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  1. GEEKIO100

    Depth of field live filter bug

    Ahh ok, sorry, I didnt know this was a known issue. But I am keen for this update :)
  2. I have discovered a bug where when using the depth of field bug with preserve alpha ticked, random lines will appear all over your image and these lines will flicker and change when the live filter is adjusted. Strangely this would only happen when preserve alpha was ticked.
  3. Hey As an amateur photographer, I would love to suggest some options for the develop persona, that would make it really cool and easy to use for any sort of photographer. May I suggest (these features I have seen in other apps, but not many tbh) Some brushes such as a blur and soften and a sharpen brush, along with dark, lighten and saturate and desaturate. I have suggested these before but I really would love them and I think lots of other people will too. May I also suggest two slider options. slider for making the blues either stronger and darker or weaker and lighter, as well as one for greens and browns. I think these sliders would be so awesome and useful for me as an aspiring landscape photographer. Maybe you've had some ideas from these ideas, suggest them because as a user I say "the more features the better, just hide the complex ones, but make sure they're within one click. All this will result in a simplistic UI and beautiful options" Kind Regards GEEKIO (Pronounced: GEEK-IE-O)

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