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  1. Hi Lee, thanks for your help, it's working! :) Best regards!
  2. Hi guys, i have a little problem with Affinity: In my job i have to convert lots of pictures. I switched to Affinity since photoshop is way to expensive. Affinity is great but one thing realy nervs. Converting the DPI of pictures! - The function about the size-task (strg+alt+I) does not work. Ok, i already got this one. Change the size first. Finally, under "File / Data-file" you have to go to the "export-picture" mode, klick on "more" and deactivate the Meta-Data button and it will save your DPI-Setting. When will it work without this intermediate step? Please Affinity, solve this! Now my main question since i know how to do it with single pictures: - Is there any way to do batch processing with changing the DPI as well? - I tried to with generating my own macros. But when recording the macro and deactivating the Meta-Data (see above mentioned solution for single pictures) it says "cannot record". At last the converted pictures do not change dpi when i use batch prozessing. - I have hundreds of pictures with the same ground-settings (cmyk, 300dpi, size about 18x12cm and tiff). I can't do the batch processing at all, also not for the other settings, if i have to export the pictures again for my dpi setting. I hope anyone can help me with this matter. Also hope you understand everything since my english is not that good. Thanks in advance + Brg!