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  1. One of the most important things in any 2D Vector tool, Pixel or 3d App is the selection and transformation method whitow a logical set of selection you can’t do nothing
  2. - The merge function in illustrator have it’s limitation I have a much better solution to that if dev are interested in add those feature I will be grateful to help
  3. Here are some other feature request for fast production workflow - color merge: in production I use temp color [C1/C2/C3/C4] ETC. that will be replace with the client “Pantone color” for example I have diferent area of a design all C1 will be replace with PMS 289 Navy all are with the C2 TEMP COLOR with PMS 200 RED with the merge function I only have to select PMS and the CX color and merge all CX color will be replaced. - recolor tool: the recolor tool will allow the user to selectively replace color whitow compromised other artwork in the document really useful for production
  4. Thanks MEB this is the method I use before wen illustrator don’t supported line and shape Boolean i have to do it like this tricky way
  5. I know it work but my point is to do the logical or correct way not hacking or tricking here is a way to do it, I like Affinity because is the only professionals vector app on ios and I want to migrate my workflow to mobile I feel moré confortable an a more artistic feel with the Apple Pencil here is the only way to do it
  6. This is what happens with your method
  7. - if I’ use your method the expanded stroke will create an space that I don’t want this is not the correct method I need the stroke to cut the shape whitow creating extra space
  8. Here is what happens wen trying to cut with stroke
  9. I,m an Apparel designer, 3d modeler an character designer i have use a lot of design App desktop and mobiles and affinity for production is not suitable so here is my feature request - selection in affinity is not suitable for production for example I want to select all object with same stroke color or same fill color this is not possible in designer -select same fill color, stroke color, same symbol, by apperance “multi fill or multi stroke”, by style, by text, by mask, by transparency and so on. -I cant cut object with stroke this is useful to separate shape this is what happens -A mirror tool i don’t see a way to mirror from position center transform point I use thi a lot for production -A dinamyc mirror good for Apparel design I use mirror me from astute graphics -A match tool for matching graphics with specific part of of the T-shirt I use collider scribe from astute graphics 2018-07-14 22.42.58 -edge tool to select edge in an object any vector program have this feature very useful in illustrator i have to select by point to extract an edge to complement the edge tool - dinámyc offset for edge, edge extend tool etc... I don’t see an apperance panel in affinity like illustrator really useful I have some more feature request and lot of ideas to convert affinity to a powerful production tool
  10. This is what I have experiment in Affinity Photo - The mix brush behave more like a smudge brush I would like to see a mixing functionality like "Paint tool sai" as a slider, mixing factor etc... in all brush check paint tool sai for reference is the best. - Add a clear layer option in layer persona every time I have to delete a layer and create a new one - Add clip layer option useful for painting under an specific shape or color block I will post more feedback while testing the app
  11. Wen trying to heal an area the tool do nothing Ipad pro 12.9 "2015" apple pencil
  12. What happen with Affinity for IPad is still in development I hop so because I need a pro tool on iPad pro for vector and photo