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  1. Hello guys, I have been doing cartography for fantasy authors and gamers. Until now, I have been using Inkarnate and Wonderdraft for maps. Currently learning how to use Affinity Photo for that. While I have been using specialized cartography brushes, I have been wondering about where I can get brushes to indicate grasslands, deserts, etc. Like the brushes and textures Inkarnate has. I have created colored maps using Affinity Photo, but I'd like to know if there are some premade texture brushes I can use for grasslands, deserts, barren plains, etc instead of simple colored maps. Yes, I can play around with blending and everything, but if any brushes are available, that'd be wonderful and it would make my job easier and faster. Any leads? Do let me know. Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Source photo (desert and woman) from unsplash. All structures created in Affinity Photo with shapes, textures, and an assortment of brushes. Planet built using Luna Cell (unfortunately Affinity does not support this plugin).
  3. Affinity Photo V2 with a little help from GMIC plugin.
  4. In a galaxy far, far away... oh wait, that's been used already. Ok, never mind (but it is! 😁). Anyway, my iMac died last week and I'm stuck temporarily on my MacBook Air until my Studio arrives (probably in a month 🤞). I can't go that long without producing *something* so I made do with the MBA's 13" screen and my Intuos Pro, and just started playing. This is a composite/painting done in Affinity Photo and Designer. The rocket was made in Designer then brought into Photo. The planet we're on is actually a 2 x 3 foot section of granite I photographed a bunch of years ago for a client plus there's another rock outcrop in there from the same shoot; the moon is a moon I got from Universe Creator picked up from Design Cuts, as is the flare around the sun and the gas clouds. Everything else is coloured/designed/placed using Affinity Photo. It's not much really, but I had fun (and I'm now blind from squinting at a 13" screen 😆). Enjoy.
  5. Hello everybody! Just want to let you know that our FREE Welcome Pack has been updated (actually entirely redone), with new objects, more colors and more (much more) details. So... you can take a look at it down here. You can download the pack in the link at the end of the post. PS.: Next week, we'll be posting a mini-course on how you can use this pack to create several sexy sci-fi backgrounds :D If you are a Frankentoon subscriber, you should have this pack in your inbox already ;) GET YOUR FREE PACK HERE! Note: In order to download your free pack, you'll need to subscribe to our mailing list, in return you'll get a NEW FREE Vector Pack every 6 weeks (next one will be delivered the third week of june), so it is a great deal anyway ... by the way, we'll NEVER EVER send 'penis enlargement' o 'get viagra' BS, we now you don't need any of those things ;)
  6. Here I'm going to post some of my fantasy stuff, starting with this little object. It's for an imaginary world people who live there call Merilmaa (from Finnish words meri (sea), ilma (air) and maa (earth). Compare with Finnish word maailma for world). This object was very much valued, and not that rare in the early days of "Merilmaa", for it literally muted (for one using it) everything someone else said, that didn't correlate with truth or perhaps, one might say, weren't wise. How ever, it is doubtful this item ever silenced everything someone said, for all of us have some wisdom worth sharing. You just sometimes have to listen long enough to get some gold. Naturally people don't like being told they're wrong, so many considered this object "rude", if not a "false witness" or even "a wicked and extremely dangerous thing". Also people used these to bully others by claiming nothing they said was audible when they applied this thing, so it's use by certain kinds of folks actually became a real problem. After some time these things first lost their value, then became exceedingly rare, then got all but forgotten. A good thing or a bad thing? Perhaps it depends... The background is a paper I first made to look old using a method I found from wikihow a long time ago. I scanned it and have since kept the scanned image safe and sound, so I can use it again and again. This is the first work where I've used isometric drawing, and will probably not be the last one. For final touch. I made the colour mode of the object "darker" so as to make it look as if it'd been drawn to the paper. The runes on the little blades are of my own invention. they signify "S" "A" "N" "A" which is Finnish for "WORD". Using Isometric mode it was no big deal to put the runes on the blades. I think it might be nice if Affinity had an isometrics system with possibility for perspective (things being smaller further away from the view), but that might be extremely difficult to achieve in a user friendly way. Thanks for watching.
  7. I can't leave it alone! Another story based picture.
  8. Playing around with medieval fantasy again. This picture actually has a story to go with it and helps explain the visual content.
  9. Some fantasy, the dwarfs are under Us, if you look right
  10. This is a Image that someone made in Photoshop , so i decided to recreate it in Affinity Photo; File included. Hope you like it. osamely.afphoto
  11. Hello Forum, Here is an art piece I am working on. The Multiverse self realized entity rides the back of the turtle - who is top turtle- in the stack of turtles that is all things. No name as of now for artwork. Video of last drawing session https://youtu.be/0Y-MJ5SrQWQ I have added the final image here, notice the cosmic rope and strange character on opposites sides of the staff.
  12. Well, now that I've finished my video series, here's the final results. I made this on ipad in 30-45 minute sessions. Spent about 5 hours on it in total. Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think!
  13. Made with Designer and Photo. I went through the movie frame by frame for references and then came up with something that was a little modern but more anchored in the art deco design of the original movie. I also looked through Willis O'Brien's pre-production images of Kong since i wanted him to have a rougher look.
  14. Recent start to a new idea, all Affinity Designer, still and videos. Part one - Part two - Part three- Please enjoy my artistic madness!
  15. This began life (or was resurrected -- see below) when I was fourteen, at school in 1965 when Games was rained off and I started doodling in a notebook whatever came into my head. I've still got the notebook somewhere, but I can't lay my hands on it just now to show you the original scribble.But here's the weird creepy thing ... ten years or so later I was idly flipping through a book, A Century of Creepy Stories, at a friend's house, when I came to an illustration ... that was my teenage doodle! It was different, obviously, but had all the elements: the old man, the long-case clock, the water ...And then I remembered ... when I was seven, we had a caravan holiday in Cornwall. Under my bed, I found someone had left a book ... A Century of Creepy Stories! The room is by Vidar Nordli Mathisen from unsplash; the bath from a photo by Max Murauer from unsplash; the clock and the wooden posts are my own photos; the other elements I borrowed from the internet.
  16. Another exquisite doodling from my imagination.
  17. How tedious! I keep getting ads on social media telling me the creative world runs on a certain photo editor. Ours runs on a different one.Saturn photo from NASA/Cassini, starry background and merged texture from magazine freebies, stately home window from my own photos and my (hand-tinted) baby brother (many years ago!) from my late father's photos; lots of masking, clipping, a bit of dodging & burning ...
  18. Lovely Greetings from Berlin, this editorial illustration is made in Affinity Designer on the iPad. »A friendly forest spirit with his avatar is looking for berry supplies in fall.« This two characters will be seen soon in my second edition of the German book: https://www.rheinwerk-verlag.de/affinity-designer_4939/ This work consistently grow really big, but the document was all time stable on iPad. I worked in both – Draw and Pixel Personas. I can not count the layers anymore! I used lots of simple shapes to create the plants and went to the Pixel Persona to create further details with simple brushes like pencils. For my colouration I created a document palette with 9 main colours and HSL shades. I just used 3 layer effects: blur and shine and shadow. The lines of the character are from my sketch and later edited. I used a lot of brush sets from FRANKENTOON and DAUB and my one customised brushes.
  19. Hello everyone, I have created a new image as I very slowly get accustomed to Affinity Designer. The program is amazing, one day I hope to know my way around all the fine features. This post is full color, I created a signature glyph I can edit date in, and here it is. Here is a link to a video during one of the drawing sessions, fun stuff - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyHdooA6iIE I am trying to now begin a way to earn money from my art, I love this Affinity Designer. On my Artstation Page I will sell prints and canvases. Print 12 x 18 - https://www.artstation.com/prints/art_print/BK6R/the-reveal Canvas 12 x 18 - https://www.artstation.com/prints/canvas/BK6R/the-reveal Thanks for any support.
  20. Thought I might share one of my paintings drawn using Affinity Photo, the red radio is a photo and the rest is drawn to create an image for a possible concept story that I have been working upon. The eyes are drawn using one of the Affinity tutorials. I am very impressed with this software package and the company’s commitment to making the software approachable to all creators. I am self taught and really wish to encourage new talent and provide a perspective from someone who is not a professional designer but wanted to give it a go. I would like Affinity to do a series of spotlight on new amateur talent. I think that it might encourage more budding media artists and kick start new possibilities. Thanks Affinity.
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