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Found 14 results

  1. The Paint Brush has its Erase Brush equivalent, but the Pixel Tool lacks its Erase Pixel counterpart. It would be more intuitive and useful to use the tip of my stylus to paint with the Pixel Tool and be able to quickly correct mistakes with the stylus eraser using a true Erase Pixel tool instead of the regular Erase Brush. There is an "Erase" alternate mode for the Pixel Tool that can be activated with Ctrl, but as far as I could see it cannot be bound to the stylus eraser. Hopefully this would be easy to do. It would require no new functionality, just to elevate the "Erase" mode of the pixel tool to a tool of its own and make it usable like the Erase Brush.
  2. I have read a few threads, but I just want to know if it's still designed not to be able to assign different shortcut for Paint Brush Tool and Pixel Tool on Affinity Designer. Does anyone know? It just doesn't make sense to be customizable.
  3. It would make drawing straight lines for design work much easier. PIXEL and BRUSH TOOLS Holding down Shift Key constrains tool to straight vertical and horizontal lines.
  4. I'm looking to do pixel art on Affinity, and the Pixel Tool is great for drawing, but I can't seem to find a way to erase the pixels properly, as erasing with antialiasing leaves undesired marks on this type of work.
  5. Hello Affinity Photo development team, I'm not sure if this counts more as a bug report? Or as a feature request. There is a problem with Affinity Photo free-hand brush lines. When drawing, zoomed out or even zoomed in to 100% - brush lines and pixel tool lines zig-zag. Even though my hand doesn't shake - the lines produced have zig-zags. This is not due to the brush shape, or the spacing. Any brush shape, or 1% spacing still produces the same problem. I am not experiencing this problem on other programs - like Photoshop, Corel Painter, etc. On these programs, freehand lines remain accurate (smooth). The solution shouldn't be the stabilizer. The problem with the stabilizer - if you are a painter/artist - is that you want to paint quickly, with free-hand strokes. You don't want to paint with a line-trailing rope... The stabilizer is not good for artists. If your hands don't shake, you shouldn't need to use the stabilizer. Maybe the problem has to do with tablet coordinate mapping? Maybe there is something off in the mapping? I've experienced this problem in another program. A Japanese program called "OpenCanvas" - which has 2 options for tablet mapping. One is called "OS Coordinates" (which produces zig-zag lines) The other option is "Tablet Coordinates" (this one works perfectly - lines are stable when zoomed out or zoomed in. Strokes are super smooth - with NO need for a stabilizer. I've used a brand new 2019 Wacom Intuos Pro tablet, also used an Wacom Intuos Pro 3, and also a Wacom Cintiq 22HD. All tablets produce the same zig-zag lines. On other programs - strokes are very smooth. Maybe this is something that others have seen too? As a painter, this problem is a deal-breaker. But Affinity Photo is a fantastic program, with a great brush engine. It seems like something that would really be worth fixing.. A critical fix for painters and artists who would like to use Affinity Photo. Thank you immensely for viewing this issue and feature request.
  6. Hey everyone, hope that you are well. I have a personal blog where I like to create pixel art. Still learning but yeah, I'm very comfortable with Affinity Designer for my normal vector work so I decided to give it a try for raster images. The thing is: the cursor is driving me nuts! Whenever I increase brush size (2px and up) the "preview" pixel that is going to be painted is displayed top left of the cursor. This video may help illustrate what I'm talking about https://screencast.com/t/k8yET7ijH Is this normal or the expected way for the tool to work? I'm using square brushes.
  7. I am trying to use the pixel tool to, well, draw pixels. But every time I try to use it, nothing happens. The brush tool works just fine. I have checked to make sure that: My layer is a pixel layer. The pixel layer is not locked. The pixel layer is not transparent or hidden. The pixel layer's blending mode is normal. The pixel tool's opacity is 100%. The pixel tool's hardness is 100%. The color I have selected is a different color than that on which I am drawing. Nothing seems to work. Here is a screenshot of my window, in which someone might spot what's wrong: Thanks very much in advance!
  8. I am trying to crop product photos and add a solid white backdrop to the photos. I am cropping the photo, then using the Free Hand Selection Tool to cut out the image. I then delete the background and change it to white. However when i export the image file there is a gray line surrounding the image. Even if i use the Pixel Tool to change the border pixel by pixel to white, when i reexport the image, the gray line still surrounds the image. any tips on getting rid of the surrounding line? thank you!
  9. Hello, I have accidently changed the Pixel Tool by assigning a Brush. How can I get back the sqare form of the Pixel Tool?
  10. Hi, Recently I've been playing with the pixel tool. I have seen that the pixel tool doesn't have antialiasing like the regular brush, and the stokes seems sharper. But, when I select the Pixel Tool, at the end of the stroke options bar, I see an option named 'Alternate' with three possible values: Erase, Background color, Undo from snapshot. I didn't found info about such options. What are such options for ? Regards, Javier.
  11. Weird behaviors when using any drawing/erasing tools and not moving it (only pressing): 1. Pen down/trackpad click won't draw anything on canvas until quickly let go/released. 2. If click is held for a bit longer, then released, brush/pixel tool won't draw at all at that point. In recorded gif you can see circle appearing when i click and disappearing on release. iMac 27 2011 i5 3.1ghz, macOS 10.12.2
  12. I have been playing with AP and AD for about a month now and have just started to use them for Actual Work. I've done my first project in Designer and that went really well - love it. Last night I got into my first commercial work using Photo, and unfortunately I had to revert to Photoshop to get the job finished (I was on a deadline, so it was partly that I didn't have time to learn as I go!) But a big part of it was that I find the AP pixel tool a bit stuttery. In Photoshop, the equivalent pencil tool is something I use a lot - for both bitmapped line work and then for colouring. I need precision and flow. My problem with the AP pixel tool is it seems very slightly laggy, and perhaps because of this (or maybe a separate reason) it is sometimes slow to catch up with my cursor and either jumps or doesn't draw at all. Even if I slow down I sometimes get a jump and therefore a broken line. It's difficult to explain so I recorded a video to compare. You'll see it's quite subtle, and you might wonder what the fuss is, but the flow is important otherwise it would add hours to my work. I hope you can see the difference between the two. It's mainly only apparent on small short lines, longer or bigger lines aren't as much of a problem, though sometimes still break. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it AP or is it my set up? I'm using a Wacom Intuos 4 (PTK-840), the driver is, I believe, the latest (6.3.15-2). Mac OS 10.11.3. Photoshop is CS4, and AP is 1.4.1. [The artwork in the video is an old piece and I'm just mucking about on it to demonstrate the type of thing I mean). https://youtu.be/3Pxpre0mkTA
  13. First, where is the pixel tool. Second, how do I change the pixel size of my image?
  14. With the pixel tool's size set at the default 1px, nothing shows up when i either click or draw a line with it. If I increase the size to 2 px, then I get a half-width 2px high tool. Do I have something set wrong?
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