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Found 422 results

  1. Hi on MAC When I close an ongoing document, affinity ask me first if I want to save first if I say YES then affinity save the file but it forgot to close the window once saved. would be cool to close the document once saved. Regards. F
  2. anon1

    Affinity - meet the team

    I want to sum up a few infos about Affinity here that could be interesting to newcomers that are not all over the forum yet. It´s only information I´ve soaked up at some point and I won´t give guarantees for correctness, please correct anything if you feel it´s wrong! Depending on how you want to count things, there are at most 8 devs working on OS X at present (6 contributing to Affinity up-to 1.5, 2 working on future things), 4 working on Windows and 1 running and improving our regression testing suite. So we have at most 13 devs at this point. In all honesty, increasing the number of devs we have would be unlikely to make a positive effect on our productivity (from experience) so we're very happy as we are - we all have areas of expertise and we rely on each other to be passionate and effective about what we're doing and it seems to be working https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/23851-beta-10-still-some-saverestore-issues/?p=113170 In this Forum we´ve got first and foremost: MEB - Miguel Boto he is the heart of the forum, most likely you know him as he seems to be up 24/7 working and even if you´ve not received an answer from him yet he might just be busy with the other 29 000 forum members - he has 10 000 helpful posts, counting++ MattP and AndyS Matt Priestley and Andy Somerfield . These are the Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo lead developers - be sure to check out their twitter handles.. Matt and Andy Justin Science.. Ben Ben is all over PSD export and the snapping which has lead to amazing results already.. Dave Harris Dave is responsable for text (but because that's such a small and obviously simple thing ;)), he's also responsible for export things like PDF creation and SVG and all this stuff (once upon a time Affinity was using Apples PDF exporter and now they´ve got their own, I bet it´s a big part of Daves achievement) Andrew Tang By his own admission, walks around with a clipboard all day and nobody has any clue what he does. He's probably like an Octopus - he has his tentacles in every pie. If you see it - and it's wrong, it's his fault ;) Mark Ingram Known as 'The Pretty One', Mark is often dragged out for photoshoots. He is the leader of the Affinity for Windows team and I can´t say much about him except for the fact that he is also extremely responsive and knowledgeable. James Ritson He does the Affinity Photo video tutorials and you can learn really nice english vocabulary from his training sessions as well as great photo editing techniques, he also has programming skills which he enforces in private projects. TonyB You mostly don´t notice him except anything spectacular like the windows launch happens, but don´t be mistaken, he might be reading just as much as anyone else.. He is the lead of Affinity as a whole. Various moderators (They have the "moderator" tag beneath their pictures - that´s when you know they are official).. Their number grows from time to time and are like the small wizards that help you out in every case and I´m sure they´re doing a lot of alpha testing beyond the scenes as well here is a list of all official affinity people on this forum These are the ones I´ve seen round here so far: SeanP, Leigh, Callum, Chris B, pauls, Lee D, nravenlock, stokerg, AdamW (dev), Jon P, Jon W Ash, Neil, Kate M, acapstick, Dale (working on the presentation of Affinity) about 6 other developers in the background doing hard work as well Affinity .... has sold about 300 000 copies of Affinity Photo and Designer for mac combined http://www.nottinghampost.com/notts-app-developer-championed-by-apple-reaches-global-market/story-29504538-detail/story.html
  3. Hey I have mutiple errors with information about: Unknown property : VectorOriginationData,keyOriginResolution tested on version: 1.51.54 I can share oryginal PSD with QA/support via email regards Mike
  4. Hey again, it's been ages since I actually shared some of my work in this forum. Over the course of getting imagery for the tutorials, I've also produced some final pieces that I'm happy with. Recently I've been tackling tutorials for astrophotography/star image editing as well as light painting, so there have been a few late nights! My favourite so far is a light painting composite near my home: Rail Tracks by James Ritson, on Flickr Then a light painting of Rufford Abbey (although I think I narrowly avoided a run-in with security): Rufford Abbey by James Ritson, on Flickr Followed by another light painting composite underneath an old railway bridge. This one's a little scrappy and I'm not sure how I feel about it at the moment: Under The Bridge 01 by James Ritson, on Flickr Moving on, a combination of star photography and light painting at Rufford Lake: Rufford Lake 01 by James Ritson, on Flickr And then a shot of the night sky, which was achieved by stacking 50 images (shot at ISO 6400, 1s long each) and pushing the tones quite severely to produce a vibrant result: Still Sky 01 by James Ritson, on Flickr That's about it for now - some of the above imagery is used in the recent tutorials and I plan to hopefully produce some more videos in the future covering these areas of photography. There are a few more images on my 500px and Flickr accounts as well if you're interested! Thanks, James
  5. While I'm on a roll, I figured I may as well post some more recent photography edited in Photo ;) Some of these you may recognise from the video tutorials: Lone Purple by James Ritson, on Flickr One of those nice surprises you get sometimes, I didn't think much of this photo until I started experimenting with blend modes - at which point it became very moody and striking. Spinning Out by James Ritson, on Flickr An abstract long-exposure shot of a spinning record. I was shooting some video for a personal project and decided to grab a few stills too. Monsal Tunnel by James Ritson, on Flickr A very wet day in Derbyshire, which kind of spoiled the view over Monsal Dale. There was this tunnel, however, which is really atmospheric with all the reflections from the damp areas. Sugar Factory At Night by James Ritson, on Flickr Shot at night, the initial image lacked impact until I brought in some brush work and blend modes - this resulted in the Creative Painting tutorial, where you can enhance colours in images with artificial lighting. Robin Hood Hotel by James Ritson, on Flickr A disused hotel building in Newark (Nottinghamshire), and I've brought some colour into the sign using brush work with blend modes (mainly Overlay, Reflect and Screen). That's all for now - just wanted to share some work, hope you find it interesting!
  6. Hey everyone, I'm having a strange issue with one affinity designer file – I try to open it, the screen pops up with the "Loading 1 document" in the title and nothing happens. It's not a particularly heavy file, little under 150MB and the little preview on the finder appears just fine as well. I've tried to download the most recent beta but still nothing. It's really important I get this file open, so please help me! Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, i bought the affinity designer a few weeks ago. i want to try the beta version, where can i get it ? thanks !
  8. How do I get all these icon shortcuts on the right side I've enclosed???
  9. Hello, I am facing a problem when I copy a selection of an object and create a new file but file size is not same as copy of the object. this is different... and the same problem with PRINT SCAN. I hope you got my point. Thanks!
  10. Windows Version Choosing the 'Original Ratio' crop option. It isn't a constant problem, but it often happens right after developing an image. After restart I can re-open the image, however I have to develop it again. Such a pain.
  11. jzedan

    Export Error

    I own a MacBook Pro touch bar 2016 15 "512 :( Attached file error.
  12. Inspired by some guys who show their impressive cars in this forum; pure vector, without pixel persona. A lot of work, but it's fun to work with AD ;)
  13. Hi All, I am currently experiencing a crashing problem with Affinity Designer. The program unexpectedly freezes and crashes when the CMD + V (Paste) is used. This problem occurs when you go to copy something using CMD + C (Copy) then followed by CMD + V (Paste). This still occurs no matter how much you are trying to copy and paste and its keeps happening continuely regardless if the program or computer restarts. This happens 90% of the time. Having this annoying bug fixed would be great
  14. Hello, A quick question on opening RAW images in Affinity. When I open RAW files saved in IMac photos in Affinity, they appear in JPEG format. How can I ensure that they remain in RAW format? Thank you
  15. Hi All, I am currently experiencing a crashing problem with Affinity Designer. The program unexpectedly freezes and crashes when the CMD + V (Paste) is used. This problem occurs when you go to copy something using CMD + C (Copy) then followed by CMD + V (Paste). This still occurs no matter how much you are trying to copy and paste and its keeps happening continuely regardless if the program or computer restarts. This happens 90% of the time. Having this annoying bug fixed would be great
  16. Is there a way to warp an object into a certain shape in Affinity Designer?
  17. bodobe

    Holly Golightly

    Tribute to Audrey Hepburn (Affinity Designer, vector graphic). http://b-bertuleit.de/holly-golightly/
  18. Hey all, The Photo for Windows beta has proven incredibly popular, and I appreciate that, like with any software, there's a learning curve and the requirement to invest time in understanding the software's functionality and idiosyncrasies. With no firm commitment to delivering them consistently (that bit is important to note ;) ) I'd like to share some example editing/workflow videos. My aim is to demonstrate Photo's feature set and, hopefully, help viewers understand how the tools and features they're accustomed to using in other software can translate to Photo's implementations. If you haven't caught them already, it's also worth noting that there's a huge set of video tutorials for Photo available at http://affin.co/PhotoTuts - around 165 at last count. Here they are: Hadrian's Wall Link: https://vimeo.com/191642138 This video focuses on: Raw noise reduction and dithering Marquee selections from tonal ranges Layer masking Blend modes Blend ranges Channel duplication/loading to alpha mask Live filter layers Configurable layer behaviour Tiled Building Link: https://vimeo.com/191981432 This video focuses on: Accurate selections using selection brush tool Saving selections to spare channels Loading channel information into a layer's alpha mask Live brush previews Creative painting with blend modes Dynamic brush resizing on the fly Live Lighting filter Live filter layer mask painting Fast history scrubbing Portrait Retouching Link: https://vimeo.com/194985128 This video focuses on: Automated Frequency Separation Healing Brush and Clone Brush Merging visible layers Live filter layers Live brush previews and blend modes Changing/adding colour tones Changeable workflow behaviours via Assistant dialog Live scrubbing History panel Monochromatic Architecture Link: https://vimeo.com/194986066 This video focuses on: Adjustment Layers Live brush work with live previews Painting & Erasing Live filter layers Non-destructive noise/grain addition Canary Wharf Link: https://vimeo.com/203283705 This video focuses on: RAW development Tone Curve option Apply Image with channel equations Black & White adjustment with Multiply blend mode to knock out sky colour Pixel painting to enhance colours Curves tonal adjustment Live Unsharp Mask filter for final sharpening Banded Demoiselle Link: https://vimeo.com/203294769 This video focuses on: Creating selections with the Selection Brush Inverting a selection Masking an adjustment using a selection Tweaking layer opacity Live Lighting filter with blend mode Live High Pass filter with masking White Balance for tinting I'll keep you posted as further videos appear. Hope they prove helpful to you!
  19. I've been using Affinity Photo extensively for almost a month now and I like it a lot, both the software itself and the company. This got me thinking about the upcoming Affinity Publisher. Desktop Publishing software has never really been on my radar, however looking at a couple of PagePlus video's it shows editing PDF documents and creating ebooks too. Therefore, unless I'm missing something, if it could export in a Word Processor file format is there a reason why Affinity Publisher couldn't be used as a Word Processor as well? So, the feature request is to allow Affinity Publisher to both open and export documents in Open Document Text format (*.odt) too.
  20. Hello, I'm trying to snip this logo out of a picture that i made and then smooth out the edges but i dont know how. I want to be able to edit the logo and make it look clearer. Please help me out. Logo attached. logo.tiff
  21. Hi, Is there a way/URL for us to grab older versions of Photo/Designer software? I've tried searching but nothing came up. If I've missed something I would be glad with just a quick nudge in the right direction. The current Photo version has a major bug in it that's preventing me from doing my work (using Live Perspective to create presentation mockups for clients). I hope it isn't too much to ask, but is there any estimated timeline for this issue to be fixed? I understand the team is busy but I'm concerned the release may come at a much later time and I cannot rely on this for my work anymore.
  22. Is there a "Mixer Brush" equivalent in Affinity Photo? I how discovered that this Photoshop tool, the Mixer Brush, was very useful in digital painting. Is there a similar one in Affinity Photo...if not, do they plan to add something like it?
  23. How do I get an account with Affinity. When I enquired about this recently, someone said it is created when I buy the software. However, I do not know how to go from here. How do I figure out my account password and ID?
  24. fernand0n

    Kawaii in Affinity Designer

    Based on a character I found in the web by Amanda Tapie.
  25. What are Affinity's rules of use in regards to creating work professionally?