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  1. Hello, In Photo (Win10) is there a way to set a bitmap fill to be exactly 100% of the original size of the file that you use? For example: I'm using a pattern file that is 100x100px. When I use that as a bitmap fill in a Photo document I want the base pattern to be exactly 100x100 px as well. Is there an exact way or a way to put in a numerical scale value for the bitmap pattern file? Thanks, Jeff
  2. (sorry for the english) Hi, one of the tools I use most on photoshop is the Pattern overlay, to do this kind of work (attached). Would be great to have this on af Photo. I tried to use the one that already have on the software, but I couldn't achieve the same result as the pattern overlay in photoshop
  3. The Symbols Tool makes it soooo easy to create seamless repeating pattern in AD. I've published a tutorial on YT where I explain how to draw a simple chain link seamless repeating pattern. Keep on drawin'
  4. Hi. I'm fairly new to the forums, so if this has been mentioned before then I apologise! I'm an illustrator and would really like to make the transition from PS CC to Affinity but there's a couple of things that Designer/Photo don't have atm: Pattern Overlay with the ability to import .pat files and also the ability to import .tpl files (I use a lot of Kyle Webster's brushes). Could you add these features in the future please? Thanks.
  5. Hi all, Is it possible to create a 'Guilloché', Spirographic pattern in AD? You can see some examples on this site: https://www.youworkforthem.com/graphic/E1102/guilloche-02 It's the kind of thing you'd expect to see on a banknote or certificate. Is there a workaround? Thanks in advance, Kevin
  6. If we could have a pattern overlay inside the effects panel it would be a great great addition to the already great effects panel. Also a shading contour profile would be icing on the cake.
  7. I am working on pattern design and want to know if there is an offset filter in Affinity Designer. I know you can offset in Photo but I need to be working with vector images, not raster images. If theres no offset filter, is there another way to offset images? If not, is this something that could possibly be in a future update for Designer? The program is great and would love for it to replace Illustrator!
  8. Hello, It is doing a little research on the reasons I found a very interesting site where we can create their own patterns easily while having fun. There are several possible configurations of a well-stocked interface of some tools. Best of all, once you have made up your favorite pattern, you can download it to the desired size in pixels and in jpeg or tiff format. Happy surfing !! :P Flavio.
  9. I recently came across Artboard's pattern making capabilities. Not bad. I like the flexible parameters for dialing in the density of the pattern. It would be nice to have these features in AD sometime in the future.
  10. I've imported some of my work from .ai to AD. It's really amaze me the pattern I've imported still can work on AD and it also can be added to swatch, but I wonder that there is any way to edit the imported pattern?
  11. This is my second Tutorial on youtube. Enjoy.. :) https://youtu.be/fL-yjha3qDA
  12. Nice wire mesh fill, tile pattern I made. Enjoy. Cheers ヅ, Bill  Tuesday, January 12, 2016 1:58 PM Source file: wire mesh 1.afdesign
  13. Good Evening, i tried to achieve a certain pattern on top of my picture. Something like this: http://xpertpoin8.com Unfortunately I couldn't find any tutorial explaining it (or I just didn't know exactly what to search for)! Any explanation or tutorial is highly appreciated! Kind regards jounas
  14. Hello! I do a fair bit of fabric design, and in AI I can take a design element, and "automatically" show it in a pattern repeat. I can adjust the kind of pattern (grid, offset, etc.) and the distance between the blocks. Can you create patterns automatically in Affinity Designer? Or only manually? Thank you for your help! Colette
  15. I am evaluating this product. Perhaps this feature is stripped in the evaluation copy, or perhaps just not present at all. I do not see any functionality to create your own patterns. Specifically, there is a PS tool to clone and stamp from a pattern. You can brush on noise or practically any pattern you want for textures using the clone tool with a source of a user defined image. Am I missing this somewhere? If not, is there a roadmap to incorporate these features?
  16. Okay so bear with me I am trying to make a honeycomb pattern, using the polygon shape (6)sided. First off I notice that the bounding box does not hug the perimeter only at the top and gives a space on the left and right sides. So I realized the shape is at the wrong angle so I rotate it. And I used the reset bounding box function at the top to try to "fix" the space issue and just get the right orientation, so all seemed okay. So I proceed to create a small set of shapes to get me going with the pattern, so I usually group objects at this point to get done faster, but when I do I get this huge gap on the outer edges again! I am tying to see if there is a correlation between the first object I created when I made the first shape?? And there's no way I can create a seamless pattern with space in between these groups. Weirdness indeed. How can I get AD to not give me gaps around bounding boxes and allow me to create what I thought was simple pattern to create. Please HELP! Please follow the sequence of images to follow my explanation, hopefully they display in the right order.
  17. Something I knocked out while awaiting some client feedback :) Have included full rez PNG, should anyone want it
  18. Noticed that if I open a Illustrator file that has patterns in it, look to be "digitized" in AD. just curious if there would ever be a fix. Or at least a rasterization of the patterns once opened in AD?
  19. Hi, I was wondering if there's an easy way to map or "wrap" a pattern around a shape -- for example, the pattern of squares that looks "wrapped" around a sphere in the attached image of a disco ball. How would you go about achieving this type of effect in Affinity? Thanks in advance for any tips/suggestions!
  20. Hi, how can i create a Pattern? If i want a Pattern by an image (in Photoshop is Edit>Define pattern) how can do it? next, how can i fill an element (image etc) with this pattern?
  21. Gradient Tool -> Type: Bitmap; Extend: Wrap - How to set the bitmap scale to 1:1? I want to tile a bitmap inside a shape, but i don't want it scaled up or down. I want to use the exact pixel dimensions of the original to fill the entire shape. How do i do this? Seems there's no option to "reset" the scale to the original bitmap dimensions. Happy to see Lanczos resampling available in the Quality drop down! :)
  22. I recently discovered an app where you could pick a pattern repeat style and then draw and the app automaticaly created the pattern repeat of your stroke. LIVE. it is amazing. However.... it is very limited in the brush shape and also is only pixle art. It would be amazing to have a way fo doing this with a vector program... Is there any way Afinity could incorporate something like this?
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