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Found 18 results

  1. Hi there, I am trying to do something, which probably is not possible. I am designing a simple thing with 2 circles and a line which connects both. Using the snap tool, I have set the line to start and end from the center of the circles. Now, I would like to link the 3 shapes together in a way that when I move a circle, the line stretches and follow the new circle position. Group and compound do not work for this, because they create a shape which is the result of all shapes in the compound. Is this even possible?
  2. How to move two hadles of the same node together? On the equal distance, like in Illustrator by default.
  3. I observed the following problem with PDF bookmarks: if you make changes to your headings, the old versions of your headings still appear as bookmarks. In the screenshot you see the Table of content, which is correct. The first part of the PDF-bookmarks on the left is also correct, but the additional entries are all referring to old versions of the headings. Observe for instance the bookmark "This heading once had another text" in the attached example. I tried to delete and recreate the Tabele of contents and temporarily disabled and reenabled bookmark creation on export - no help. BTW, I'm using the standard preset "PDF (for export)" and my Publisher version is on Windows 10. I posted this already in other threads, but it didn't draw attention. In the meantime (after editing my document several times, changing headings) the situation got worse. The PDF bookmarks are totally scrambled now and do not resemble the document structure anymore. Bookmark-Problem.afpub Bookmark-Problem.pdf 58.15 kB · 1 download
  4. Hello, I have a graphic with about 30,000 anchor points. But maybe only 100 would be necessary. How can you simplify the graphic? I mean in some programs there is an extra tool "simplify" or something like that ... Unfortunately I don't find anything at Affinity Designer. If there is one, where could I find it? Thanks a lot Mischugo
  5. Title says it all. As an anchor is set within the text tool, a shortcut, although not allocated, would be overridden by a special character, rendering the creation of the anchor non-operational. Result: you have to insert it via the menu.
  6. Perhaps there could be a "Show Hyperlinks" option the same way there is a "Show Anchors" option in the Text>Interactive menu? There are an obnoxious amount of hyperlinks/anchors in the document I'm working on and having visual indicators like the anchors do for whether something's been hyperlinked already or not would be helpful.
  7. I have pictures inserted into text with jump option to let text above and under picture. I want the picture to be centered on the page. When I set the anchor for a picture it stores vertical and horizontal position. Then il the text is modified the image moves to follow the new anchor position. That's great if a line of text is added or removed but if only a few words are added ou removed, the horizontal position of the picture isn't accurate any more... I should recenter it manually... that's really boring for me because I have a lot of such images. Is there anything I missed to let me fix the horizontal position of the image but not the vertical one ? Hope you could me the way...
  8. Hi, Maybe I'm misunderstanding the whole anchors and hyperlinks thing, but I can't seem to make this work. What I want to happen is have a list of items on page 1 to link to various sections on the following pages (I know there is the TOC, but I'm trying to exactly replicate an academic publication for an online PDF) I create some text on pages 2 through to 4, heading these pages with 'This is my anchor1 text' on page 2 and on page 4 'This is my anchor2 text' I create some text on page 1 eg 'This is my hyperlink text to anchor1' and 'This is my hyperlink test to anchor2' Two things happen When I select the text that I want to become the anchor on pages 2 and 4 it disappears when I add the anchor - I expected the text would become the anchor called the text I had selected, so I just placed the carat at the end of the text and named it Anchor1 and the same for Anchor2. When I select the text on page 1 to become the hyperlinks and chose Anchor there is nothing listed - I expected to see Anchor1 and Anchor2 to choose from whereas if I choose Page I can see all the page numbers in my document in the drop down list. Should the selected text in 1 remain? Is this blank Anchor listing in 2 a bug? Thanks, Ken
  9. It happens to me a lot that I click right next to an anchor point when I want to move it with the node-tool. That shouldn't be a problem, but in designer it adds a new anchor point to the curve everytime this happens. Although I understand adding anchor points to a curve-region this way is a quick way to do it, it is annoying when this constantly happens when trying to move existing anchor points or bend a curve-region. I might be missing something, but I can't find any setting to turn this click-to-add-anchor behaviour off in the node tool. This is even more problematic when a lot of anchor points are very closely together and you can't see them all in the current zoom. Then you don't even know that you accidentally added anchor points. Which is causing unintended changes in the graphic without me knowing it. I like it to be able to add anchor points with the node tool, but I think it would be better when we have to press a control-key with it like alt, ctr, shift to prevent accidentally adding anchors. Thanks!
  10. I've been editing a document, and have margined specific places on odd and even places for the text frames... But if I delete one page, all the text frames on the pages after that get moved to different areas on the screen. (I assume to where they were on their original pages) For example, I have two facing pages, and the text frames are not placed exactly in the center of the pages. When I delete one page, all the text frames just move over to the previous page, but in the same places they were on the other page (not where I would like them to be). They are flowing text frames. How else could I delete a page or move a flowing text from one page to the previous without losing the specific position of the text frame? (Example Below) Publisher 2.mov
  11. Is there a way to change the default position of the transform anchor point in Designer and Photo to not be at the top left but rather in the center?
  12. I can't found how to align 2 or more points (or anchor points)... I am newbie and i think it is very simple and obvious....but i can't find the way to do it... Can someone help me? Thanks Antonio
  13. Is there a way to move only half of an anchor handle to make a right angle? It seems like when ever you move a handle with the node tool, both sides always move together. The only way to avoid this I found is dragging one handle to the anchor point, but it seems inaccurate.
  14. Hi all, I'm working in Infinity Photo iOS on my iPad Pro and need to make a selection using the Pen tool. I can't figure out how to make a sharp anchor point to join two curved paths (please see attached). Normally in Photoshop, I'd hold down the alt/option key and click on the anchor to activate the "V" corner feature so I can adjust the two tangent handles independently, but I don't have this ability on the iPad. I tried the "Sharp" and "Smooth" bottoms in the Node mode, but they just toggle between straight-lined joints and curved lives without a corner. The path handling tool doesn't seem to be too intuitive, and I need to use the Pen tool to make precise selections. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Also, is there a feature like Photoshop's "Exclude Overlapping Shapes" or "Intersect Shape Areas"? I find that when I create a smaller shape within a large shape, the large shape disappears.
  15. 1. Create object 2. Align commands should work 3. Enable any Anchor lines in constraint panels for object http://prntscr.com/d5zheh 4. Align doesn't work anymore.
  16. windows 10, AD 1.5 RC I couldn't find any info in the manual or in the forum and there is no options in preferences to set up key (preferably mouse+key) shortcut? Am I missing something?
  17. How can I change document anchor to get (0,0) point in the middle of the document? At the present it is in top-left corner.
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