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  1. You're right Chris... Sorry about that. I tested the export on a smaller size I had issues with before (A0) and that worked OK. But the large test file (200 cm x 100cm) still hangs when the export windows is trying to generate a preview.
  2. @rusty-quantumweb: Yes I tink it has to do with the size. As I mentioned in my first post 200 x 100 cm PDF export is not working. But 190 x 100 cm is working fine.
  3. I am on window 11. And when exporting the PDF it 'hangs' or 'freezes' (it looks like the preview can not be created) but the application does not crash. The application needs to be forced to quit. Same as you described Hangman. Only for me it's on windows 11 and PDF export (Both Designer and Publisher).
  4. The same thing happens on a Affinity Designer document of the same size. Also a crash / freeze on PDF export. test.afdesign
  5. Hi! I am having a problem exporting a PDF document. I believe the preview can not be generated somehow causing Publisher to crash. I created a completely empty document of 200 x 100 cm. This one also crashed when trying to export to PDF. The 'Creating preview' freezes right away. Not spinning what so ever. But when I reduced the image size to 190 x 100 cm the preview was created and I could export a PDF. So this seems to be a size issue? The export of the 200 x 100 cm document works fine for jpg, png. But also not fo webp or jpg XL. I tried disabling hardware acceleration but that did not help. I will attach the test file (200 x 100 cm) so maybe others can verify this issue. Or not... Tips or workarounds are welcome. test.afpub
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