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Found 16 results

  1. What I would like is to have new ways of changing the layer of an object. Usually, I select the objects on the canvas, so they can be in multiple nested layers. Currently, I have to do an awful lot of scrolling to move content from one nested layer to another. Or use the Move Outside command, followed by Bring to Front/ Sent to bottom and then drag the objects to the layer I want them in. In CAD software and in Blender you have commands like these, which you can use to pick a layer to nest the objects in. Basically it shows a layer tree without showing the objects themselves (those need to be preselected). Then you pick the layer you want to drop the objects in. It's as simple as that. For Affinity, the button to confirm could even be removed (if you add a button next to a layer so that it is easy to click on and hard to misclick). 2022-12-07 15-29-04.mp4 Another idea is to copy Illustrator's layer panel where you see in which layer the selected objects are (it displays a dot with the layer colour). Then, you can drag and drop this dot to another layer, which effectively moves the content to this layer. 2022-12-07 15-29-04.mp4
  2. i posted this in the bugs in AP on iPad but it should be here as well.Ju This is really interesting. Edited a Sony RAW image in Apple Photo (there are now msg about RAW and JPEG not going into this now) saved the image back into Photo library as a JPEG Then in AP, the edited image Import From Photo, and the original RAW image appeared in the Develop Persona??? I did this several times and the same thing happened. ‘Then I used Drag and Drop into the AP Finder and the JPEG load into the Photo Persona? Again I did this several times with the same result. The good news, the AP didn’t crash, no msgs, just two weird results.
  3. Hello! Not sure if it's a bug or me not understanding how it works, but I have an unexpected behaviour when I try to add a shape (in this case it's a text frame (shape converted as a text frame) that I can add to the assets panel by "add from selection" but refuses to be added by drag and drop. The shape moves" behind" the panel instead. All the windows (studio panels and canvas) are docked. I have even recorded a small video! Maybe I misunderstood the help files though.... Assets.avi
  4. Hi, Could I request a few simple table enhancements? 1) Drag and drop rows. If I have a row in position 4 it would be nice to be able to drag it to position 5. Currently I have to create a new row - copy row 4, paste row 4 into new row. Copy row 5 and paste into row 4 and then paste old row 4 into now empty row 5. 2) When I right click to delete a row it deletes the highlighted row, not the row I right-clicked on. For example if I was working on row 10 (it is actively selected) and then decide I don't want row 4 anymore. I right click on row 4 and delete. It deletes the actively selected row - so row 10, NOT row 4. This is very counter-intuiative. 3). When inserting a new row it would be nice to have the option to insert above/below in the popup menu. Currently it just adds a row above. If you are on the last row and you want to add a new row to the end - you can't because it always adds the row before the end row. It would make more sense to insert row below as default. Great product - thanks Affinity.
  5. Hello AP community, How do you open 2 or more files and then drag and drop parts to the other as in PS. In fact how do you open 2 or more on the screen without the files being seemingly locked together only being able to see one or the other and not both (etc) at the same time as in PS? I am getting confused as I was told most features of PS are also here in AP, this appears to be not very true at all?
  6. GolHello, I’m new to Designer on the iPad and have run into an issue when I drag and drop images from the web using slide over. I can place one image in the document ok, but when I try to drag a different one in it places the previous image again instead. Not sure if it’s a bug or if I’m doing something wrong. Any help would be much appreciated....
  7. Hi I am not sure this is wanted.... I think its rather a bug ? When i have made an imageframe , positioned an image , in this case a pdf of a florplane inside, and i want to exchange it with new conted by drag and drop ! The new pdf file doesnt seem to remember the old settings of scale and rotation ....
  8. I'm using the drag and drop interface to drop pixel art files (.bmp) from Windows Explorer to work with into a large master file, but when I paste (drop) them the layers depixelate and anti-aliasing appears. I can't tell whether the layers actual contents have been changed or if it is a UI effect but either way, I wish to turn this off. I performed a cursory search of the forums and the Internet but was unable to find anything for Affinity Photo. Here is approximately what's going on: If I copy and paste a range of pixels, the type of layer created is of type "Pixel", but when I drag and drop a file from an explorer window onto a canvas, it creates a layer of type "Image" instead. How do I make new layers made by drag/drop appear as pristine original pixels (like copy-paste) rather than a blurry anti-aliased version of themselves? I don't see a way to change this in the layer settings or in the Preferences window.
  9. I just bought Affinity Photo for IPad. I have the latest version of IOS 11 on an IPad Pro. I can’t seem to get Affinity Photo to work in split view. The description in the App Store says that it supports drag and drop. How is this possible without split view. Split view works with most of the other programs I use.
  10. Hello everyone, I have created several symbols in my AD document so I can test different color schemes in UI mockups. However I noticed that when I drag them into the canvas/artboard they do not snap to the pixels grid, becoming very fuzzy. Only if I release them and then start dragging again they will then start to snap to objects and moving pixel by pixel. It would be cool if they snapped to the pixels grid as soon as they are dragged onto the canvas so I can make quick drag and drop without having to realign them later. The three pixel alignment toggles at the top bar are on.
  11. Thank you for the 1.6 update. However, I am disappointed that basic drag and drop functionality is not available in the panorama, hdr merge, focus merge, stacking and other file selection dialogs. I usually have a finder window open and I can see the files I want to include in a stack or batch, but then I have to use the add files button and navigate (again) to that folder and select the files. Would love to just drag them from Finder onto the selection dialog list control. This should be a pretty basic code change. After all, drag and drop is coding 101 stuff and shouldn't cause knock on effects or regressions.
  12. I use a tool to have a visual feedback of our footage and have optimised it to be able to right click open it in affinity. also i use it to drag and drop footage to the canvas or to oopen it as a seperated object.. We could need the option to drag it over an existing layer to replace it ! would be handy.. maybe togethe with a shortcut to replace it and in the same time use the new one as a linked Object (when this feature will arrive for affinity ) When dragging en external file to the canvas i would like a shortcut option to first popup an option window , where to drop it .. left , right, in the middle, wich scale or so... heres a short screenshot what i mean...
  13. Hallo everyone, from the employees in my company there have com two feature requests for features that are very handy in Photoshop. Maybe you know a workaround for them in AP. Well in Photoshop you can multiple immages to your Program and with one click you can arrange the next to each other in the Workspace to compare them very fast. This is very handy and i didnt find any comparable funktion in AP. The secound feature that my colleques are missing is the abillity to drag and drop one layer from one opened document directly to another document.. I know you can copy it , switch to the other document and than past it.. but this is much slower but to do it just by drag and drop.. any workarounds or future implications to implement it maybe ? greetings from Hamburg, Tom
  14. Are there any plans to enable dragging and dropping of single or multiple layers from one document to another within AP? Cheers, Timo
  15. Would love to see some sort of custom panel feature down the road. To drag over favourite brushes, colours, styles, settings etc...
  16. Hi, It would be great to be able to drag and drop between apps (Affinity Photo /Designer) or drag a document to the app and work on it. It would save time with the work flow. Thanks
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