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Jayden Brand

Deleting Page Moves Following Text Frames

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I've been editing a document, and have margined specific places on odd and even places for the text frames... But if I delete one page, all the text frames on the pages after that get moved to different areas on the screen. (I assume to where they were on their original pages)

For example, I have two facing pages, and the text frames are not placed exactly in the center of the pages. When I delete one page, all the text frames just move over to the previous page, but in the same places they were on the other page (not where I would like them to be).

They are flowing text frames. How else could I delete a page or move a flowing text from one page to the previous without losing the specific position of the text frame? (Example Below)

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Hi Jayden Brand,
Sorry the delay getting back to you. Do you mind sharing the file shown in your video? What's happening is that you are deleting the entire page four and so the next page on the right - number 5 - (which has a flowing text frame in a different position) is taking its place on the left side exactly as it was on the right and as such doesn't match the guide's position you set up for the left pages in the master. If you want the text to flow to page four honouring the tex frame in its current position, delete the single phrase you have on page four and make sure that this text frame is linked to the one in page five. The text will flow back to page four filing its text frame. If that doesn't happen (which is what it looks from your movie) it's probably because there's a frame break or something else blocking the flow. Without seeing the file I don't know what it may be.

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