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  1. Ich arbeite mit Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer und Affinity Publisher (Version 1.8.6) auf dem MacBook air (Mac OS 11.1 Big Sur). Wenn ich eine pdf-Dateien öffne, bearbeite und dann wieder als pdf-Datei exportieren will, stürzen die Programme ab, sowohl Photo, Designer als auch Publisher. Ich benütze jetzt wieder Version 1.6.1 ohne Abstürze. Ich möchte aber die neuesten Versionen anwenden. Was kann ich machen?
  2. Request: EPUB versions of the workbooks. This will help keep us up to date when the software is updated, for those of us that bought the workbooks. Why it's important? Let's say a few years down the road you guys have updated all the software and added a lot more features; the workbooks won't cover these changes, but a EPUB or PDF adaptation could be updated and it could be provided to registered accounts that have bought the workbooks already. I also would like the ability to have the content on my computer or phone, rather than having to lug around workbooks. Shipping of
  3. I regularly create PDFs for my clients to proof projects. Most will mark up the PDF, send it back, and I review their edits in the Comments tab. Since I recently purchased a new Apple Powerbook with the Apple silicon, my clients can no longer use the markup feature in Adobe Acrobat. Specifically any of the highlight, underline, or strike out options. I'm also concerned that Publisher will not create a properly formatted PDF when it comes time to send a file to the print vendor. In looking new PDFs versus old ones I've exported from Publisher, I see that the encoding software is
  4. I applaud Affinity for the improvement of handling PDFs that come from outside our business. We can now place the file and it looks like it is supposed to with no font substitutions if we choose "Pass Through." Great! However, when a PDF is placed, like an ad on a page, and then sent as a PDF to the printer to print the magazine the beautiful single color black is converted to 4 color black, ie black being printed by Cyan, Magenta, Yellow AND Black. I'm importing (placing) the PDF in a CMYK page. Not sure why the type, especially, is changed to 4C Black. Attached is a screenshot of b
  5. Hello, I have created a "button" icon of a PDF file that I wish to include inside an exported copy of a report that I am creating in Affinity Publisher (see screenshot). I gave the PDF icon Hyperlink Properties: Hyperlink Type: File. I pointed the hyperlink to where the file resides on my computer. Finally, I check boxed "Include File on Export." I then exported the Affinity Publisher file in PDF format. I have tried a few PDF formats for exporting: PDF (for export) PDF (digital - small size) PDF (digital - high quality) When trying to click the
  6. Hi there, I have to say I really appreciate your effort and I do like your apps. I still hassitate about switching from CS6, but there are people around who made the step and rely on your apps. I was asked for help by one of those people with a relatively simple document in Publisher. We sorted things out, but then I looked closely at an advert that came from exterlan studio as a usual PDF and I could not believe my eyes. The document had all fonts substituted! It did a relatively good job and the difference was not huge, but still - it was different. I tried to import the file in a diffe
  7. When exporting to a PDF I get the error "An error has occurred while exporting to:/Users/kaz/Desktop/Day and Hour.pdf. It doesn't matter where I try to save it I get the same error with the corresponding directory info. All other file export types work correctly. Computer/OS information in images.
  8. I would like to add a link to a phone number (tel:+4412345678) in an interactive PDF. The Add URL function always creates a 'https://' automatically, so the tel:-link cannot work. From my point of view the automatic 'https://' is unnecessary? Many thanks and best regards Dominik
  9. Text frame tool buggy behaviour Affinity Designer v1.8.6, macos Catalina 10.15.7. Reproduce: Set cell stroke > 0 on a tab " " or a space " ". After doing that you can visualize the bug by moving the cursor around the text frame. The cursor will change into an editing caret even if you're far outside the text frame. Also if you click with the selection tool somewhere above and well outside the text frame; it will still be selected. Select the text frame and export "Selection without background". Expected result: a pdf showing only the text in the selected text fr
  10. Hi I did raise this issue a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I had resolved it, but it has just come up with another customer. I have designed some printable note papers and sent them out as zipped PDF files. The layers in the images are printing as a black block rather than the actual grouped layers. I have attached a picture of what the print preview shows and what it actually being printed, as well as my settings for export. Please can someone help me in layman's terms, as I am not very literate in the technical stuff. I am using a MacBook Air and the 2 people wh
  11. Hi all, Publisher crashed during an export to PDF. I get to the export screen, but while exporting it crashes. Exporting to JPG works fine. Attached is the report from the Apple System. I have a: MacBookAir10,1, BootROM 6723.61.3, proc 8:4:4 processors, 16 GB, SMC. Any suggestions? Thank you and all the best! Crash report.rtf
  12. Hi gang We have encountered a couple of problems when printing a pdf Image A is created in Publisher & exported as a pdf using the settings as per Image B ...it will be going online on our website & for our customers to download & print out. Online & as a pdf it looks fine ...spot on. Problem 1: When I printed it out here to check it, it came out as good as it could be, I was pleased but when one of my bosses printed it out on his printer the png image of the cable came out dark black ...see image C. Problem 2 So my other boss printed it out on another p
  13. Hi, I have found a bug. In the file opened in Designer visualization is ok but if I export on pdf a part of file have a not good quality. Why? Thanks
  14. I want to create a PDF with an active, moving GIF. I know it's possible with InDesign. How about with Affinity Publisher? Deciding which program to buy. Thanks, Meowface Sam
  15. A couple days ago I asked about the value of pdfTool in a Quark forum. One comment was unexpected in that they pointed out that the tool is especially good for adding to a Publisher workflow in that it hasn't been around as long and may need a little more help than mature products like Quark and InDesign. That one perspective alone almost justified it's $500+ price tag. I wanted to know have other people found that those two products work really well together? Publisher is the only tool in the suite I haven't explored extremely in depth and I haven't even installed pdfToolbox yet. I like
  16. Hi everyone I hope everyone here is safe and healthy. This year is very crazy, but we decided to move on. We don't want to stick with Adobe path anymore and want to move to Affinity's products, started by Publisher. However, one key component missing from our workflow is Affinity's version of Acrobat Pro that we use for pdf pre-flight. On the other hand, I found on your website that Publisher has pre-flight feature built-in. Let's say, I have a pdf with 16 pages, is there any way in Publisher to place that 16 page pdf easily (not place the pdf page by page) and pre-flight the
  17. It's kind of blowing my mind that this isn;t already a functionality within Affinity since you can easily print documents as a booklet (and if I am just missing how to do this entirely, please fill me in), but I think the ability to export a document to PDF as a booklet is definitely a feature that should be added to Affinity Publisher ASAP. I attempted to just export as individual pages and then print as a booklet from Adobe, but the inner-margins are screwed up when I do it that way too (the pages are ordered correctly, but they spaced way too far apart). Sharing digital printables for
  18. Hi, I have a document which I would like to send in PDF format using booklet option. The problem comes with the blank space it leaves in the document. See attached. How can I generate a PDF file, using booklet arrangement of pages, and have edge to edge result? Size of the spread is exactly the same as the selected paper. Thanks
  19. First of all I am new to AP and I dont understand all the Terminology. I have looked at some FAQs but become even more confused. All I'm trying to do is print off an A4 poster with I image and text (7-8 Layers used). When I print direct from AP everything is fine. When I export to PDF and print the poster is 'fussy' and un sharp.🙁 It can't be that complicated, but I have no idea what i'm doing wrong or how to achieve a 'crisp' poster in PDF format. 😀 Many thanks for your help. Nick
  20. Here is an error that I was able to replicate on my system MacOS Catalina version 10.15.7 (19H15) Affinity designer app store version 1.8.6 In the attached affinity file you can see that the white object is in a group by itself and the group opacity is set to 90%. When exporting this to pdf (see attached), the grouped object has weird glitches around the edge. The version on the right is smooth and round. glitch.pdf pdf-glitch.afdesign
  21. I think the next big step for Affinity should be a PDF editor/viewer that has all or more features than Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Since Adobe has a monthly subscription for all features unlocked Affinity would probably become the largest competitor for professional .pdf viewer/editor software since it could also link Publisher, Designer and Photo directly to it [MOD EDIT, Removed]
  22. I am experiencing a bug with the latest Affinity Designer version ( : When exporting to a PDF file, the different layers are not exported as they should ... Once the PDF file is opened in Adobe Reader (and Adobe Illustrator) the layers preview pane does not show any layers. The bug is repeated as many times on Windows 10 version and this on two different computers. I specify that the bug occurs by using the menu> file> export ... as well as by using persona export ... This is particularly annoying when exporting PDF files with CutContour and cutting printing ... I ho
  23. (split by mod from this related thread ) New to Affinity Publisher - 5 page document for web viewing + embedded small file images (see below) Doc set up (see below image) and the calculating exporting to PDF small digital size is taking far too long. I have to choose PDF (flattened) for the document to export. Resulting in light grey lines around the images. I have tried to follow members thread on the same problem with no avail. Please help - this is for a client. [1.8.6 version on macOS Mojave 10.14.6]
  24. Hi all, I made a complex illustration for a poster with lots of structures, brushes etc. The exported Pdf shows a strange fogginess in some parts of the illustration in Apple Mail only – in Adobe Acrobat, in the app Apple Preview, the preview in Finder and when converted in Photoshop everything looks fine and the values seem to be o.k., too. However it is not only irritating me, I am afraid my clients may see the same effect in their mail programme, so I wonder what is the problem and how to get rid of it. Any ideas? Screenshot attached shows the display in Apple Mail 13.4 on MacOS Catal
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