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  1. Hi Chris, I'm using a Desktop Computer with one monitor connected.
  2. Hello, every time I maximize Affinity Designer, my screen gets black. Complete black, also the task bar is gone. After some seconds the screen comes back. But on moving the mouse it changes to black again. It only appears, when the rulers are active Affinty Designer Version is Affinity Photo is not affected Operating System is Windows 10 64 Bit I am using a Intel HD 530 graphic card with I7-6700 It only appears with latest driver version: 154605.4771 With older version 154514.4590 there is no problem.
  3. Hello Leigh, I'm not realy shure what you mean, but I tried using a smoth brush with pixel tool in Photo and I got hard edges. Changing hardness seems to change the size. Tanks
  4. Hello toltec, yes this is exactly what I mean. Thank you very much.
  5. Hi, it is possible to Import a Mask from a greyscale picture? Thanks
  6. Hi MEB, I was able to do this only in Photo. In Designer I couldn't find the Channels Panel (Studio). Is there a way to do this in Designer? Can I also Import a Mask from a greyscale picture? Thanks.
  7. Hello Leigh, thanks, with creating a new square brush, I got back the original form. Is it the desired behaviour of the Pixel Tool, that it can be changed to every kind of brush? My expactation of the Pixel Tool was, that it paints directly a defined number of pixels without using any kind of texture. So where is the difference between Pixel Tool and the Brush? Thank for helping
  8. Hello Kiarian, did you try logging into your Affinty Account: https://affinity.store/de/sign-in/ Kind regards
  9. Hello Leigh, thank, but this didn't work for me. The Cursor als well as the result on the Document stays round. See the Screenshot attached to the Post. The only way of resetting, I know at this moment, is deleting preferences.dat in Appdata directory. But this also deletes some other configuration, I think.
  10. Hello, I have accidently changed the Pixel Tool by assigning a Brush. How can I get back the sqare form of the Pixel Tool?
  11. Hello Chris, thanks for the reply. I made some further tests with 100% scaling on the 150dpi screen (LG 31MU97). Then I get 167 dpi, wich is 111.689 * 1,5. The document is also not shown in original size. LG 31MU97 with 100% Scaling: Setting screen DPI to 167.533655394525 (scale = 1.0) LG 31MU97 with 150% Scaling: Setting screen DPI to 111.68910359635 (scale = 1.5) After that I made some tests on my other computer. A Microsoft Surface Book with 267 dpi. There I have no problem with scaling. The document is shown in original size. The DPI of 267 is correct. This is the physical resolution of the display. Surface Book with 100% Scaling: Setting screen DPI to 267.368421052632 (scale = 1.0) Surface Book with 200% Scaling: Setting screen DPI to 133.684210526316 (scale = 2.0) Surface Book with 225% Scaling: Setting screen DPI to 118.830409356725 (scale = 2.25) Find the complete log files attached to the post. From other programs like Gimp and Scribus, I'm used to configure the resolution manually. Kind regards Log_LG_31MU97_100%.txt Log_LG_31MU97_150%.txt Log_Surface_100%.txt Log_Surface_200%.txt Log_Surface_225%.txt
  12. Hello, in Log.txt I found the following line: Setting screen DPI to 111.68910359635 (scale = 1.5) Find complete Log.txt attached to the Post. One time I searched in Log.txt, I found the following line: If you need more information, ask. Kind regards Log.txt
  13. Hello, two weeks without reaction. Is this the way new costumers are treated? Today I installed the latest version ( and I have got the same Problem. 1. Create A5 Document. 2. Change scaling to "Tatsächliche Größe" (Strg + 8). 3. Scaling is changed to 55,8%. 4. The document on the screen is shown 10% to large (See attached photo). 5. Changing scale to 50% (Strg + -), the scaling is nearly perfect. The difference is below 1%. It is only a little big larger on the screen. My Computer: Windows 10 Prof. HiDPI Screen with 150ppi and 4096 X 2160 Windows scaling: 150% Changing Windows Scaling or resolution didn't solve the problem Kind regards
  14. Hi, are there any news on this problem? Kind regards
  15. Hi, thanks, for the hint. It is my fault and no bug. But there is one thing I don't understand. When "Einheiten" is set to, for example, Centimeter, there will be no resampling, with or without activating the "Resample" function. An other thing I noticed: If I uncheck "Neuberechnung" there is no resampling, but the dialog shows a different size. 1. Create Document A4 with 300 DPI 2. Open Dialog "Dokumentgröße ändern" (Change_DPI_1.jpg) 3. Change DPI to 600 DPI 4. Size in dialog will resized by x2 (Change_DPI_2_Change_to_600_DPI.jpg) 5. Size was not changed (Change_DPI_3_Result.jpg) I think the behavior is correct, but the dialog shows wrong data.

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