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  1. Thank you for the tip! I don't even remember when I checked that one on... but I've got smarter now
  2. OMG!!!! YOU SOLVED IT!!!!! It WAS a Wet Edges problem!!!! Since the last update, it was hiding from the menu screen since my laptop is only 13" MBP and didn't realize that it was checked on! Thank you so much!!!!!
  3. Thank you, carl123 for your idea. I just tried it now, and it didn't make any difference... it still does the weird pressure cancellation.
  4. I don't know if anyone has pointed this out, but I have been dealing with the pressure sensitivity cancellation issue with Pixel Persona for Paint Brush Tool. What exactly happens is that when I'm drawing with paint brush tool on pixel persona using my pen tablet, the pressure sensitivity works just fine until I use other tools. For example, drawing with paint brush tool --> use erase brush tool to erase --> come back to paint brush tool = this cancels the pressure sensitivity and all the lines I draw becomes the hardest. This happens usually when I use a different tool in between my drawing. I was just using one of the selection tools and revisit paint brush tool then pressure got messed up. In order to fix it, I have to find the brush I was using before using erase brush tool/other tools and select it again. This never happens to Affinity Photo, so I am not sure what is causing this bug but I'd appreciate if this gets fixed or anyone knows how to fix this problem. It can slow down my process quite a bit. Thanks.
  5. walt.farrell, Thank you so much for your response!! That makes sense now!! I know there're Pixel view mode, Retina pixel view mode, and Outline mode, but didn't know what they were either, now it all makes sense! Thank you again!
  6. Hi there, I have a question and I am hoping to put this together well for you to understand my point because I'm not sure how to explain it. I used both Af. Designer and Af. Photo interchangeably to draw and I have come to notice there is some display discrepancy between two applications. It doesn't affect when I export my projects, but it affects me when I'm working on them. When I draw in pixel persona on Af. Designer, it displays the lines very smoothly (see the first attached screenshot); however when I open the exact same file on Af. Photo, it looks a bit pixelated (see the second attached screenshot). Again, this doesn't affect the result of projects when I export, but it's makes me hard to imagine how they will turn out when I'm drawing on Af. Photo... I wonder if there's a setting to display them less pixelated on Af. Photo. I hope my question makes sense.
  7. @Jowday Yeah when I looked up the issue, I encountered them and one of them said actually it was designed that way by the moderator. And Yes it's on my MacBook Pro.
  8. @Jowday Thanks for your reply. Doesn't work at all on mine... I also deleted the Pixel Tool shortcut as you did, but a minute I shut down the program and re-open, it comes back with the same damn shortcut.
  9. @PÅ¡enda Thank you for your response and sorry for not being clear. My problem is after I use the preference that you showed to assign different shortcut keys for paint brush tool and pixel tool (originally they share the same one "B"). If I close the program and re-open, they will come back to the same shortcut. Somewhere in the forum, I read that's how affinity designed, but it just don't make sense to my head and driving me a bit crazy... cuz sometimes I tap the shortcut too quick and shift to pixel tool, and I use it without noticing it.
  10. I have read a few threads, but I just want to know if it's still designed not to be able to assign different shortcut for Paint Brush Tool and Pixel Tool on Affinity Designer. Does anyone know? It just doesn't make sense to be customizable.
  11. Thank you, Alfred. Unfortunately your suggestion doesn't work with Japanese vertical text writing since hyphens have to be vertical in Japanese when it's written vertically as well as the alignments of all the punctuations are not in correct position. As wasetsu_an mentioned, it also doesn't work with multiple line phrases. But thank you for your input!
  12. Hi there, I am in love with Affinity Designer and excited for more new features to come with the future updates. One of the features I'd like to request is vertical writing for languages like Japanese. Right now, I press enter letter by letter to make them lined up vertically, but it is a bit of a headache when it comes to hyphens, periods, commas and etc. I wonder if you guys could consider implementing this writing format for the future updates. I'm sorry if this function already exists, but can anyone kindly let me know how? thanks
  13. I have the exact same problem and it's quite frustrating since it didn't happen before updating to Ver. 1.6.1. I have to press the arrow to take off the highlight before keeping typing to the next. Hopefully it will get fixed. And I also LOVE AD!! Amazing software ever!
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