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  1. Thank you MEB! I appreciate the fast response. After reading the post from Patrick Connor, it appears that once 64-bit scanning is worked out, there is a good chance that this feature might come to Affinity for Windows. It's also good to know that Affinity Photo is a native 64-bit program.
  2. I am using Affinity Photo for Windows, version, and I cannot get it to recognize an Epson Perfection 2400 Photo flatbed scanner. I do not think the issue is with the computer (Windows 10) because there are two other photo editing programs on this desktop and both allow me to scan in photos. I have also noticed that the import options are limited. Does Affinity Photo support scanning? And if not, are there plans to support scanning?
  3. My apologies in advance if this feature is already part of Affinity Designer. Is there a way to create templates in Affinity? For example, is it possible to preset the background size and resolution settings and then save the settings for future use? For example, a website setting for 1070px by 800px at 72dpi and then be able to save it as "website-1070" for future use? And thanks again for all the help I have received from this forum. - - - WiLd
  4. First, I want to let you know that I purchased a copy of Affinity Designer from the App store this morning. I love this program. I only wish that you had released it earlier so I could have avoided spending $80 for Sketch 3 in June, but this is one of those events in life that is out of my control. It's great to own a vector program that is stable and isn't buggy. Now, my question is when will the beta versions stop working? I own a MacBook and an iMac. I have installed Affinity on my MacBook, but also need to use it on my iMac. I plan to purchase a second license, but it would be grea
  5. Wow! It's great to know that other Xara fans are interested in Affinity. I have been using Xara since it was released at Corel Xara in 1996. Great tool and I still using it today (Almost 20 years!). In fact, Xara is the only reason why I still keep a Windows PC in my office. Otherwise, I would do everything in the Mac ecosystem. I have shown Xara to many hard core Illustrator folks and they are always amazed at how Xara handles things like gradients, rounded corners, exporting, etc. I am also happy to discover that Matt has worked on Xara. So hopefully, he can incorporate some X
  6. Thanks for the speedy reply MEB! I just figured out a way to do it. I watched the YouTube video that you suggested and it explained how to export as "Slices". I make a lot of ad banners and I was able to export them in the exact size without any problems. This method works fine for me. I look forward to buying this program in October. I am also going to use it to make graphics for iPhone apps. I had previously created the graphics in Xara and then had to move them over to my MacBook and insert them in Xcode. Now I can create everything in Mac. Thanks again for your help.
  7. I am a long-time Xara user. It is a Windows only program (Although there is a Linux version that hasn't been updated in ages.) and it is super simple to use. One of the things that I like about Xara is you can just select an object on a page, like a 720 x 90 ad banner on say a 1200 x 800 page and then export it as a png file and it only exports the banner, not the entire page. I have found that with Abobe Illustrator and now Affinity, the only way that you can export an item is to create a file that is the exact side of the object you want to export. Otherwise, when you export, it expo
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