successful-for-others fixes so far: Clean boot Create admin account to try install. Nope. Runtime Update (did that) Making sure I'm running 64 bit Windows: Yes, I am. Make sure of .NET version. Yes. Ran troubleshooter, checked compatibility settings, tried running in various compatibility modes, all failed. The troubleshooter said that Affinity Designer is incompatible. I have DirectX 12, and Windows 10 Pro, 16GB RAM, Intel CORE i7, 160 GB free of disk space on a Cintiq Companion 2. Help! I LOVE Designer on the ipad Pro, I want to use it and Photo on my PC!
  25. 1. Hi. How i change the (Page / Artboard Background Gray Scale). The option from UI not working in 1.6 or 1.7 beta. Is still White. 2. Is possible to swap colors by KeyBoard. Is hard to erase a pixel if i have a transparent color selected.
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