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  1. In our company we can't use Affinity because we really need this feature Posted the request long time ago
  2. Hello, I really need to see adjustment input/output values (percentages) in the curves adjustment layer palet as in Photoshop This is the only reason why I can't switch to Affinity Photo and still use Photoshop I need to see values so I can correct to colors to certain minimal % to prevent breackoff by flexo printing Please .. I really want to use Affinity Photo and asking already 2 years for this feature
  3. Still no values in the adjustment layer palette Really need this to control breackoff for flex printing
  4. Hello, I would like to see values for de adjustments made in Adjustment Layer Curves I want to see percentages .. for example when I move up the Cyan Curve to 3 procent .. Wen I adjust the 50 % to 40 % etc ... It is important for graphical work that you see the percentages of the screen that will be used to print Thanks Anthony
  5. Hello, Can't enter values in the transform window anymore
  6. Double click the selection tool to fast and precise move selected objects with a dimension window (As in Illustrator)
  7. For drawing Rectangles, Circles etc ... It would be great if you got a dimension window directly after selecting the tool and click without dragging on the artboard .. (As in Illustrator) That way you can work precise and enter the dimensions immediately ...