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  1. Ok thanks I'll follow the suggestion.
  2. Inkscape has some tool for creating a shape like that?
  3. I'd like to create a globe with latitude and longitude lines. I want to achieve something like the figure below. Is there some instrument that allows me to achieve this result? Drawing all lines with the Pen tool is too error-prone, I'd like to have a more straightforward way to do it.
  4. Ok thanks for suggestions. I personally prefer to duplicate objects and create the intersection. I create another object, but this way I obtain only vector graphics.
  5. I draw two triangles with the Pen Tool. they intersect each other. How can I fill the intersection region with a color? I've tried the Fill Tool with no success.
  6. When I insert a new post and I want to add some tag, I write them in "Topic Tags" field. The problem is that while I'm writing, there's no autocompletition for tags, allowing bloating of them. If I want to add, for example, forum​ tag, I can write ​forum, ​forums​ and so on. If there were an auto-completition mode for tags (like in StackOverflow) it will be possible to reuse existing tags more efficiently.
  7. I want to use Affinity Designer to create interface mock-ups for my projects. I often work on projects by using a version control system, like Git, SVN etc. I want to include also my AD files in these repositories, so I can have all my work on a single place. The problem is that these VCS works well when they handle text files, like source files and so on. Even my graphic files are saved as SVG or EPS, when possible. This allows me to maintain the repository as fast and small as possible. They usually don't handle well binary files, and if I modify them often, the repositories can became really big (that's how they works, storing only differences between files, and calculate differences for binary files is cumbersome). Instead if AD can save its files in a text format (xml, for example), they can be stored in VCS far more efficently, improving productivity (at the moment we store binary files in a separate server for this reason). Obviously it's not possible to textify everything (like bitmap images imported in a AD file) but it's possible to handle them by creating fields with blobs, it's not worse in this case, but if I change other things maintaining fixed the bitmaps, the difference will be very small also in this case. Is it possible to have the text format for AD project?
  8. I create images for a web site. These images have a fixed size (i.e. 700x150px). Is possible to create a template? In New Document Dialog, in the Type combobox, I'd like to have a personal section and, by selecting it, select my own page presets. Is it possible?
  9. I want to buy Affinity Designer (for Windows). I will be the only user. I work on two PCs. My desktop and my laptop. I'd like to know if in this case I need two licenses, or if I can use the same license in both computers.

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