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  1. Hi, I have here an image selected with visible lines. How can I remove those. It's on transparent background and with mask applied. Help. I used Desktop Affinity Photo.
  2. The day time version was given that old time look. The old truck was added to the photo. Using Texture in the lighting control produced that grainy look. With the night version I added a picture of the Milky Way (I took) (sky replacement) and I created the look of headlights for the truck....
  3. And Why Affinity will gain on developing for Linux OK, so as I understand Serif needs a $500.000 mark to start developing the products for Linux. On my own personal time I already convinced many devs into buying Affinity and they never looked back into Adobe. However, most of us work on Linux/Ubunut or alike. Here's my proposal to you: - Make a PreOrder for the target of $500k - Reach the target, start develop - Deliver I pledge my self to place in preorder 2 licenses for Affinity Desiger and Affinity Photo, each! As developers we are not cheap, just s
  4. Taken around October October 2017 on route 12 north west of Trinidad Colorado. This is a fantasy picture comprised of the actual road I took and another of the moon I took at a different time. This is basically a sky replacement with a little color change.
  5. After continuously crashing in Corel PhotoPain(t) when attempting to export to png, I got fed up and by accident ran into Affinity Photo after searching the web for alternative pixel-editors out of frustration. Soon after I bought Designer and later Publisher and never looked back. Designer got me hooked on drawing in vectors, with which technique I believe almost anything can be done that is commonly done in pixel-editors, plus it allows almost infinite rescaling of images without loss of quality. Apart from not imposing rip off subscription fees like Adobe does. This is my first pixel portra
  6. When I create a square, assign it a color, then apply an outline color, and then make the color of the object nil the stroke disappears as well. Is this standard behavior?
  7. Hey, everyone. When adding an adjustment layer the presets expand underneath it. I almost always begin from 'scratch' on my adjustments, so don't often use presets. But more significantly I find that the auto-expanding presets just get in the way of my UI by making the adjustments panel list much longer and shifting everything down significantly, requiring more scroll-and-search because things are moving around. Is there a way to toggle the adjustment panel's expanding presets action off, as I really don't want or need them showing up every time I add a new adjustment layer. Also, if I wa
  8. Both Photo and Designer (I don't use Publisher to check) have a new "My Account" button that allows you to view and manage your purchases. As an example, with Photo 1.9 I can log in with my account in and see the new free resources, and all previous ones I purchased: - 20 Fog Overlays by Paper Farms - 20 Rain Overlas by Paper Farms etc... I downloaded all of them using the "My Account" feature in Photo. Now, when I switch to the "My Account" feature from Designer, they are not listed as installed, instead I have to download them a second time. (1) Where are the assets s
  9. I'm new to AffinityPhotos so it may be me, but . . . I want to sharpen an image. I used 'merge visible' to create a composite of my work at the top of the layers stack. With that layer highlighted, I then clicked on the filter icon and added a High Pass filter. The filter dialogue comes up OK, but the main image does not go grey as expected despite the setting of the filter being the default (normal). No filters seems to be working. (I tried a different type of filter.) I tried deleting that layer and adding a filter to the bottom background layer. That didn't work either. If I do th
  10. A tribute to Captain Harlock. Made with Affinity Photo on Windows. Bye
  11. running AP 1.8.4, but AP still does not recognize any lens profile for LX 100 M2. I added "Leica DMC-LX100 & compatible" to my favourites in order to quickly apply a suitable profile manually. In Develop Assistent I also set Lens Profile Default to "last used". This helps some way. I'm not sure that "Leica DMC-LX100 & compatible" yields the best possible adjustment. So what is the current state with LX100M2?
  12. Hello. The version of affinity photo 1.9 is fantastic but I found some problems that one of them is important to me. In the adjustments tab in the LUT category it does not show me thumbnails while in all other categories it shows the thumbnails, shows only titles with the name and not thumbnails and I did not find a way to fix it to display the thumbnails. I have also made my own LUT to test whether it displays the ones installed by the users but it still does not display my own LUT thumbnails. The other problem is not so important. When I export and select the type of file I want t
  13. Hi there, this may has been asked before but I am somewhat new here and maybe just failed to find it. With the export persona is it possible to choose a specific size smaller than the original? For example: I have a 16:9 composition including a 3:2 image of a somewhat modern camera. So the total filesize is somewhat giant with around 14.000x8.000 pixel. But I want to set an export slice with only 1920x1080 pixel (for fullHD screens). Obviously I do not want to downsize the whole project but want the export persona to get a print of the desired size.
  14. Hello, Is there a requirement of OpenCL acceleration? And why does it have to be specifically DirectX 12 feature 12 when it's meant to be using OpenCL? I'm getting a message telling me I need to be on the latest Windows, or use a newer GPU but I'm on a GPU that should be capable of Direct X 12. It's a Quadro M2000M. I'd appreciate any insight to this, as not only I'm confused but a little disappointed. Thanks
  15. Here's a tribute illustration of the famous 2017 TV Series directed by David Lynch, made entirely with Affinity Photo 1.9. This is my first work with this software. Comments are very welcome. Bye
  16. The passthrough option in the context toolbar is missing in Designer and Photo. It's only in Publisher.
  17. I've been tinkering with Affinity Photo for awhile now (a 15+ year user of PS) for my astrophotography and when I saw the 1.9 release I had to try out the new stacking functionality. This is a simple stack of 180s H-alpha frames of the Horsehead nebula stacked and post-processed in Affinity Photo: More information here: https://www.astrobin.com/iz5cjv/ I'm very excited about this new release. I mentor local astroimagers at our astronomy club and having a full featured option like Affinity Photo at an accessible price is a real game changer. Michael
  18. Hi, I'm having a lot of images which need to be cut in same size. Is there a way to make the cut size fixed i affinity photo?
  19. Congratulations to the whole Affinity team with the launch of 1.9 and the introduction of so many new features I'm thankful to all those who have contributed with feedback for the Affinity apps, and to the Affinity team who takes our suggestions and concerns into consideration when working out each new update. It means a lot to the community - I'm certain about that. Focusing on Affinity Designer, many of us have been asking numerous times about a feature similar to the off-set path in Adobe Illustrator. Finally, Affinity has not only fulfilled this, but added a complete tool for th
  20. Is there a way to zoom in on the image in the export preview window? Edit: It will change, somewhat randomly if I two finger tap with a track pad (Mac Mini). But nothing with a mouse.
  21. Is it posible to import pdf-s as image in affinity photo? Because many times client don't have all fonts what is embeded and used in pdf-s.
  22. Hi guys, I just uploaded a new video. It's about how to create a glowing light effect on your photo. You can use this technique to create a neon cyberpunk look on your photo. I hope you enjoy this video, thank you!
  23. I have downloaded and installed 4 packages (fog, rain, rainbow and snow) in my account section under purchases. I am trying to access them within the application (Affinity Photo), but I can't seem to find them, nor do I have the required knowledge to use them. I looked in you Help section and Video training to no avail. Thank you in advance for your support on the matter. Best regards!
  24. I decided to create a Bernie Sanders meme for my first use of Affinity Photo. I like it much better than Corel Photopaint, which is what I was stuck with.
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