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Found 13 results

  1. Running Big Sur on a 2017 27" iMac 3.4GHz with 24GB memory. Have been using Affinity Photo for over a year and updated to v. 1.9.0 from the App Store. Previously, everything worked fine for me on Mojave and Catalina. When I bring up a photo for processing and try to use adjustment layers, the sliders don't pop-up. Only way I can get them is to click multiple pre-sets, hope it pops up, then reset and go on may way. In some cases, the sliders never show. Have looked through the Preferences but found nothing that would apply. Any thoughts to solve this PITA would be much appreciated.
  2. Hello The various sliders for control of levels, highlights, saturation, selective colour and so on have become so crude in this update that they are almost unusable. First of all they are too fierce and then, especially in selective colour, they descend into serious distortions. I shall almost certainly uninstall this and return to the earlier version. so far I haven't tried if the beta update does similar.
  3. Hello! I recently upgraded to AP 1.8.2 (on a Mac Mini, OS 10.13.6). I find that the color selection panel is locked in the slider format. if I unlock it, I am able to change it to a color wheel (my preferred format) but only temporarily: when I leave the color panel and then return back to it, it reverts to locked sliders. Same thing happens every time I open a new document. This did not happen in 1.7.3 How can I permanently unlock the panel so I can move freely between formats or at least lock it as a wheel? I have found no help regarding this either in the forums or by searching in Google. Thanks, Mauricio
  4. When I click on another color target (for example from 'all colors' to 'blue', or from 'blue' to 'yellow') the sliders have to move to the changed setting of the selected color, but they stay on their position and falsify the next color to be changed when touching.
  5. You can double-click some sliders and they return to zero. This is great. Could we have this feature on all sliders, please?
  6. Certain UI elements stay on screen. Even in other apps ;-). MacOS 10.12.6
  7. I want to add my vote to have this feature enabled for all of AP, not just the develop and tone-map personas.
  8. Would like to see live previews when using a slider in a macro, each slider changes the image but I have to stop sliding in order for the change to occur.
  9. On a lot of tools, the sliders are hard to control with a mouse - for example, on the Exposure Adjustment layer control, the slightest mouse movement causes a large change. It would be very helpful if the keyboard arrow keys (either up/down or left/right) were available to give finer control over sliders. I'd suggest that ANY slider should be controllable with the arrow keys, as in a lot of programs. Sorry if this has been requested before or is in the works. :)
  10. Hi! I have problem with One by Wacom and sliders. When I use mouse, sliders react correct, but when I use tablet's pen, about one second delay appear. Look at the video. In the Affinity Designer it is also the same problem. Sławek
  11. Dear users, I just tried editing in Affinity Photo using a Wacom pen and tablet instead of the mouse and something ist quite strange for me. With the mouse, when I change for example a color adjustment with a slider, like changing color saturation, I can move the slider and the image shows instant preview. The change is made then, when I release the mouse button. That's like I would expect. But using the pen and tablet, there is no preview, when I drag a slider. The image just changes, when I lift the pen, which is like releasing a mouse button. This is quite irritating, because one cannot adjust a slider properly without preview. Does anybody know how to change this behavior? Moving a slider with the pen should do the same than moving it with the mouse. Thanks and best regards, Berin
  12. How come when I use the Hue slider in HSL I get way too great a jump by slightly moving the slider? This is too erratic and should be looked at. I thought that extending the palette on the corner to make it bigger would help but the panels don't adjust to make bigger.
  13. Hey As an amateur photographer, I would love to suggest some options for the develop persona, that would make it really cool and easy to use for any sort of photographer. May I suggest (these features I have seen in other apps, but not many tbh) Some brushes such as a blur and soften and a sharpen brush, along with dark, lighten and saturate and desaturate. I have suggested these before but I really would love them and I think lots of other people will too. May I also suggest two slider options. slider for making the blues either stronger and darker or weaker and lighter, as well as one for greens and browns. I think these sliders would be so awesome and useful for me as an aspiring landscape photographer. Maybe you've had some ideas from these ideas, suggest them because as a user I say "the more features the better, just hide the complex ones, but make sure they're within one click. All this will result in a simplistic UI and beautiful options" Kind Regards GEEKIO (Pronounced: GEEK-IE-O)
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