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  1. Big fan of Affinity, and I'm loving all the updates and community support! I've been using Affinity Design for sketching, and am having problems with small, quick strokes. These simply do not appear, as though Affinity is assuming they were mistaken taps. I've tried other programs, and haven't had this problem (and have checked my pen settings -- Huion tablet -- and it's picking up plenty of pressure). I'm using the Paint tool in Pixel Persona. Is there a way to turn off any pen assist features? No editing, filtering, etc? ( This is similar to a question I'd asked a while ago (
  2. Hi JimmyJack, The straightening of the lines often seems to happen after moving the pen quickly, which I why I mentioned the m before the 2. If I'm just writing as quickly as I normally do on paper, I get a lot of smoothing even using the draw persona brush tool. Basically, I just want to find a way to make (touch drawing pad) = (ink on screen), no smoothing or anything.
  3. Thanks for the advice-- unfortunately I'm having no luck. Basically, I'd just like ink to appear where I put the pen, and that's it... there's got to be a way to do this? Every time I, say, try sketching out "m^2" with a little 2 above the m, I get artificially straightened lines. This happens no matter what (pixel mode, with or without pixel alignment, etc. etc.) (Note: I've tried other programs (like "Patina") and this doesn't happen, I can draw anything as fast as I want, so I don't think it's my equipment or anything). Thanks!
  4. I'm a big fan of Affinity! In fact, I'm even starting to use it for other purposes (which Affinity probably wasn't designed for), including live sketching / teaching by screen sharing the drawing surface. Unfortunately, when doing small fast motions (like the small "2" in E = m c ^2 ) Affinity auto-smooths the motion into little straight lines. I've been using pixel mode because the draw-persona pencil leaves the nodes after drawing, which obscures the line. Any ideas on how to optimize for live writing, by either turning off smoothing in pixel mode or hiding nodes in draw mode?
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