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  1. am_affinity

    Affinity Photo folder in iCloud

    Which email are you referring at?
  2. am_affinity

    Export selection of multiple layers

    So I hope the developers will implement it as soon as possible. I think it's a pretty useful tool and could be added as Export menu option.
  3. Hi to everybody, I used Affinity Photo for some hours editing a various amount of images. At the end I discovered being unable to copy multiple layers and create, from them, a new image. For example, I have a image with text and some layers. I want select a portion of it and export it automatically in a new file. I checked all the menus inside Affinity Photo and I didn't find anything like this. Moreover, how can I select multiple layers at one? Thank you so much!
  4. am_affinity

    Affinity Photo folder in iCloud

    Same issue also on my iPad. On Mac, the folder appears transparent, as you can see from the attached pic.
  5. Hi to everybody, Do you know if Affinity Photo includes the indicators for checking in real-time the distance between objects or alignment like in the attached pic? Thank you so much!
  6. So more than a bug, it's a missing feature. I hope next releases of Affinity Photo would let me decide between text as image or as pure text, even if I would loose the font. UPDATE: checking inside Preferences menu in Affinity Photo, I've found the Preference setting to transform the text in text layer. Now everything is fine. I have attached a picture about it.
  7. Hello Affinity team, I've bought your app on App Store and tried to use it by importing a PSD file. The file is composed by images and text levels. As soon as I opened the PSD file (Photoshop CC), I tried to modify the text but its not possible. The text is created using the Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold font. How can I modify the text using Affinity Photo on my iPad? Thank you so much!