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  1. Hi! I usually use AI and in there, I can choose "match artboard to art dimensions" and it will change the size of the board I am working on to exactly what I've created. This is helpful in letting me see all of what I have created (I often copy paste/reflect objects to make patterns) on white or on a specific color. So, I have two questions: 1. how to i get things that are off the current document size to be visible, even if they are off document and 2. how do i match the document size to the selected art? Thanks for your help! Colette
  2. Hello! I do a fair bit of fabric design, and in AI I can take a design element, and "automatically" show it in a pattern repeat. I can adjust the kind of pattern (grid, offset, etc.) and the distance between the blocks. Can you create patterns automatically in Affinity Designer? Or only manually? Thank you for your help! Colette
  3. agreed... or make a mention in the user guide-- I went there first, couldn't find instructions. of course, the forum is wonderful. :-)
  4. Hi! I think the "vectorize pixel selection" on your road map is the same thing... but not sure. So, I am suggesting that you add a way to import an image and do an automatic image trace, much like AI can do. I do a lot of offline sketching and then translate the line drawings into vector graphics to manipulate for fabric and web design. I'd love to give up my AI completely! Colette
  5. Hi Affinity! When I use Adobe Illustrator, I can open a file, click on "image trace" and it will convert the lines of the drawing to vector-editable objects. I can't seem to figure out how to do that same thing in Affinity Designer. Can you help? Thank you, Colette
  6. Thank you! So easy! And it works great, too! I love the control of being able to select a specific pixel. AWESOME!
  7. Hi! I'm sorry if this is super-obvious and I am missing it, but in AI, I used to use a little dropper like thing to choose color from one part of the image/document and then be able to work with it elsewhere. I can't seem to locate any droppers that actually do anything. I can see one next to a circle of color in my palette, but when i click on it nothing happens. Can you post a screen shot of where the picker is and perhaps a link to how to use/activate it? THank you! Colette
  8. Sorry-- one more thing-- I see "affinity retoucher" but that's not the full app, correct? thanks again.
  9. ok, thank you. does that mean I can't actually trial it? is there a way to trial AND use it with Photos? thank you.
  10. HI! I just downloaded the trial version, and really want to test out the program without having to save, export, open each file... so I was hoping that this would come up in the list of extensions in the edit panel of Photos. However, it does not. Can you please help me figure out how to be able to use Affinity right from Photos? Thank you, Colette
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