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  1. Here are some Windows 11 color folder icons and some additional Windows icons I created. These icons can be used to replace the default icon for folders in Windows. The folder icons were designed to match the style of Windows 11 folders, but they can be used in Windows 10. My apologies to Mac users that this is a Windows-only resource. I hesitated to share something that can’t be used by everyone, but I’d like to make the icons available to those who may find them useful. The icon ICO files include the standard Windows icon image sizes. Instructions are included for those unfamiliar with how to change Windows folder icons (it’s easy). Contents of the ZIP file: 38 folder icons (ICO) 139 additional symbol icons (ICO) 12 brand logo icons (ICO) 1 instructions document (PDF) 2 preview images showing all the icons (PNG) Windows Icons.zip
  2. This is not the case in 2.1.1. 1. Have a filled text frame. 2. Click into it and deactivate the text ruler if shown. 3. Deselect the text frame and doubleclick it with the Move Tool. Result: Text ruler shows up again.
  3. Frequently I temporarily group objects and now I have to type in a name for the group? Naming groups can be helpful to keep everything organised. BUT this is an extra step creating a group. What was so bad about renaming a group afterwards, instead of being forced to name it directly? I like the idea behind this additional dialogue, but I would like to see this as an option somewhere. namegroup.mp4
  4. Ich falle gleich mal mit der Tür ins Haus. Die Anschaffung der Affinity Suite 2 war rausgeschmissenes Geld. Ich war mit der 1er Version immer sehr zufrieden. Aber das ist Vergangenheit. Habe eben 2,5 Stunden lang versucht das Update von Affinity Photo auf 2.1. zu machen, was schon wieder nicht geklappt hat. Das Programm lässt sich nicht starten und legt durchgängig den Rechner lahm. Habe jetzt das Update via Taskmanager angehalten. Ich bin stinksauer. Schon die Version 2 lief äußerst zäh, und auch das erste Update hatte große Probleme gemacht.
  5. ... coming to my limits writing a appropriate title in a foreign language. 🤦‍♂️ So I try to describe it as simple as possible. (Horizontal) text in a table cell is sort of dynamic on how space in a cell is occupied. If you decrease the height of a cell it stops at the last line of text and the cell height cannot be decreased any further. If you change the width of the cell, the height of the cell is automatically adjusted. With rotated text it works different. Write a single word (or more) and decrease the width of the cell. At some point the border of the cell can be moved over the rotated text. Yes, very cryptic.
  6. I am working on a file ...40x72 inches. 150dpi. Its all vector. No effects, no warps basic fonts and lines and object. I have about 50 items in the file. Its now taking between 3-5 seconds when I click off of one object and select another . Very annoying and not great to work on. Way to slow . I am 10 steps ahead of this software. Not sure what's going on . Check this in V1, is very fast, no delay. Gary
  7. Hello, While in Designer, switching from one brush category to another is painfully slow. Gary
  8. Please help. I have downloaded the Affinity suite, Photo, Designer and Publisher to my PC laptop Windows 10 version 22H2. None of the apps are responsive. Please assist. What else should I be doing. And also how to I register the license? Thank You Sandra
  9. Following the thread seems to show a lot being fixed. So great to see. Looking forward to the final update. The one thing i dont' see mentioned is the Lagging problem and slow down that many are having including my self. Its a huge thread but nothing seems to be said about it. Can someone please shed some light on this speed issue being fixed. As it stands I cannot even use V2 of Designer for work as its to buggy and after a short time VERY slow. Thanks Gary
  10. Hello The icon and layer size it much smaller than version 1 when set to large. This makes all the new options added to describe layers harder to see. Perhaps the LARGE mode should be larger. Seem more an issue with 4K screens but still the option to increase the size more isn't there. Perhaps a extra large. Either way, two screenshots attached to show the difference between V1 and V2. This smaller size creates eye strain if your on the computer all day. Gary
  11. I have attached two photos of V1 of Designer and V2 of the Preferences windows. V1 font is bright and much easer to read. V2 even with adjusting the interface options is not as bright and some eye strain. Any possibility of make this brighter or bolder. I find this smaller font in the interface in general a bit dim against any background. Thanks Gary
  12. Hello , Found this issue while zooming into edit small vector. Interface fast while not zoomed in, but when you get close the interface goes blurry and takes along time to redraw. Tried this on version 1 as well, no issue in V1. Video attached. Gary Designer_2023-01-25_11-14-52.mp4
  13. Aligning elements from the toolbar with the Alignment button has a pre-selection of Last Selected. Whereas aligning elements with the Align Middle button has a pre-selection of Selection Bounds. Why is there a difference? Is it by design? Perhaps I am the only one primarily aligning elements to the last selected. So in my case over and over again I have to do two clicks instead of one.
  14. Hi Affinity Developers How can I connect Affinity Photo 2 with e.g. Bridge as external editor? This is a mega serious issue on Windows 10 Home. On a Mac no problem, I tried to help a friend being on Windows 10 Home. For normal users having no clue of %ProgramData% etc. it's literally impossible go find the Exe File. Even I had serious problem until I found it, but I could not connect it to any other softwere, there were always strange error messages. Even the solution provided in does not help. It just does not work. The local windows user is a Standard user and has no admin right. And this is good like so. %ProgramData% has some hardcore access restrictions and that is also good like so. Changing here anything may ugly mess up the Windows 10 system. The provided solutions also expect Windows system admin skills and admin rights of the user, please forget solutions like that. It is a total design flaw in Affinity Photo 2. Please change that immediately, thanks. Q: Is it really necessary to mess with customers like so? Why the heck is the exe not located on the same place like Affinity Photo 1 is? That's really bad. Best regards, Roland
  15. So, I posted elsewhere the problems with new installer . The SO CALLED option to install to another drive is terrible. Look that the MESS of a directory it creates It is important for a lot of COMPANIES and WORKFLOWS to have correct directory structures. The inability to INSTALL the APPS where you want is a massive problem for a lot of us in the GRAPHIC DESIGN world ( particularly in FILM ). I create graphics for movies and CONTRACT to many companies. I have had two notices this morning to stop using AFFINITY file formats and migrate to AI and EPS only. This is due to the NEW INSTALLER and they do not want to USE V2 because of it. Many of the companies and scripts and backups and a very strict workflow based on where things are and was the reason i was given. I just got away from finally use of ADOBE software. Now i have to start a SUBSCRIPTION again. This is a two fold issue in my case. FIRST off, I now need to spend more more money and go back to ADOBE . Two the companies are not PURCHASING V2 of AFFINITY Software ( one of the companies alone has 35 seats of the software ) .So now I have to output money for ADOBE and AFFINITY if i wish to keep using it. I love AFFINITY Software. Never had any complaints about what they have done or where they are going. BUT THIS IS A BIG SCREW UP in my eyes. We DON'T use ANY software that doesn't allow us a choice on where to INSTALL. PLEASE SERIF for those that are reading this and listening, Please give us the choice of the old installer and keep the users. Hope to hear something soon. Gary
  16. Hi! I bought Affinity V2 Universal License, and unfortunately I can't install any Affinity V2 product under Windows 10 Pro 21H2. I attach some screen shoots. Thanks for your help!. Windows specifications: Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 21H2 Installed on ‎8/‎28/‎2022 OS build 19044.2130 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0 Device specifications: Dell Precession 5510 Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6820HQ CPU @ 2.70GHz 2.70 GHz Installed RAM 32.0 GB System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
  17. So , Just went to install these programs and I CANNOT CHOOSE where to install them. Sorry to say this . BUT THIS IS BS. I don't have any programs installed on my C Drive. Its WINDOWS Only. This is massive oversight. Not to mention you haven't told anyone about this. I don't use APPS from the MICROSOFT STORE EVER. I bought this from SERIF. How do you install this to a different drive? I have a 1TB M.2 drive dedicated to programs for the sake of safety and backup. PLEASE LET ME KNOW how to fix this. Or i will be asking for a REFUND. NOT HAPPY> Gary
  18. I opened today a PDF created with pdfsharp 1.31x (ancient version) and the output was totally weird. All textframes were rotated by 180°, had spaces after every character, but were readable due to the fact, that horizontal scale and font size were negative. See image. Opening in Acrobat or Illustrator everything is fine. To get a normal PDF I have to save the file with Illustrator. I guess this is a problem caused by pdfsharp and not an Affinity problem, just wanted to show how software can create PDF.
  19. I converted shape to curves. and tried break curves some shapes i get odd shapes in end result what not do together original shape. circle i can cut nicely pieces as triangle and rectangle,callout ellipse,and heart but for example donut,gogwheel not. is not yet bug area becouse i dont know if miss understand something wrong i really want cut also them half using geometry tool and for example rectangle i also have weird things what i allready put bug side. But please transfer if possible if it is bug. example file shows what shapes for example get from donut.nice shapes but i want half donut. etc. I cannot use vector crop tool. is not suitable all things what i want do.
  20. i use same text than what i use on also Facebook group. this here becouse i feel this looks to to my eyes and understanding bug. and Affinity Designer version is about 1.10. is hard give exact becouse i cannot simply cut and paste version number and reads so tiny in my display. i not only one what see changes in my object if i cut geometry tool shapes from each other? i mean bitmap/gradient filled shapes. is needed and is realted one video idea what i liked where i need cut shapes is related interlocking circles. somehow i feel this curred shape look little different what i expected. as i show here there is circle in right and left there is another circle cutted with rectable using geometry tool and this cutting result is putted top exact same kind circle what is right as you see is not seamless. i cannot use clippping masks becouse at least video maker have problems with it when svg is printed even looks fine in Affinity Apps. some tools read such svg file wrongly. and i used quickly one image what i found what is related this app (made for other place) for. but luckily also image wheere you shoud see my problem easily. and i bet is also probelm so many other cases.
  21. Closing an image with the X-Button always meant to me aborting / discarding of actions / changes and closing the window. In the Develop Persona it gets more complicated. If you want to close the window with the image you'll get the warning "The current file is being developed. Please complete or cancel before closing the document.". Then you have to press the OK-Button (Action 1), then press the Cancel-Button (Action 2), then press the Yes-Button (Action 3). Pretty much action for simply closing a window and aborting everything in my opinion.
  22. Yesterday I was working on a project in Affinity Publisher (on Windows 10 Pro) that required a simple table where one column needed to have a total cell showing the sum of the column values and I was surprised to find the the formula "=sum(B3:B20)" didn't work. After doing some searching in the forum it appears that at least early in its life, Affinity Publisher tables did not have the ability to use any formula. From my searches, I found references to AP being able to import Excel tables, but apparently cells with formula are imported only with the calculated value that was arrived at in Excel. If any cell values are subsequently changed in AP, the calculated cells will then show an incorrect value. Coming from years of use of PagePlus this seems to be a significant step backwards, but perhaps things have changed since the posts I found. Can someone please tell me whether there is a way to have formula work in tables in the current version of AP, and if not whether there is any known plans to add that functionality?
  23. Selection smoothing is way too strong always. how i can do very tiny smoothered border? i imagfined using these values using refine selection: Border width 0%,Smooth 0px,Feature 0px,Ramp 100%. but is not close at all. a nd tested other values as well no luck either. this prevew looks i think most close what i mean. and without antials shape is perfect but of course without smooth border but when i get smooth border is smotoh in way too large area is my problem. want somehing what is one pixel or such in thickness. there is example image made with gimp looks perfectly what i mean. is painful use multiple programs and now somehow gimp is unstable. and this selction is made its lasso tool. like how selection works otherways but smooth area is too BIG.
  24. Document has three pages, facing pages starting right. Deleting page 3 without problem, deleting page 1 leads to instant crash. There is no problem deleting pages, when I change the document to non-facing pages. Edit: Noticed by the way. When there is only one page left you are not allowed to delete this page, but the trash can indicates that you can delete this page, so the trash can should be deactivated in this case.
  25. SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH When I use brush tool it works like opacity is low i the middle and high on the edges - the lower hardness the higher opacity on the edges. It has already happened to me before, but it disappeared itself. I tried reinstalling but it didin't work. I use the latest version of Affinity Photo.
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