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Found 12 results

  1. While color correcting using the info panel in Affinity photo, I always set up 3 point samplers at a time. They are placed on the colors that correspond to black, white and gray on the image. Although Affinity Photo allows multiple points to be placed at will, it's so hard to find the differences among each ones on the info panel. I think it would be much easier if each sampling position were just marked with a sequential number such as 1234. Please consider.
  2. Hi everyone, I have a quiestion, there are any way to show when you select an arboard (in Aff.Des. e.g.) the numbers of groups and released objects contained? Somethink like 4 groups - 3 ungroups. If you select the group, also show you a info of a number objects inside. If not, could it be seen in the future? Thanks. Cheers, Lester FM
  3. I've been trying to work on mastering skin tones and removing colour casts. I've followed this tutorial but have had no success with my results. I can do all the steps but it seems I not able to nail down the right colour from the skin tone palette to match? I would love to be able to trust the numbers instead of my eyes as at some point my eyes start to deceive me. I love how you can just match the numbers with this method, I'm just need help figuring out which numbers to match. Someone else suggested using the vector scope and curves to keep an eye on my skin tone. I love how they explain that skin is really just grey and the blood under the skin is what gives colour and of course everyone's blood is the same colour. I've had better success with this, except it is still not getting me the right results. A lot of the time the colours do not light up just right on the skin tone line on vector scope. And when working with a very small area of skin, the vector scope window is super small with no option to enlarge that area for more precise viewing. I'd love to be able to see someone edit and colour correct skin tone using the vector scope, or just explain how to pick the correct colour for the skin tone palette method. Thank you
  4. Hi, in Affinity Photo up to 1.8 and 1.9.823 RC4 beta, the info pannel has only 8 bit resolution (or even worse 1% steps). I want to request having option (default when document with 16 / 32 bit color depth is used) to get 16/32 bit information. Thank you.
  5. Is there anyway we can get an info panel added in the next update? If the developers don’t understand why its critical: Colour correction to 10 + 245 Shadows and highlight are tricky to colour correct accurately on an ipad - if your screen it too bright - it can trick you into think the highlights are blown out. Too dark, and your shadows look as though the have no detail. It’s frustrating that this is not available for ipad. We need this as photographers on the go that want to travel light and with their ipad. I’ve been waiting for this addition for years. Any word on when this might be available? I’ve searched the forums and this is not a new call to action, but there seems to be no response as to if this is an update that will ever come.
  6. When i color correct an image i always start by setting the radius of the "Colour picker tool" to 3x3 or 5x5. And then i start sampling colors with the info panel. To my surprise, i found that changing the radius on the colour picker didnt afect the values on the info panel. In fact, i found that the sampling radius of the info panel is 1x1. Is there a way to change the sampling radius of the info panel? This is really important for me so thanks in advance.
  7. I am having difficulty understanding what Memory Efficiency in the Info Panel represents. On modest documents this can read as high as 5616%. How can anything be more than 100% efficient? On huge mega documents that make AP really struggle this has plunged to as low as -2147483648% which seems a completely ludicrous and meaningless figure. So please what exactly does Memory Efficiency represent?
  8. It's nice that Affinity Photo has got such good support of the 32 floating point mode but it is somehow unfinished. There are particularly two things that I desperately miss: 1. The ability to show the 32 bit float color values in the info panel. How should we work accurately with 32 bit float values if they are displayed nowhere? All that I can see are the conventional RGB values from 0 - 255 but these are meaningless in 32 bit float. 32 bit float per definition contains color values below 0 (actually a bad thing) or above 1 (actually a good thing). 2. Please make the curves dialogue zoomable so we can also edit values that exceed the white point of 1. The values beyond the white point are in fact one of the main advantages of 32 bit float.
  9. Values in the panel "Info" are not the same as the sample Colour Picker. Picker sample value indicated: 13c,15m,12y,0k - sample value of the same points: 0c,2m,2y,13k. Windows 10 Home (64bit). (Sorry for my English)
  10. I love the fact that there seems to be no limit to the number of sampler you can observe in the info panel! But how do I tell them apart? In PS the 4 available samplers have little number 1..4 attached to the crosshairs in the picture. Hopefully, I'm just too blind to discover how to label these guys. Otherwise, a dozen samplers are pretty useless if you can't remember which is which.
  11. First of all, I must tell you that I LOVE Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo. I was looking for an alternative to Adobe products, if for nothing else, then because they always crash and are extremely slow lately. It is a terrible experience. I now completely switched to Affinity products. :) One panel that I miss very much since switching from Adobe to Affinity is the Info panel. It is a very helpful panel. It would be great if you could include such a panel in both Designer and Photo. It helps me a lot because I can get all the basic information that I need of anything that is selected, like width, height, colours, exact position where the cursor is, etc. Very small panel which I guess is very easy to program for you, yet VERY helpful. Hope to see this panel in one of the later versions of Affinity Designer and Photo. Thanks and please keep up the excellent work! :))
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