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  1. Hi I searched for an answer to this for about an hour through the forum but was unable to see if it was mentioned anywhere so I apologize if it is addressed somewhere and I missed it. I am relatively new to Affinity and upgraded a few months ago. I am wondering what happened to the layer styles from version 1? All I get now with version 2 is Did I do something wrong in installation? I tried a reset with the ctrl start and reset all apps as I have designer and publisher as well but had no effect. Is there a way to import the version 1 styles?
  2. 1. Affinity Photo comes with Fill with Primary/Secondary colors shortcuts empty (only Shift+F5 for a somewhat complete but convoluted for simple fills tool). For people jumping from certain other softwares is a bit of a pace killer. 2. The problem is made worse because familiar shortcuts don't work: option+delete or ctrl+delete or cmd+delete will just delete the layer selected. 3. alt+enter, ctrl+enter or command+enter might have either another shortcut already or if it doesn't it does nothing. Ended up settling for a temporary shortcut with option or control + backslash (alt+\), can get used to it but it maybe warrants a fix as it's a mayor friction point as soon as the program is just opened.
  3. Self explanatory, follow up to Feedback topic that was made for V1 a long time ago. The pressure sensitivity with side car is just too harsh, I have to exert a huge amount of pressure to see the pressure move... sounds dangerous for both the iPad, the tip of the pencil and the pencil itself. I tried a pressure sensitivity like the following: However it has to be done PER BRUSH a global override (or multiplier?) for all would be probably appreciated, that way the original brushes curves can be left untouched. This bug is a followup to a discussion going here:
  4. First of all, thanks for these updates, excited to try out the tools! I do have some issues that I've found after an hour of trying to use this as an alternative to other photo editors that I'd hope to see addressed: 1. A way to save raw edits as XMP instead of requiring the saving of an .afphoto file, the idea of closing down in an ecosystem, particularly with the lack of a DAM, doesn't sound appealing. It sounds like that's kind of what the Embedded and Linked options do, however the Linked option did not actually add any files to my system (I kept watch on any files with the same file name as the photo), so I'm unsure what the difference between the two is. 2. Global presets for RAW edits, instead of one per page. It's a bit confusing as is. Also a way to edit existing presets and save it as such, instead of deleting a preset, remaking it from scratch and saving that. Also this is likely a bug, but when opening a new raw file to edit, the settings are set to Default, but the "selected" preset is the last used one, requiring switching to Default and back to the saved preset to actually change things, sometimes even doing it multiple times, the feature seems quite buggy. Also, ideally a Preset Manager would also be present, to be able to see exactly what each preset does, and potentially tweak from there. 3. Non-destructive cropping is a must. Honestly just something similar to the artboards, so if you crop an image you can adjust the crop later. I could just open the file in ADesigner, but that's an extra step that could be avoided. 3.1. Keep a strict ratio for cropping, but allow to rotate the crop based on mouse position when dragging the crop selection around (see how cropping operates in other apps like Lightroom and Capture One). 4. Split view of photo without edits, or just being able to toggle the raw edits on and off for preview purposes. 5. It's not clear enough that a photo is a RAW file, a button similar to the FX one would work wonders and make it much clearer what it does. 6. There's something about the Overlays panel that feels incomplete, I think it should be closer in look and feel to the Layers panel but then again, how is this better than just duplicating the layer, making the adjustments in that raw layer, and applying a mask to that? Even more powerful then because you can use images and the like. I might add more to the list once I spend more time on this, but so far I'm somewhat disappointed. Non destructive raw editing was a highlight of the announcement, so I thought it's finally a good standalone photo editor. It is clear however that the app development is still walking in the shadow of CameraRaw and while there have been some improvements and additions that are much welcome, I'm sad to say that I'll likely be sticking with Capture One, despite my wishes for that to not be the case, not because of the lack of a DAM (just making that clear), but because of the lack of a good, non destructive, open photo editing flow.
  5. Hi Symbols in Designer is a great feature. However, I need Symbols in Photo too since I do most of my art in Affinity Photo. I re-use and change multiple “objects” when creating a game scene. Symbols are later exported to Unity. I have complete software series so I can use symbols when switching to Designer Persona in Publisher. This is an issue since Affinity Publisher removes other features like Export Persona that I need. My request is to enable Symbols in Affinity Photo too. (The embedded document option is not a good solution for my work). Best regards
  6. Hello, I am new to Affinity and a bit confused to how to save DNG edits in Affinity Photo. My workflow when I was using Photoshop was to first convert my raw Nikon images in Adobe DNG Converter, open the dng file into Adobe Camera Raw to edit, then open into Photoshop. If I was to close that photoshop file without saving, I could re-open the dng file (back into Camera Raw and my previous edits would be saved. So I have opened a dng file into Affinity Photo 2 on iMac, it opens up in develop persona and I make my edits. I then click develop (raw layer embedded) and if I close the file without saving, and re-open that dng file again, the edits aren't saved. Is this normal behaviour? Is there a way to save the dng edits without making an affinity save file? Lee.
  7. Hi, this my first tutorial with the new Affinity Photo V2. A rather bland photo is edited. I remove the haze and realistically enhance colors and contrast. In doing so, I will go into the new features of Affinity Photo V2. I wish you fun. Ciao Jack
  8. Today I was doing a composition and had made a selection and clicked "Command > J" to duplicate and Photo 2 froze with the spinning beach ball and after about 30 seconds it stopped and made the duplicate and with any other move it would do the same thing until I saved, closed and restarted Photo 2 and it must hold memory because it still did it. Yesterday it did the same thing with a different composition but it did it when I used the rectangle tool and I had to "Force Close" Photo 2. I am using a 2020 MacBook Pro M1 and it's up to date and I have Automatic Brightness disable per James Ritson video. Please help its very annoying.
  9. Hi All, Here is a share of my Live Luminosity Range Mask Saved Presets. In addition to the original Highlights, Midtones, Darks ( 3 ) saved presets, I have included 19 more. This may seem too technical for many, but, I will try my best to break it down how to use these. The file that Affinity Photo 2 uses to save these is called livemask_presets.propcol . It is located in user/(folder)/.affinity/Common/2.0/user . If you delete the livemask_presets.propcol file, affinity photo will replace with the original ( 3 ) livemask_presets.propcol file upon restarting the app., so, it should be fairly easy to work with. If you have created any custom files and cannot delete and want to, follow the previous steps. Otherwise, back up your file and save it to another location. Please feel free to comment... UPDATED... For the all of the users who already downloaded, Please download the new file V3 Hue. V2 has been removed for your safety. ( UPDATED ) to full set Luminosity/Hue/Band-pass. See next page... for more info on how to delete see... Live Luminosity Range Mask Saved Presets ( How do I delete? ) - Affinity on Desktop Questions (macOS and Windows) - Affinity | Forum (serif.com) Enjoy - T V
  10. Hi, not sure if this is a bug or if I am doing something wrong, but I was recently playing around with a mockup for a UI design and noticed some weird behaviour in a live filter layer. File included, I wanted blur effect on the top bar of my design, so I created a live gaussian blur layer and clipped it to a rectangle. The blur seems to apply as expected in that area, but it looks like some parts of the layers underneath blur as well on the out-of-clipping-mask area (you can see the shadows and background of each card item getting blurred out despite being out of the clipping mask area). I assume this is a bug? UI design bug.afphoto
  11. This one layer is not showing any adjustment layer icons when collapsed. Notice the comparison between open and closed. And other layers. Also, at my current UI font settings, the lower part of some lower case letters are cut off.
  12. Hi All, One of the best new features in Affinity Photo 2 is the Live Luminosity Range Mask. Not only that, but, it has the ability to save presets. Clicking on the "hamburger" icon near the top left of the panel allows three options, create preset, rename preset, and delete preset. Once created, I can rename and delete the preset if the name is highlighted with name present in the preset box. However, once the program is closed and reopened, it will stay in the dropdown list and be usable, but, it is no longer highlighted in the box, which prevents it from being renamed or deleted. How is it possible to delete the ones I don't want or rename these? It also would be nice to rearrange these to keep them organized. Best Regards, TV
  13. What happens if I create a document with 72dpi and then add layers with 300dpi? So nothing is visible but I would like to know if side effects can occur. This refers to Affinity Photo where I can create a document under "New" and this usually has 72dpi. When I add photos for a collage they are usually 300dpi.
  14. Hello Just wondering if affinity version 2 supports huion pen displays (no pen pressure with affinity photo version 1) or is it just wacom again?
  15. Hi there, does anyone know if the "Google" Version of NIK Software (Color Efex4, ......) is still working with AP V2? thanks for your response Michael
  16. I use the Mesh Warp to extend the background of some images. But there is no option to constraint the handle drag horizontally or vertically like in the perspective warp or most of the other dragging tool. It's much a needed option, especially on image that fit horizontally or vertically only. I don't think this should be a hard one, so please add in the next update.
  17. No issues with AP 2 found yet, you have obviously done a good job But there is one thing that bothers me: When I export an image (usually JPEG or PDF), a preview is now always generated in the dialog . This sometimes takes several seconds to complete. Usually I don't need this, I would like to have the possibility to switch off this preview like in AP 1.
  18. The Affinity apps have three different types of buttons of add layers in the layer panel: "Add Pixel Layer" In Photo and Designer "Add Layer" in Designer and Publisher "Group Layers" in Photo The Layer from "Add Layer" in Designer and Publisher is very useful for organizing content and preserving separate selection for items inside of it. While the "Group" is useful for adjusting multiple items together. I know that Photo has Auto-select feature now, but it's better to have both types in the same document. T his is also the same type of organizational layer in Photoshop and other raster software, I don't know why Affinity decided to make Photo different. My workflow in Photo now is almost opening the document first in either Designer or Publisher, pressing "Add Layer" a couple of times and then returning to Photo. If you add "Add Layer" like in the other apps, it'll make organization easier and save me 2 minutes of my life each time I create a new Photo document. The Group Layers can be created by just clicking ctrl+g, or can be left alongside it.
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