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  1. I have been fighting this 'feature' all day. It is driving me NUTS. PLEASE give us a way to disable this, or remap it, or something. It gets triggered all the time with a magic mouse. Personally, I can't recall the last time I *intentionally* rotated the canvas. It's just not how I work. Ugh
  2. Ahh yes, the expand stroke routine. I had seen that once and forgotten about it. I think this is what I'm after. Thanks to both of you for your time. Seems like it'd be helpful to have a tool that did just what I mentioned - allow me to select multiple nodes and create an object out of it without any trickery. I'm sure it's a combination of difficult coding and me not fully understanding vectors/curves, but one can dream. Best
  3. Howdy folks - I seem to run into this enough to warrant asking how I should do it. I want to fill in the top and bottom segments of this object with a solid color (indicated by the squiggly lines). I changed the outside curve to red to indicate the way this was created. Is it possible to select those top four corner points and create a single object? Or do I simply have to draw the shape manually?
  4. @G13RL - Thanks! I had not seen that technique before, I tried it and it worked perfectly. Not very intuitive, so glad I asked. @R C-R - and thank you, I remembered that technique after I posted. Thank for taking the time to detail for myself and others who may be searching too! As a relative new comer, seems like a great 'feature' that could be added as a one step function. Not that either technique is real time consuming, but seems like something that needs to be more accessible. Tsk. Back to the grind! Thanks again.
  5. As I continue learning, one thing I encounter and struggle with is trying to divide a shape with an irregular curve, so I can shade just one half. See attached screenshot for a rudimentary example. It's an ellipse, and a curve. I've got straight lines and ellipses figured out, but what do you do when it's an odd shape like this? For this example, I'd like one side of the ellipse to be red, the other blue. I've tried breaking the curve of the ellipse and joining the curve to the new broken points, and also tried just joining the curve to the edge of the ellipse, but it's not getting me where I
  6. Duh, yeah, that's what I needed, it just wasn't registering in my feeble old brain. Thanks, @firstdefence!
  7. Thanks @firstdefence - I considered that, and in hindsight would be the easiest way. I got obsessed with slicing it, though, so now I'm curious if that's possible. I keep reading about a knife tool, but it's been talked about for months/years it seems.
  8. Newbie, learning learning learning, but this seemingly easy operation has me stumped. I want to take a trapezoid and divide it into two pieces so I can fill one section with a different color. Sounds so simple, I'm embarrassed to ask, but I've been searching all morning and can't figure it out. Here's a quick example, I want to take the main shape, divide the top off as shown, and then fill it green or whatever. Help!
  9. Great points, and I *really* want to like Affinity. The decider, though, was I also wanted to learn Illustrator, and to get Illustrator, you have to subscribe. If I'm going to get PS, might as well use it. It's unfortunate - I'm considering a career change into graphic design or something similar, and not many companies are requesting Affinity (or Pixelmator) experience. I'd love to tell Adobe to stick it too, but for now, I have to maintain the status quo. I'll be watching from the sidelines.
  10. Thanks for the input, maybe it's all for naught. I tried to do some basic editing techniques in Affinity, and while some keyboard shortcuts are the same, many or not. I don't have time to relearn everything, and certainly don't want to have to start dragging photos out of Photos just to open them again in Affinity. Great product, nice to see a PS competitor, but I've been using PS for too long to relearn it all. Maybe I'll check out Pixelmator instead and see if it matches up.
  11. Sorry if this is readily known/searchable, but I didn't find it (and am running out of time on my 10 day trial!). I am running macOS High Sierra (10.13) and trying Affinity Photo 1.5.2. I right click a photo in Photos (Version 3.0 (3201.11.120)) and select "Edit With -> Other -> Affinity Photo Trial", it gives me a warning that editing in Affinity turns off Live Photo, and upon clicking OK, it pops up a dialog that says The application “Affinity Photo Trial” cannot open the specified document or URL. I'm assuming this is due to the new *.heif format, a
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