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  1. Thanks, it's not a bad workaround. Let's hope they could include this feature in future releases.
  2. +1 I'm on the same boat. After an hour (not a day, but only an hour) using several brushes, I have no idea how to find which brush I used for a specific stroke. I ca see the properties, but not the name of the brush I used. Regards.
  3. Hello again. I was not sure about updating this thread or not. Well, I changed my tablet so I'm not using my old Wacom. I checked three different tablet models: * Huion Q11K * XP-Pen star 06 * XP-Pen Deco 01 All worked fine, nice strokes, without issues. I know, this is not a 'solution' for everybody, but if you have an old Wacom with issues, and are thinking to upgrade your tablet... you have several options really cheap. Regards.
  4. Hello, I have updated the referenced thread with a solution for the initial wacom lag issue. I hope it could work for you too. Regards.
  5. Hello again. I've been testing and investigating about the initial lag when you do quick strokes. These are my findings/solutions, hope could help somebody. I have win7 64 bit, wacom intuos p&s and latest drivers. Jagged brush lines are not a problem in vertor strokes, because after you draw a stroke, it is smoothed. So if you work with designer and vectors, it's not a issue. But the initial part of the stroke, that is plain and not curved, is annoing. It seems related with a lag that is common to many wacom tablets, you can find information about this issue on youtube/google and the solutions are like this: * disable the Tablet PC input service * disable fickers * disable gestures * disable windows ink But none worked for me. Also I discovered that this issue is also present in other apps, like Krita (not the "jagged lines issue", but the lag issue). After intensive testing and chaging every possible setting, this is what worked for me ... drums sound ... To disable the "Tip Double Click Distance" setting. I have uploaded two pics/scenarios. Pic 1: designer, left part are vector 'circles' drawn with 'Tip Double Click Distance' at medium settings, right part with that setting disabled. Pic 2: krita, left are pixel circles with setting disabled, right with the setting enabled Notice the difference, there is no initial lag when the 'Tip Double Click Distance' is set to OFF. About the jaggeg lines, this is a issue related to affinity photo/designer-pixel persona, so let's hope developers found a solution soon. Hope this worked for you too. Regards.
  6. I tried all possible combinations, no difference. See topic Regards.
  7. Same/similar issue here. If someone knows a way to solve it, please share. There are several threads about this issue with wacom tablets (lag or jaggy lines). I just can't use my wacom to draw anything, in Designer or Photo. So you can add me to that 'pressure' group Regards.
  8. Hi, Thanks to the development team for the good work. I just downloaded last beta versions of Designer & Photo to check if the wacom lag/jaggy lines issue has been solved. But still not solved on this version :(. I'll keep waiting ...
  9. Thanks a lot Chris B, I think I read about your bug time ago, but couldn't find the thread. I found this one instead. Let's hope the bug could be resolved soon. Regards.
  10. Hello, I have the same issue. Win7 64bit & Intuos P&S CTH-480, driver 6.3.25-5 (last). I have uploaded a pic where you can see what happens: up: vector brush down: pixel brush left: wacom tablet right: mouse Notice that the strokes done with the mouse are 'fluid'. With tablet & vector, when starting the stoke there is a initial straight line, then the intended curve (lag starting the stroke?). With the mouse, there is no problem creating a fully curved stroke. Down left, a curve done with the pen, doesn't seem a curve, but little straight lines connected, compare with a similar curve done with the mouse, you see just a curve. No problems with other sw, like Krita, for example. I checked all possible combinations of table & affinity options, without success. Please, solve it. The program is not usable with the pen and this issue.
  11. (posted on the latest beta thread) I just started AD, then created a new A4 project, I added a pixel layer and painted a bit with one of the standard brushes. Zoomed in/out a bit and I got the CPU spikes easily, several seconds every spike. I don't get spikes on AD 1.5, and don't remember getting spikes with older betas. Regards.
  12. Hello, I'm getting the same. Just a little project with a few shapes and some pixel layers. When I zoom in or press space the app hungs during few seconds. It does not happen if I open the file with 1.5 version. Windows 7, 11 GB RAM, quad core, radeon gt 730. Regards.
  13. Thanks, I've seen that. Really useful, why not add the Alternate options for the normal brush ?
  14. Hi, Recently I've been playing with the pixel tool. I have seen that the pixel tool doesn't have antialiasing like the regular brush, and the stokes seems sharper. But, when I select the Pixel Tool, at the end of the stroke options bar, I see an option named 'Alternate' with three possible values: Erase, Background color, Undo from snapshot. I didn't found info about such options. What are such options for ? Regards, Javier.