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  1. This is weird. Some of my paragraph styles are duplicated every time I import a Word document. The imported doc doesn't include similarly named styles or anything that could easily explain this. I guess there's a glitch in my document and it should be rebuilt somehow. In ID you could export as IDML and then reopen to accomplish that. Is there a way to do that in Pub? Screenshot 2020-02-22 at 10.05.45.pdf Pihapiiri_1_20_v1.afpub
  2. You click to select an object and proceed to dragging, with the same click. Less clicks, less fuss. Especially with small objects with which you always have the transform handles in the way.
  3. In many apps, when you press alt simultaneously as you click+drag an object, you get a duplicate. It's actually quite a widely spread standard. The best apps let you add that alt while dragging
  4. At the moment, Alt+drag duplicates, but alt+click does not select: you need to have the object first selected, then alt+drag. This is quite tedious dealing with small objects, with which the transform handles tend to get in the way. Please facilitate either immediate duplicating by alt+click -> drag without lifting mouse button, or by click+drag -> alt pressed while dragging. Keep up the good work!
  5. Right now, when you have a list paragraph right after another, the latter continues the sequence of the former, like: 1. yada yada 2. blah blah C. nag nag This logic is, at least to me, wrong, as the change of list type should automatically signal different sequence. I just can't imagine a situation where you'd want the sequence to carry over from numerical to alphabetical, so having to change levels or to create global lists to prevent this is more of a hassle. This is counterintuitive, especially when you just want to make quick lists locally without having to create list styles. So I suggest that you change the behaviour so that when the list type changes, the sequencing starts over. Either that or do it like Word does: handle all the consecutive paragraphs with the same list sequence as one list and change the numbering style to all paragraphs is one is changed. That is, IMHO, the inferior (Microsofty) way to do it. Love!
  6. …If you could please go ahead and make the shadow max radiuses bigger… I use them often to make the foreground objects pop out just subtly, and to do that the shadow needs to feather out wide and soft. And as the canvases are sometimes quite big, as in rollups and banners, the radiuses need to be quite big too, to do just that. Over and out.
  7. Two little intuitivity & workflow related issues to fix whenever: 1) You can't drag layers to another document unless you go to separated mode. Which is a multiple step pain if you're fullscreen: first exit fullscreen, then go separated mode, then drag your windows around until you find the correct ones. 2) After dragging the layers, the order of the dragged layers is reversed in the new document. Again, a pain, if you have dragged multiple layers.
  8. Jyväskylä, Finland. I live a hundred km from there, but… close enough for government work We use the same money, after all.
  9. Hi lovelies, Every time I go to Affinity Store I see the prices in DKK, though I live in a Euro country (Finland). Is this a result of a funny cookie or…? I've noticed that some social media sites push Danish advertising to me, too.
  10. Adobe is history for me, too. Like, after 22 years. The only things I miss are the no-fuss top quality font cloud and stock photo collection. But I'm not going to buy another stock plan. If clients want photos they will have to pay single photo licences. Unless you guys have an amazing plan to recommend
  11. A I have understood, a docx is essentially a zipped package of XML files. It shouldn't be too hard to come up with a pretty convenient import tool for that. But I also understand that as long as you can copy-paste the text from the text processor of your choice, it's not the most urgent feature to build.
  12. The strength of InCopy is that it allows the editors to see the effect of their edits in the layout. Seems to me the perfect solution for today's online networked freelancers based work culture would be a cloud interface where you can edit your texts and see them on the page without having a separate desktop app. I don't presume we're going to see this this year But if enough people buy the software and Affinity gains loads of R&D money…
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