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  1. Berin

    Wacom update issues.

    Dear Affinity, since this bug is a major problem for many of your customers using pen and tablet, I hoped, the issue (no update/preview while moving sliders with a pen) would be addressed in the version 1.4.2 update. But unfortunately not. Could you please make a forecast if and when this behavior will be fixed? Thank you very much! Berin
  2. Dear users, I just tried editing in Affinity Photo using a Wacom pen and tablet instead of the mouse and something ist quite strange for me. With the mouse, when I change for example a color adjustment with a slider, like changing color saturation, I can move the slider and the image shows instant preview. The change is made then, when I release the mouse button. That's like I would expect. But using the pen and tablet, there is no preview, when I drag a slider. The image just changes, when I lift the pen, which is like releasing a mouse button. This is quite irritating, because one cannot adjust a slider properly without preview. Does anybody know how to change this behavior? Moving a slider with the pen should do the same than moving it with the mouse. Thanks and best regards, Berin