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  1. Thank you @firstdefence. I knew it had to be something super simple like that!
  2. Hi - I'm in the process of switching from Windows to Mac and shoot on an EOS R, which I don't think is yet supported in the stable release. Mac's have raw conversion built in, and I know Affinity can use that feature. How is the conversion with the OS converters compared to the ones that are released with Affinity? Thanks!
  3. Hi - I've been tinkering with Publisher and want to leave the current program I use, but am stuck on what's probably a simple solution. I'm trying to fill a rectangle and want the fill to transition horizontally like in the attachment, but I can only get it to vertically, blue on left, red in middle, yellow on right. I'm sure there's something very simple I'm missing, but I can't figure it out. In the program I currently use, there's an "angle" adjust to rotate the fill to any orientation I want. Thanks!
  4. How does the Apple Raw engine compare to the built in Raw converters in Affinity? I'm currently using Windows but thinking of switching to Mac, which I know doesn't natively support CR3, so I'd have to use the Apple engine for now.
  5. Thanks @Alfred. For some reason I was thinking it was 30 days. But it's all good. I contacted them today for the refund. Thanks for the help!
  6. Hi - Can the Windows product keys be used with the Mac version? I've been a Mac user for years and was in the process of switching to Windows and purchased Affinity Photo, Designer & Publisher pre-order for Windows 2 days ago - Thursday - through the Affinity Store but decided yesterday that I want to stay with Mac. I haven't installed or activated the products and wonder if my Windows product keys will work with Mac, or do I have to request a refund and then repurchase since it's within the 30 day refund period. I'm good doing it either way. My guess is it's easier to repurchase so I
  7. Hi! Will this be for Mac too? I'm super excited if so. Thanks!
  8. So just to confirm, Affinity does not support HEIF yet? I'm planning to ditch the cloud-based subscription soon and looking for alternates but having HEIF support would be ideal.
  9. Thank you again. It sounds like it's easier/better to just buy it direct from Affinity. Have a great holiday. You look to be right in the spirit of things with your avatar.
  10. Thank you, Elfred. What about the Macro pack that comes from the Affinity Store? Do you know if that's available from the MS store?
  11. Hi - I'm new to Windows, coming from Mac and want to buy Affinity. Is it better to buy direct from Affinity or the Microsoft Store? I have a main computer I'll be using the app on and then a Surface Go for quick edits & stuff. Does the Affinity store version allow installation on 2 machines? On the Affinity Store, I see there's a free Macro pack available. Would I get that at the MS store? I just got my computers setup and this will be my first purchase. Thanks!
  12. When I import a HEIC file from photos, AP reduces the dimensions of the file from 4032x3024 to 3072x2304. This happens on all HEIC files but not JPGs. Why is this happening? Thanks!
  13. So, just to confirm, the iPad version supports importing of HEIC files but not saving to that format? I own the desktop version but am thinking of buying the iPad version. Would I be able to import a HEIC into iPad and save to an AP format and then work on it on the desktop?
  14. Just bought Affinity Photo. Love it so far, but was a little disappointed to learn that HEIC files aren't directly supported, so I had to figure out a workaround. In Apple Photos, I exported an HEIC file to 16 bit TIFF, but when I open it in Affinity Photos, it displays like the attached file. It opens fine in other programs, so I'm not sure if it's "glitching" just in Affinity Photos or is something with the way Apple Photos is exporting it and the other programs can "work around" it. This happens with all HEIC files using any color profile for the export. Photos originall
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