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Found 132 results

  1. I'm new to affinity, trying it out to see if I like it. But I'm struggling here.... How do you delete or erase part of a line segment in a shape? I have two overlapping shapes, and I want to make them into one and delete the overlap. I rasterized the shape, but is there a way to un-rasterize it in its new form? Or is there a way to get a cleaner cut from a line segment with out it being pixelated in the first place?
  2. Just comparing to Drawplus that I use for technical(ish) drawings, In drawing simple straight lines ( from 'Pen', 'Line Mode') I can't see :- ​a) The length and angle of the line I'm drawing. b) A way to add arrows, etc at the end of the lines. c) A scaling factor (paper measurements to real world measurements) All features in Drawplus. If these features are available then they aren't intuitively visible. Cheers. Phil B.
  3. Dear users, I just tried editing in Affinity Photo using a Wacom pen and tablet instead of the mouse and something ist quite strange for me. With the mouse, when I change for example a color adjustment with a slider, like changing color saturation, I can move the slider and the image shows instant preview. The change is made then, when I release the mouse button. That's like I would expect. But using the pen and tablet, there is no preview, when I drag a slider. The image just changes, when I lift the pen, which is like releasing a mouse button. This is quite irritating, because one cannot adjust a slider properly without preview. Does anybody know how to change this behavior? Moving a slider with the pen should do the same than moving it with the mouse. Thanks and best regards, Berin
  4. When I draw a line using the Pen tool I can't maintain it on the screen, because any action I have tried deletes the line. I have scoured forums and videos but apparently this is not a major problem for most. However, I have spent well over an hour just trying to solve this simple problem which should be extremely intuitive since it is the second most simple act one can perform, a point being (possibly) simpler. This is very frustrating because it is apparently TOO simple to include in any discussion or video I have yet encountered. It is astonishing to me that such a simple and basic task such as drawing a straight, horizontal line can have such a non-intuitive component as how to release it. I have used many vector drawing programs in the 37 years I have been computing and have never encountered such a frustrating process to simply draw a straight line. Can anyone please inform me of the solution to this issue? Thanks...
  5. Hi, Something strange happens when I want to get the selection of a shape on a rotated image. Here is the process : 1- Open an image 2- Rotate it (Document/Rotation 90°) 3- Draw a closed shape with the pen tool (P) 4- Create a selection by cliking the "selection" button in the pen tool options As you can see, the selection appear at the wrong place, as if it kept the old image coordinates (before the rotation). Thanks by advance to your answer. Note : It would be good to click on the "mask" button and having the possibility to invert the mask ... problem_rotation-shape-selection.mov
  6. I've been using Affinity designer to make maps for a novel I'm working on. As one would imagine, it is quite time-consuming to draw a properly jagged coastline. What would make easier is if you could draw fractal lines, curves, and shapes like in ProFantasy's app Campaign Cartographer 3. I have attached a mock-up of some examples of what I have in mind for Affinity Designer's equivalent. Firstly, unlike CC3, AD's bézier handles and corner tool would make fractal curves and corners far more versatile. As with the corner tool, fractal lines could be "baked" for more precise node editing. The actual jaggedness of the fractal could be adjusted for softer or harsher coasts depending on the effect one is looking for, and the line could also be smooth but wavy, which would be useful for drawing rivers. I'm sure that there would be many uses for this feature outside of mapmaking, and it would certainly make my job quite a bit easier as CC3's export functionality leaves a great deal to be desired. If fractals were added to Affinity Designer's already astounding features, it would save a huge amount of time when trying to make jagged shapes.
  7. I should mask a fine structure and it is only possible to select this lines properly by help of the pen. The problem: 1. As soon as I draw a second spoke, and click the Selection button, the 1st selection will be deleted. 2. If I do all my pen drawings and group them, the Selection button can not be used on the group. Is there a hidden function I didn't discover yet? I tried already Shift, Alt and Cmd + Selection button, unfortunately no one has an "Add" effect... With this background, it's impossible to use the existing selection tools for usable results. (Is it?) I really would appreciate any help. Cheers, Roland
  8. Hi there. I tried to draw sth with Affinity Designer. When I choose a brush from the menu on the right, than use Brush or Pen to draw sth it does not looks like the Brush I choose. What am I doing wrong?
  9. This is driving me nuts and I know it will be something that I am doing wrong but when I select the pen and choose a colour, I draw a shape, then I start a new shape the colour I chose originally vanishes. How do I make the colour stay in the swatch? I hope that makes sense?? This is using Affinity Designer. thanks in advance...
  10. So I just want to draw out some lines with the pen tool and have them taper at the ends. It seems the only way I can do this is to draw the line, select my profile for pressure, and then click one of the brush presets. I have to do this for each line- but would like to just have these settings "on" and be able to keep drawing similar lines in the same layer. It looks like it's supposed to work the way I want, as all the required functions stay selected (pressure curve, brush style), but still I have to repeat the steps. Any ideas as to what I could be doing wrong or is this a bug?
  11. Can't make a selection for a mask from a pen path tool. Somethings if I click Command on the pen path I get a selection, marching ants, but most of the time it doesn't happen. Why not?.
  12. Hi Folks, here are four fairly simple brushes (3 rows, pen style). Enjoy if you like it. preview: download: Pen-Brushes-1.afbrushes.zip
  13. I have made a triangle with shape tool and drawn a line with pen, overlapping the triangle. When I try to ADD or COMBINE them as combined shape the line just gets removed and I am left with just the triangle. I even converted both to curves, but still got the same result, just the triangle. What am I doing wrong - this technique has worked with most other graphic software I have used. Thanks mcl
  14. Hi all! I just want to start out by saying that I am having so much fun messing around with Affinity Designer!! :) I was wondering if there was a way to remap the pen tool to a friendlier hotkey? I tend to have my right hand on the mouse, and my left hand around the left side of the keyboard. Is there a way I can map the pen tool to the "e" key?
  15. Hello, I have found a bug that is really annoying me. Here is the situation: - I take the pen to draw a line, - I rotate that line, - Then I take the pen and try to draw from one of the anchor point of my line but the points don't connect, it's only starting a new line. Here is a screenshot to illustrate what I mean : the black line is the rotated line, when I try to draw (with the pen) from the end of the line I get the red line but both are not connected.
  16. Hey Affinity team, please have a thorough look at the Illustrator plugins from Astute graphics http://astutegraphics.com/to see why Illustrator is way ahead as a professional drawing tool. Their interfaces are astonishing. Especially, look at the tools included in VectorScribe to see how the interfaces for the Pen tool and Node tool can be merged in favor of direct manipulation instead of interfaces relying on modifier keys. Honestly, I think the Astute graphics team has a great set of inspirational UI tweaks that make vector drawing such a more pleasant and precise experience. I wish Affinity would implement many of similar behaviours. Kind regards
  17. Is there a way to make a shaoe overlap itself? So for example an arm crossing a torso would hid the edge of the torso under the arm (and maybe even retain it's color): Thanks and please pardon my vast ignorance. Loving Affinity Designer!
  18. I'm loving the Affinity Magazine! Using Version 1.3.5 and going through the Pen Tool Feature Focus and holding Shift seems to be constraining the Tangent to 180º of whatever angle the curve is started on. In other words, as far as I can tell, I'm unable to change it outside of a strait line in either direction. Is there a setting somewhere that I may have inadvertantly changed from the 45 degree angle?
  19. Hi, I'm using Affinity Photo with my Wacom Pen and Touch and the pen pressure is not working as expected. When pressure button is pressed the size of the brush varies, but the dynamics panel (that shows up within "More" settings) seems not working at all. I've probed to ajust to "Pressure" several options, but there's no visible results. Am I doing something wrong, or the pressure just works with brush size? Thanks for the help.
  20. Hi, I've finished my first drawing. It was great time to discover AD freehand drawing tools for me. I try to utilize AD as freehand drawing app. I love vector and raster mixing in one place. I've started with sketchbook photo and raster brushes to make composition sketch. Next part was vector drawing with Pen, Pencil and Brush. I think Pen tool is great and intuitive but freehand drawing was very painful for me and I here are my freehand drawing improvements. 1. It would be great to have something like Clean tool. It can be something like brush but with size and tolerance option. When you draw a path with Pencil or Brush it has more points when needed. Clean tool can help reduce points with given tolerance and path is clean and simple. Great inspiration is here 2. I think Pencil and Brush need redraw option. I mean, when path is active user can draw over and change it. It is very frustrating to draw part of image as one path, next part as next path etc. and connect them into one shape. 3. Because I can't clean or redraw my paths on the fly (1 & 2), I've tried to use brush, draw my shape, expand strokes and add them. It works but shape has so many points (it seems brush path is made from circles) and you can't use Pen to make quick changes. First you need to clean shape but it takes more time than drawing new one. I think expand stroke should give shape with needed points only. 4. It would be great to have vector eraser too. Sometimes it is fast and easy to erase part of shape. Best, Greg
  21. Hi, scrolling through layers is not behaving as I would expect when using a Wacom tablet, or similar (other tablet providers are available..) 1. Select a layer. 2. Hold the 'middle mouse' button on the pen. 3. Grab any other layer to scroll up or down through the layers. 4. The layer you happened to grab in order to scroll has now become the selected layer, and the layer you had originally selected is no longer selected. This is especially problematic as is means that you are unable to shift select an amount of layers that is larger than the available screen space eg... You have 100 layers, you want to select layers 25 through to 75. You can't do this with a tablet pen, because the moment you try to scroll down to get to layer 75, layer 25 gets unselected :[ I would expect the middle mouse button of the pen to have no effect on the layers panel, other than to grab the layers and scroll through them. It should not select or unselect layers. Thanks Wayne
  22. I would like to know if you can make a brush created with a graphics follow the pressure curves, like you can with a mouse? As I really like the appeal of the thin tip and thick middle. When I draw the lines with a brush, it obviously creates it's own pressure curve based on the true pressure, is there a way to disable this, so that it follows the saved pressure curve under the stroke settings?. Stroke pressure curve settings Desired line quality (drawn with mouse) A Line drawn with a tablet under the same settings
  23. Hi, I'm really enjoying Affinity Designer so far. However, I'm having some trouble with node snapping while using the pen tool. For example, if I try and draw a box with the pen tool (4 nodes, holding shift to draw vertical and horizontal lines), I can't seem to get the third node to "snap" to the last.. I have no idea where I should be clicking to align the node to finish the shape. Once the shape is closed, I don't seem to get any snapping hints when moving those nodes either. Am I missing a setting within the snapping settings in order to align nodes within the same shape? Or is this not an existing feature yet? Thanks!
  24. When editing I'd like to see the ability to edit nodes with numerical values to improve accuracy. Such as having the ability to enter the specific angle of the curve and the length coming off of it.
  25. I was just curious if this is by design or not? When I draw a shape using the pen tool, if I cross back into the shape that I'm drawing it creates a drop-out effect when I add colour to it. I have attached an example file to better illustrate my question. Is there any way to change the behaviour of the pen via a setting or something? Thanks. Pen_example.afdesign
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