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  1. @Dan C Screenshot below. I already followed the instructions above in this thread where you copy a file into an affinity folder. it didn't change anything. In case it's relevant, I believe I purchased Affinity through Serif and not the App Store. Thanks!
  2. I am still having this problem. running AP 1.10.4 on Catalina 10.15.7 I closed affinity then I tried adding the afreg.cfg in the folder. then opened affinity. Still nothing. Please help. Thanks
  3. Would also love to see this happen...This was suggested awhile ago...
  4. I find that my cursor needs to be in a super specific spot for me to be able to right click on a spare channel I created. It usually takes a bit of trial and error trying to find just the right spot that will let me right click. It is a bit annoying trying to hunt for that spot. I am on a MacBook Pro.
  5. I lost my macros in the macros library. I restarted AP and was able to restore the default folder and the JR-channels but none of my other macros I created myself returned. Fortunately I was able to quickly make replacement macros. Just letting the community know as I was told this should not have happened.
  6. Not sure if you still need this, but in case someone else is searching the forums and comes across this. This is how you'd retouch skin in Affinity Photo
  7. I don't see this on curves yet...though I didn't upgrade to the newest version with all the problems people have been having. Does the new version have this?
  8. Are there any other adjustments that don't work as well as the S&H live filter like mentioned here? It would really be good to know
  9. Sometimes the scope panel stops responding. It won't change selection and gets stuck at Intensity waveform. The only fix I've been able to do is to save the .af document and then it becomes responsive again. Sometime when I do manage to get the scope to change into vector scope, it gets stuck again and does not show any changes even though I am making drastic changes to the image. It is again only solvable by saving the file before it becomes responsive. This is probably a bug? Thanks
  10. I've been trying to work on mastering skin tones and removing colour casts. I've followed this tutorial but have had no success with my results. I can do all the steps but it seems I not able to nail down the right colour from the skin tone palette to match? I would love to be able to trust the numbers instead of my eyes as at some point my eyes start to deceive me. I love how you can just match the numbers with this method, I'm just need help figuring out which numbers to match. Someone else suggested using the vector scope and curves to keep an eye on my skin tone. I love how they explain that skin is really just grey and the blood under the skin is what gives colour and of course everyone's blood is the same colour. I've had better success with this, except it is still not getting me the right results. A lot of the time the colours do not light up just right on the skin tone line on vector scope. And when working with a very small area of skin, the vector scope window is super small with no option to enlarge that area for more precise viewing. I'd love to be able to see someone edit and colour correct skin tone using the vector scope, or just explain how to pick the correct colour for the skin tone palette method. Thank you
  11. I'm new to everything editing and I've been finding that vectors cope also gives me better results than other methods for adjusting skin tone. What I've been doing is selecting the skin, then putting that in its own layer. Then I hide all layers that have an image. I adjust from there. Then I turn on the image layers to see my adjustment. Then it's up to you if you want to delete or keep that skin layer. I don't crop the image so it gets tricky if I am only sampling from a small portion of the skin as the vector scope is tough to see. It's better for larger areas of skin selected. I would appreciate if someone else has more links to using vectors cope in affinity specially with that skin tone line. specially with unwanted colour casts. Thanks. Hope that will help
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