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Found 4,431 results

  1. Hello, When I use the pencil tool with fill, I will be drawing for a few minutes then the app will crash and all of my work is lost. I’ve tried changing the saving interval so it can save and I don’t lose my work but that doesn’t work. This is the version iPad I am using A1893. Please help, I’m starting to enjoy using AD and hope this can be fixed without upgrading to a new iPad.
  2. I have a group of shapes that together form a rectangular ribbon in Designer. What I want to be able to do is to apply a slight "S" bend to the grouped object, but still retain it as an editable vector object. If it was a single rectangle I could convert it to curves, and use the node tool, but that doesn't seem to work with a grouped object. Any ideas ? Ribbon.afdesign
  3. Hi, this problem is in affinity designer and photo. Mask and perspective have conflicts. For example, i can't duplicated o copy an object, this duplicate in blank. bug-affinity.mp4
  4. This is a model. But with plastic mirror, windscreen wiper and door handle missing and the luggage rack at the back bent and twisted, I finished it by referring to photos of a real Isetta.
  5. I happened to read a story about a Gibson Girl the other day and it made me think that I should try to make my own version of one of Charles Gibson's famous girls. These were created in Designer using vectors. The original one was a roughly sketched black and white image and so I made my first one black & white too but with a little more added tone. After I finished I decided to make a color one too just for fun. Thanks for checking out my work. Best regards, Hokusai Hokusai
  6. Hello guys! I have a question: how can I make a vector brush that draws a given shame over and over again? I’m making technical clothing drawings and it would be so nice not to draw zigzag stitches one by one. I know there are such brushes in AI but since they can’t be imported I wonder if I can make them myself in affinity for iPad. this is the shape and I want to make things like this: @ProDesigner sorry to bother you but maybe you can help me again ( by the way, I can by pass the paddle thing If you make a 3 points vertical line ) thank you!!
  7. Hey, I found a bug that persists since many versions of Designer, Publisher and Photo regarding fonts and font replacements. I did a small research, but didn't found anything regarding this. It's not a big deal, but still annoying... When replacing/choosing fonts you're normally able to search for them (filter fonts by keywords). In my example in the attachments, it's Open Sans. So when typing in a font family in any dialog, it doesn't search for this font in my font library. Searching for fonts simply doesn't work. So I guess it should work like a search field like it does for example in InDesign (2. attachments) As I said, it's not a big deal, but annoying in daily workflow (especially because the font dialog is so small and if you have a big font collection you need to scroll all the way down to find the font family you need) So, please have a look at it. Thank you and keep up the great work! -Alex
  8. I'm trying to snap a guide to exactly 30 cm using the ruler. Looking in the snap settings, nothing suggests itself as a means to do so Q: Is it possible to set snap settings so placing guides will snap to the ruler when visible? Q: If not, how do you approach it?
  9. I am not expert in using Designer, essentially a beginner, and I am not professionally trained in printing terminology. I am enjoying producing what are notionally custom photo greetings cards, yet I am using computer generated artwork. Thus far I have produced two, the first of which arrived here a while ago and is now framed and displayed on a wall of my home and the second one is in the post on its way here. I am, essentially, pushing the envelope on what are everyday greetings cards as if they are art prints. They also do art prints that are dearer and if I can get good at producing artwork I might well buy one or more of those too. The first one is landscape format, using https://www.papier.com/landscape-photo-313 I am very pleased with the result. and the second one is portrait format, using https://www.papier.com/portrait-photo-315 It has not yet arrived here. Both are text and I generated the artwork in Serif PagePlus X7. They also had a white background. Helpful discussion with Papier staff, both by email and online chat and links to web pages that they supplied enabled me to work out what I needed. It was a jpg, 7 inches by 5 inches, 300 dots per inch, CMYK, with a 3 mm bleed area on each edge. I worked using pixel measurements and used 2171 pixels by 1571 pixels. ---- I am now wanting to produce some artwork in Designer. The particular Papier template that I am intending to use is the portrait format one that I used before. It allows me to use colour to the edge of the card, like a lot of the quality A5 non-specific occasion cards that are often available at museums, art galleries and some bookshops and the like. So I am thinking that I need to paint, I shall probably use the watercolour brushes, into the bleed area. So I did a test, the result of which is interesting. In Designer I set up a 7 inch by 5 inch drawing, and to make what happens clear I used a 1 inch bleed area on each edge. One inch is far more than the 3 mm that I need to use in teh artwork, but this is a test. So I used the diamond tool to draw a large diamond with its leftside point touching the left edge of the displayed Designer document. I then exported a jpg including bleed areas. I opened the jpg in Microsoft Paint and teh diamond was 1 inch in from the left edge of the image. So it seems to be able to draw colour to the edge of the artwork for the card, that I need to generate a document that in larger than 7 inches by 5 inches by 3 mm on each side and not have, as far as Designer is "aware", a bleed area at all, then export from Designer without a bleed area. That should produce artwork that is regarded by the papier system as having a 3 mm bleed area on each edge and, provided I have drawn the artwork correctly, have colour going right to the edge of the card. ---- Having chosen the CMYK/8When setting up the colour profile and not understanding which to use I used Agfa: Swop Standard as I thought that as the greetings cards are intended to use a photo, rather than computer generated artwork, that that one looked as if it might be nearer to a photograph. Is that right? In any case I shall, as before, unless advised otherwise in this forum, not include an ICC profile in the jpg file. William
  10. When editing an embedded Affinity Designer file, seemingly at random I get this warning. Trying to save the main file after this results in Failed to save document: Save failed because the file could not be written to. This corrupts the file on disk making in unreadable. I have discovered that deleting the embedded file does allow me to save again. But then all work on the embedded file is lost. Export doesn't give the option to export as afdesigner file. This is on Designer 1.9.1. I didn't run into this issue on 1.9.0. I'm just working locally with the file. On MacOS 10.15.7. 2019 Macbook Pro.
  11. Hey ! Ive got a huge problem.. If I understood well after some research, my project should be saved under a file named Affinity Photo or designer (depending on the app used) in My iPad or iCloud depending on settings.. But here is my issue : CANT FIND ANY OF THOSE ! It drive me crazy haha.. folder are shown when I search for them on FOLDER app but there is nothing I saved in it, plus as soon as I deselect the file, it disappears.. It doesn't exist where it should be ! Please help me on this one Thanks Replay_bug.MP4
  12. According to the help you activate guides (context menu pops up ✅)... Then tap the guide... 🤔 .... should it change to a dotted red line? Can’t seem to drag it at all. The Lock Guides is not active. I’ve tried a tap-drag, a tap then drag, a long tap, a double tap... nothing. No visual feedback, no response at all. Can’t see anything in the Layers studio (I’ve unlocked them all to cover that off). What am I missing, thanks?
  13. I have a large document (526 MB) that takes a few minutes to load. So I'm trying to break it up into smaller documents. I saved out a new one (504 MB) and this new doc won't load. After 15 minutes Designer is unresponsive. This is on Catalina 10.15.7 on a 2019 Macbook Pro. I tried to attach the file to this post, but the upload failed. If there's a secure place to upload the files I'd be happy to upload them. Update: I reproduced this crash with a smaller document, and then discovered that closing down and reopening Designer gets around it.
  14. Vector Brush - on the Controller, the option (Brush Defaults) while using the (stylus pen) is not applying the Brush Default at the same way that mouse does. video example attached: Pink color is when Mouse is used Yellow color is when the tablet pencil is used I believe the brush Default should follows the Pressure Presets on the Stroke studio even if using the Tablet, as the Pressure option is not enabled 2021-03-01_15-13-29.mp4
  15. Hi there I found 3 bugs related to the Preferences settings - Shortcuts 1. Smudge tool is missing on the Pixel (very important to my workflow with painting) 2. The Pixel settings / Tools is displaying the Vector tools. 3. it's not saving the preference when re-opening the app, I've removed the Pixel Brush from my shortcuts -> (B) and it's backing when I open the app again (Screenshots attached) but the most important for now is the Smudge and the Save shortcuts regards Jhon
  16. Hello all, I have been working on a design project in Affinity Designer. Once completed, I saved the file as an .afdesign file to my Desktop. Now, when I open the file the attached image is displayed: 'The file type is not supported.' I have attached the file as well -- it appears empty. No error notification was displayed when I saved it. This issue has only occurred since the update. Any ideas? Thanks! NORRIS SHEDS BANNER.afdesign
  17. I've had a lot of good feedback from my first batch of brushes, so I've made an improved set. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I am. Gumroad
  18. We need the option or the tool for create unlimited artboards in Affinity Photo like in Affinity Designer is possible to a better and faster workflow
  19. Sorry if this is a repeat. I do not see the ability to export to an .afdesign file type from the ipad app. I only see .svg and when I export to .svg all of my layers and groupings turn into a jumbled mess on the desktop. I see that I am unable to access the designer files on my ipad directly is there a way to do this or is the only way to access those files is through saving files directly to icloud?
  20. Hello, There is an unexpected behavior with copy/paste in Affinity Designer and Publisher (Version 1.9.1). When I duplicate elements with copy and paste, they are usually pasted in the same place. If the element is outside the workspace, it will be pasted in a different place (see screenshots). Claudia
  21. Hi. Until the update 1.9 I was able to export SVGs from Affinity Designer to Cricut Design Space at actual size - meaning if I design something that is 30x30cm, it opens in CDS at the same size. DPI needed to be set to 72 to achieve this. Since 1.9, the resulting SVG now opens in CDS a lot larger than the size it was created at. Fine for me, but not for my customers who buy the SVG. The 1.9.1 release does not fix this. Any reason why this is now happening, and is there a work around? Thanks.
  22. I am experiencing an issue where I am unable to save new files to a specific drive on my system. This issue did not arise with 1.9.1 and was definitely present in 1.9.0. I'm unsure exactly when it started but it persists in 1.9.1 so I figured this was appropriate. Whenever I attempt to save a new file it results in the "Failed to save document: <Untitled>" "Save failed because access to the file was lost" dialogue. A file is subsequently created on the drive, but with size 0kb. I did find similar issues reported in the forum, but these all seemed to deal with external storage or network drives. In this case, the hard drive in question is neither. It is a standard internal hard drive Seagate ST250DM000-1BD141. Saving to any of the other five drives installed in my system ( one of which is an identical model ) works perfectly fine. I am able to open files which already exist on the drive in question. I am able to save to another drive, move the file to the offending drive, and subsequent saving works as expected. Only new files saved directly cause this issue. The issue is of course infinitely replicable as it happens even with a fresh install of Affinity Designer. I have attempted a full reinstall. Wiping preferences followed by a full reinstall. I've checked permissions to the drive in question multiple times. I monitored the windows event log for any hints. I attempted disabling all anti-virus software. I tried disabling my font manager. I even disabled google drive sync ( which I am not trying to save to ) just in case it was somehow interfering. It's possible, even likely, the issue is still unique to my system but I've run out of leads to chase. OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro N Version: 10.0.019041 Build 19041 Affinity Version:
  23. I was drawing a commission on Affinity Designer (running MacOS Big Sur 11.2.1) when the eraser tool started only working partially, it was transparent now. I fiddled about with settings and checked some forums to no avail. This is when I decided to get a photo as evidence of the problem. The photo shows several lines in 3 different brushes, the first I left alone, the second I went over with the eraser one and the third I went over twice. It was on the second trial of the pen brush my eraser magically started working after no change on my part, and to illustrate this I erased the top part of all the lines. Bearing in mind this lasted about 20 minutes and fixed itself on it's own I can only assume it was a bug and to report it. The opacity and flow were both at 100% the whole time and I don't believe I've ever changed that, and opacity under the colour wheel was kept at 100%.
  24. Happening quite frequently after 1.9 update, I just upgraded my laptop with m.2 ssd to enhance performance but I think it doesn't matter because what matters is GPU for this case, OpenCL compute acceleration enabled, renderer set to my GPU. Here my current laptop specs, Asus GL553VD, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Intel core i7-7700HQ 2.80GHz Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 32 Gb RAM DDR4, Uncore Freq 3490 MHz, DRAM Freq 1197 MHz 1 Tb HDD 1 Tb SSD NVME M.2 Sabrent Rocket 4 PCIe most of my assets are 72dpi resolution. IMG_8041.MOV IMG_8041.MOV
  25. I cannot seem to find a way to solve my problem. I made a shape in Apub and inserted some text in the shape. In Affinity Publisher you have the option through "Text frame" panel to change fill and stroke color of the shape. I now would like to add a brush to the stroke of the text frame but Brushes are not available in Publisher. No problem I think! I use the studiolink to ADesigner, but here there is no option of "Text frame panel". And I cannot figure out how to change either fill color or stroke color/type/brush of the shape that the text is embedded in, in Designer? The curios thing is I can make the shape in Designer. Select fill and stroke color/brush style. As soon as you use the text tool and write/insert text in the shape - I have no idea how to change the fill/color of the original shape. The only fill and stroke color I am able to change is that of the text. The appearance panel is no help in either program. So there are two things I would like to know: Either: add a brush to the stroke of the text frame in APub or, being able to add/change color and brush of fill/stroke of text frame in Designer. Anyone know how to do it? What panel or menu have I not been able to find?.... Thanks in advance The first image is from Designer /(studiolink) - the second from Publisher
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