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Found 306 results

  1. Hai. I have some simple cat illustration. Hope you like it. Instagram Behance
  2. Hi, Thought it was about time I posted something new..... Been working on the Lightbox Expo Challenge (Environmental Design!) for nearly a month now...for a bit of fun..and to learn something new!. All Vector Construction in Affinity Designer with multiple layer embedded files and manipulation of adjustment layers.....mostly for re-colouring objects Two images created for projects Size had to be scaled to a multiple of 1940px width or height EV01 Original Size is 9600px x 3880 px (had to scale to 1940px) and 300dpi EV02 Original Size is 9600px x 4500 px and 300dpi Extended the height of this one during building as the framework looked squashed forced into the original size!
  3. I made these using black & white photos found on the internet as guides. Although I usually work in Photo, I did a lot of the vector work in Designer, as I find it easier to switch between the Pen and he Node tools; then again, some things are easier or only available in Photo.She wasn't just a comic dancer: she was a decorated war hero of the French resistance, and set up and funded a number of philanthropic projects, as well as championing civil rights back in the US.And she really did have a pet Leopard named Chiquita. This first one was made entirely from vectors with flat fills and no outline (apart from the text, of course). For this one, I got a little more ambitious. It's made with Vector shapes, gradients and brush shading. I had the style of Gaspar Camps in mind, but it's a lot simpler than his work. Still., I'm learning! More ambitious still! Made the same way as the previous pic, but with a lot more brush shading and gradients. Here I was thinking of Alphonse Mucha; see previous comment!I made two image brushes for the leopard's rosettes (spots to you and me). The 'leaves' are supposed to be feathers! I've tried out a couple of alternative colours with HSL adjustments, but I can't make up my mind which I like best..For the shadow, I created a new pixel layer in Photo with 'Merge visible', converted it to black (Levels), stretched it with the Move tool (and a little adjustment to the feet with the Mesh Warp tool). I then applied a gradient and a Box Blur live filter, also with a gradient to make it lighter and more blurred further up the image.
  4. Thought I would share another Asian based work that I did today. I saw this Korean version of the Bodhidharma somewhere online and I decided to draw it today using Designer in my own style as a fun relaxer from stress. As a note, the stamps in the red boxes are loose approximations of the stamps that were used at the time (1630 or so) but aren't intended to be correct. Thanks for taking the time to view my work and I hope that you enjoy it. Best regards, Hokusai
  5. I work more heavily with and I am more familiar with Japanese art but I have a soft spot for all Asian art. In the past year or so I've seen so many beautiful Chinese prints and pictures and when I saw this one some months ago, I thought it would be a great one for me to do in my style. I did this one with all vectors in Affinity Designer and I did two versions, one regular and one that shows the wind but something about the wind bothered me but I decided to present it as well even though I feel that it is distracting and not as good as the one without the wind. One thing I'd love to see added to Designer sometime is some vector brushes or different vector strokes with customizable ends so that I could more easily replicate the look of using a fude (Japanese brush or a similar style ink brush normally used to write calligraphy but is great to draw with too) using pure vectors. This picture is my stylized version of Lie Yukkou, a famous Daoist philosopher based on an old picture by a Chinese artist named Zhang Lu. Thanks for taking time to view my work. Best regards, Hokusai
  6. As the new project for training and as just fun, I plan to recreate in Affinity Designer some objects or characters from cartoons or comic books from my childhood. Nothing specially serious. It doesn't have to be perfect and I also allow myself to do some minor changes in original designs. First project being created after hours of my regular job is coming from Disney's cartoon Tale Spin - it's seaplane "Seaduck" which was used by great pilot Baloo. Project isn't finished yet, but I've decided to share it. I know that shadows, details and some other things could be better, but for now it's just concept of the overall idea, and for sure will be still improved in spare time
  7. Had another go at a vector. It's not finished (bumper needs a bit of work) and as usual probably not graphically correct with lighting shadows etc. I find that stuff hard to do. The only bits that aren't vectors are the 2 windows. I thought it looked better this way looking into the van & seeing the seats & back windows. My first posted work here Yamaha MX Bike
  8. Hello everyone, From today i believe i have to start sharing few of our design works (actually i'm working alone but i do build a team from time to time depending on project size ) Most of our client/requesters are Church based and we really enjoy doing stuffs for them but what you will se here is more about Smarty Studio standing with other studio/teams together into what is to become Congolese Design Style. Well each country have it's own style of design but Congo doesn't have a proper thus most of Congolese designers simply clone/copy styles from everywhere. This is a beginning, please your inputs on each design palet/kit will be of great help and will help us improving better. Blessings !
  9. Hello Designers! In this video I show how to recreate the Affinity Designer Logo using the Horizontal Triangular grid. Affinity Designer Logo.afdesign
  10. Vector graphic in retro poster style https://www.bodobe.de/faye-the-butterfly/
  11. A Japanese mon (crest) which are traditionally one color, colorized and embellished with wagara (Japanese patterns).
  12. I’m intentionally seeking to learn from some of my favorite artists by attempting to emulate aspects of their styles. This particular exercise in admiration is based on the flowing ribbons and gradients of @serdarduran’s work. Created solely on Affinity Designer for iPad with Apple Pencil (including the sketch, which is a first for me).
  13. Independent commercial fishermen have lost a huge chunk of their market due to lockdowns around the world. Support local fishermen; eat seafood. This piece was inspired by Zutto. Found her amazing work through Affinity's Spotlight blog. (Yes, I’ve been mulling over her bubbly style for quite a while now; The date on that blog post is January 2019 😅) It was a little challenging to translate the more liquid style to something with very symmetrical, defined structure. It probably would have worked better if I hadn't done a head-on view of the crab so that the legs were overlapping. Ah well. Onwards and upwards. Drawn on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.
  14. The other day I suddenly thought I ought to make something to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day, remembering the Allies' victory in Europe in the Second World War. Unusually for me, the design came into my head in almost finished form, illustrating lines from the chorus of Vera Lynn's famous song, (There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover. I thought I'd share it here before I post it on social media. I Googled a few photos for guidance as I'm not brilliant at drawing completely from scratch, and made up some vector illustrations almost entirely with the Pen tool (rather than starting with shapes, my usual method), switching between Designer and Photo and back as I went along. The wavy text I made by rasterising Artistic Text and applying the Mesh Warp tool: turning on the grid made sure I applied the distortion evenly. The leaves and clouds are simply Cloud shapes, while the flowers I did with a pixel brush on layers clipped to their vector layers. Finally, the VE Day 75 logo is easy to find online, but only in pixel format, so I downloaded one and made up a vector version. The letters are Arial Black, but the numerals aren't: I couldn't find a close enough match in the fonts I have, so I made them as vectors too. (BTW, I'm not forgetting the war against Japan. I'll see what appears.) This was originally A2 in size, but I've reduced it for posting ... VE-DAY-LOGO.afdesign
  15. I will mark here with my work on the old sketch in AD
  16. I really didn’t know where I was going when I started this piece for fun, but one thing led to another as I got in flow. Very satisfying creative experience. Hope you enjoy!
  17. Hello folks, My name is Dennis. I created this pixelated self-portrait a few days ago. Started it in Dottable, a pixel-art app on a mobile phone, then traced it in Affinity Designer with the grid snap feature. Then I added a few grunge textures over masked areas, imported it into Affinity Photo, and finished it off with LUT filters and monochrome noise for a subtle paper-like feel. I like how precisely the applications work together and that you can add pixel-based textures directly in Affinity Designer without having to change the application, it integrates very fluidly into the workflow. Anyway, I hope you like the result. Dennis aka MrDoodlezz
  18. Hey all, I've been working on a deck of cards. Still trying to flesh out the main theme I want to go for but right now its sort of based on Tarot cards. Spades, Clubs, Hearts, and Diamonds are also Swords, Wands, Cups, and Pentagrams respectively like in a tarot deck. There's also 4 colors instead of 2. The idea is for this deck to also be the minor arcana of a tarot deck and later I can design a "major arcana expansion" deck that when combined with this deck would make it into a full tarot deck. The major arcana card in a tarot deck are the ones with names like "The Magician", "The Fool", "Death", "Justice", etc. The minor arcana are the 4 suits with the Ace, 2-10, and the court cards so that would be this deck. Maybe even will include a couple Major arcana as the Joker cards. Like "The Fool" and "Death" cards since most playing card decks have 2 jokers anyways. I'm also playing around with a duality idea of each of the court cards having slightly different sides. One being normal and the other side being a bit rough or unkempt. This would make them not perfectly symmetrical which would also be good for using them as Tarot cards since a card being upside down means something different than if it is turned right side up. Most number cards can show upside down except for the diamonds so I still need to figure out that for the 2-10 of diamonds cards. Anyways, I'm rambling on now. So what do you think? Any critiques or suggestions on the design? TL;DR - I'm designing a deck of cards. What do you think?
  19. Camouflage II Finally finished the second Camouflage Vector Drawing. Completed in Affinity Designer 1.7 with a little help from the 1.8 Beta. Continued with same theme as Camouflage I but with a completely new set of vector objects. Original size 1500 x 500mm 300dpi Uploaded at 3543 x 1181 jpg Eight layer Composite Embedded file set
  20. After endlessly playing around with units and scales, my set of customizable rulers slowly takes shape. The drawed scale measurings (cm/inches/degrees...) have been verified against Affinity Designers build in rulers and seem to fit well together. Not sure yet, but maybe these will be part of some reusable assets then.
  21. Created these two last week as part of a current project I'm working on. It's done fully on Affinity Designer with a mixed workflow of vectors and bitmaps.
  22. Three Part Image 3600 x 600m All vector object compilation build from 4 embedded file layers AD 1.7.1 tested in Publisher at 3600 x 600mm spread Camouflage: Part I Left Section 1200 x 600 mm 300dpi (3600 x 600mm spread) Raster image uploaded at:4960 x 2480 Camouflage: Part II Centre Section Version 2.0: 1200 x 600 mm 300dpi Raster image uploaded at:4960 x 2480 Camouflage: Part III Right Section Version 2.0: 1200 x 600 mm 300dpi Raster image uploaded at:4960 x 2480 Camouflage: Full image Three combined images Version 2.0: 3600 x 600 mm HQ jpeg (0.15 scale)
  23. A portrait to my taste, clean vector work (affinity designer) and nothing else. https://www.bodobe.de/lene-vector-portrait/
  24. I want to introduce everyone to my vegetables. My vegetables with feet...😀 Rights to vegetables were protected☝️
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