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  1. Yep, more discussion that does not address the original topic. Would prefer something like Stack exchange where at least there was some sort of voting system or problem/solution relationship and not arbitrary discussion. Seems like staff has no opinion here. I cant even close this discussion so I guess I'll just unsubscribe.
  2. This discussion also highlights another issue with the orientation of this forum as a support section. This thread has now become a discussion of flux which is unrelated to the original post. I think it is worth considering that application support and tutorials, community, feature request, and bug tracking are all very different things and it seems like a poor choice to think that all of these product needs can be resolved by a single tool. It is more likely that the best option would be to treat issue reporting & feature requests in to a specific tool. Then, in conjunction to this, some sort of knoladge base that that empowers users to find relevant information on the topic if it already exists, and then to ask technical questions if there is no existing content. If community forums are deemed necessary, they should be a separate tool/location with explicit goals that does not attempt to be a general catch all. @MEB
  3. First off, this is not a bug in that the application is *wrong*, simply that IMHO it doesn't meet the users expectation and can lead to "bad files' with lots of duplicate objects, etc. In Affinity Designer if you drag to copy either by `alt` or `command` + click and drag, the object you selected will be copied in to the place you have moved it to. However, if you then do `command` + `z` or Undo, the action of moving the object is undone, but the act of copying is not. There is now 2 identical objects overlaying each other, and theres no good way to tell. This can lead to lots of sneaky duplicate objects all over the place. Again, this is opinion but I think undo should effect both actions, the move action and the copy. Cheers!
  4. I use these forums quite a bit to discover how to use Affinity better. These forums however… I'm not sure what is powering them, I guess InVision? I think this is a sub par experience for a number of reasons: - Does not respond effectively to mobile devices - login/lout out is clunky and I often loose my session and have to re-login - Feels super old This last point is hard to nail down but should be fairly apparent. It feels like using a bbs/phpbb form from 2002~ish. There are a lot of great tools for managing communities and forums and as someone who used to work with clients who used InVision is not a good option. To put it simply This (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/) and This (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php) feel like they come from a different century. Some alternatives: - https://muut.com - http://www.discourse.org - http://zendesk.comexample>>> https://support.todoist.com/hc/en-us Apologies if this sounds overly negative, affinity designer is awesome.
  5. Agreed, It is a bit odd that it seems to have a state but that it is forgotten every time the split view is closed and reopened. no menus or options necessary here but it would be nice if split-view remembered the state it was last in, i.e. outline on the left and retina pixel on the right.
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