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  1. Hi! Can someone confirm that I'm understanding the example licensing pages and forum posts correctly? I'm eligible for the upgrade pricing, and if I understand correctly, I can purchase the upgrade on the Serif site, download the apps through the Mac App Store (I prefer to download software through this way now rather than through the web) and then activate the product using the purchased license in the app itself. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I bought a few year ago Affinity Photo and Designer. Now I have a new Mac Mini and want to download the programs. The are not available in the App Store . I looked also in the update part of the store as suggested. Also Command R for updating the update page dit not show the Affinity programs. How can I download the programs. I have a lifetime licens. Regards, Chris Gerrist
  3. The beta opened up on my Big Sur MacBook Pro but not on my Mojave iMac. All three apps have this problem. None of it happens on the computer.
  4. Hi, I have two of my three desktop Affinity apps purchased through the App Store and noticed the new version 1.9 updates had come out. Until now, updating wasn't a problem but this time around I keep getting the alert 'The iTunes Store is unable to process purchases at this time. Please try again later' when I press the 'update' buttons for both apps. I've had the problem since Saturday and still no change. I've tried hard connecting my Mac to my router and loging out of the App Store, all of which made no difference. Any ideas what might be the problem? The App Store status (https://www.apple.com/uk/support/systemstatus/) is showing its fine, when I check on the Apple.com website and I'm able to get into my iTunes account and see all the App Store Features, and payment details, so it has a connection, just can't update the Affinity apps. I'm running MacOS 10.10 which I thought might be the problem but from the App Store info pages, for your app, it says the OS is supported so I'm a bit stumped why I'm having issues. A live chat to Apple Support seems to have not helped either. They've just walked me through generic troubleshooting for checking I have a connection and other unrelated issues that relate to iOS and not MacOS apps. Please can you help as it's so annoying that such a simple issues is stopping me from downloading your fantastic apps. Thanks in advance for your help. Alec
  5. I just noticed that my Affinity Publisher installation is not detected on App Store. Though it is installed, it displays the price to purchase and download the app. Also on my Affinity account on the website, I only see my purchase of Affinity publisher but not my Affinity Designer and Photo purchase. How can I find my designer and photo apps purchase and licensing details? What should be done in order for the app store to detect the pexisting publisher installation?
  6. Does it matter if I buy at the Affinity Store or Mac App Store? Family Plan both places?
  7. I bought Affinity Designer and Photo through the Mac App Store but I bought Publisher directly from Affinity (yes I know – what a dumb thing to do). I don't intentionally do this, I simply followed the links I found and bingo here I am with three products by the same company but they're differently licensed. I sometimes find the Designer and Photo personas don't work from Publisher, It doesn't happen often, usually just before I update to newer versions when they become available but I can't reproduce the problem consistently. I suspect it's because the MAS version's don't want to play with the directly bought ones, but I'm no software developer. I'd like to licence the three the same way if possible. If it's through the MAS or directly through Affinity that's alright (I'd be happy with the latter so nobody gets a cut) but I'd just like some continuity: There must be a way to transfer a licence from MAS to run a direct bought version? I've done it with other products that I've bought through the App Store and I'd be very happy to hear if there's a way Affinity could do the same. What do you think Affinity, Is there a path to transfer licences or can you make one like other software? Thanks in advance. Emyr
  8. I bought Designer and Photo (both iPad and Mac versions on the Mac App Store and Publisher on your site. I want Publisher also in the Mac App Store so it will be easier when moving to a new Mac (that's sooner than you think) Another Dev help me for the same thing with his app with a code. Can you do the same? If you need my info and purchase evidence I can give them to you. let me know if you can help me with that.
  9. Hi there, I bought Affinity on the app sore on my mac and have recently got a new desk top windows PC. I was looking to get affinity on this machine too as i know you can have it on a number of machines if its just you using it. When i go to sign into my account, it dose not recognise the email address that is associated with my apple ID. Is there a way for me to get this on both PC and Mac without having to purchase two licences Thanks!
  10. I purchased a copy of Affinity Designer from Apple Store by mistake, is there anyway to transfer my purchase from the apple store to my affinity account?
  11. I purchased affinity photo on the mac app store and am wondering if I could transport it to my pc. I can't find the download when I go to my downloads and keys tab. Please help.
  12. I have an issue with a font manager called FontAgent Pro. It has a font auto activator, which is very handy because I use many different fonts and don't want to have these activated all the time. I run into the issue where the auto-activation works very well for the Beta versions, but not for the app store release versions. How can this be? Is the way the app store version is sandboxed a limitation for this to work? If this is the case, is it possible to update to the non-app store version of Affinity Designer (sold in the Affinity Store) as I believe this does not have the sandboxing?
  13. I purchased Affinity Designer in Jan 2017 via Mac App Store. It is at version 1.6.1 on my Mac. I am unable to find how to update it to the latest version. For example, if i open App Store and find Affinity Designer in App Store, it simply says OPEN, there does not appear to be the option to update it. If i click on the UPDATES menu item in App Store, it says all my apps are up-to-date. I have contacted Apple Support and they said if App Store is not giving me the option to update the app, then i should contact Affinity Designer App Support. Which is what i'm trying to do here! Thanks!!
  14. Dear Affinity Team, I'm wondering if I also get the "bonus - Grade UI-Kit" when buying "Affinity Designer" directly via the Mac App Store instead of buying it via your website? The same question for the "bonus macro package", can I also get it for free when buying "Affinity Photo" via the Mac App Store? The reason for my question is that I would like to use up my unused credit in the App Store. Would be nice if you could reply to me before the end of the Black Friday deal. Cheers
  15. Hi. I purchased the app on Jul. 15th 2015. As I re-installed OS X, I tried to download the Affinity Photo through the App Store. However I couldn't find the app on the purchase list. So I tried to search the app, but not shown! (I'm using South Korea App Store.) As I have US Apple ID, so I tried to search with it, and I could see the app. (on US App Store.) But with Korean ID, I couldn't search it. (Not shown on the result.) However, I just found the app, by surfing 'Categories' menu, Photo section. It was so ridiculous that the app is on the App Store but can't be seen by searching. I asked this to apple support but the advisor said it's because app developer changed something. Such as, replacing the old one to newer or something which I can't understand. So I'm asking that PLEASE make the app can be searched on Korean App Store. * The first screenshot is the searching result, and the other one is app category.
  16. I’d like to buy Affinity Designer but I despise the App Store. Is there any way to purchase and download it directly from you (Serif)? I’d rather see my money completely spent on your software than for Apple’s App Store fees. And I’d also like to avoid the App Store for privacy reasons.
  17. Is the delay with release of an upgrade on the App Store normally this long? The iPad version was quick so what is holding up the desktop version?
  18. Hello everyone, so I bought Affinity Designer quite awhile ago (pretty much in the beta). I just randomly noticed, that apparently I no longer have any software licenses for Affinity Designer in the Mac App Store, where I originally purchased the software. (the is only the 'buy' option instead of 'open') That way I'm obviously no longer able to update my software. That by the way does not apply for Affinity Photo. I honestly don't really want to buy the software a second time for no reason so I would be very grateful for any help!
  19. Hello, I live in Bangladesh and I can not add a Payment Method to my Apple ID because my country isn't on their list. So, is there any way I can Buy License for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo directly using my Debit Card? Thanks in Advance.
  20. Hi Dear, I have purchased Affinity products for mac via apple store, automatically installation is complicate. but i don't know how to download software and licence key. please guide me.
  21. We bought 28 licenses for Affinity Photo last year through the Apple App Store. I received a spreadsheet of codes that I used to download the software on each computer in the lab. This year we are scheduled to replace our older computers with new Macs. Is there a way to transfer the license from the older computers to the new ones when they arrive?
  22. Hi, I want to pay for Affinity software on Mac without app store. Are there alternative options?
  23. Hi guys! I've had Affinity Designer for a while and I love it. Unfortunately my Mac Book bit the dust recently and transitioned to a Windows Laptop. Is there any way to get AD for my new laptop without having to repurchase the app?
  24. I have submitted my app and it says that it is available on the appstore. The dashboard says that my binary is compatile with my Kindle Fire (2015) KFFOWI When I go to the store I cannot find the listing. I have gotten a message that says "Amazon Content Policy Not Compliant" but there is no description about what is not compliant, and as far as I can tell it is compliant. The app is the Big Finish app and works similar to the Audible app. Our clients purchase audio books from Bigfinish.com and use the app to download the content to their device for listening. I have used the contact us button twice but have only gotten a canned response. Can anybody help explain what is going on?
  25. I have been trying to update my 1.4x version of Photo (Mac) to 1.5. The app store seems to be my only option. When I locate AP and click to update I just get a spinning gear. I have let it spin for hours and still no update is downloaded. Please help!
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