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  1. Hey! I noticed double clicking a text frame's edge now auto resizes it! THANKS GUYS! That was like, a deep embedded reflex carried over from ID. And now it works, too
  2. See photos. The Drop cap setting is 3 lines in both. The only difference is when baseline alignment is on, the drop cap size behaves erratically. Baseline align off: everything works beautifully.
  3. I've understood that there is no support for anchored objects at all. Yet. Which is a bugger for all those making manuals, scientific papers and other data intensive, booklike documents where you want your s**t to run with the text. But all in a due time. The Find and Replace feature is still quite featureless too – remembering what fun it was to practically grep a book together in ID - attaching character and paragraph styles with positive lookahead or -behind. But I trust them boys to be nerdy enough to give us some candy in that area, too.
  4. Jyväskylä, Finland. I live a hundred km from there, but… close enough for government work We use the same money, after all.
  5. Hi lovelies, Every time I go to Affinity Store I see the prices in DKK, though I live in a Euro country (Finland). Is this a result of a funny cookie or…? I've noticed that some social media sites push Danish advertising to me, too.
  6. Adobe is history for me, too. Like, after 22 years. The only things I miss are the no-fuss top quality font cloud and stock photo collection. But I'm not going to buy another stock plan. If clients want photos they will have to pay single photo licences. Unless you guys have an amazing plan to recommend
  7. A I have understood, a docx is essentially a zipped package of XML files. It shouldn't be too hard to come up with a pretty convenient import tool for that. But I also understand that as long as you can copy-paste the text from the text processor of your choice, it's not the most urgent feature to build.
  8. I have to add my kudos here. I just submitted a magazine that I made after opening the previous issue PDF in Publisher. It was a breeze to remake the text styles etc. You guys are doing helluva good work.
  9. Tested that, and everything looks as in the screen capture. Isn't there supposed to be some kind of a label for that include page number checkbox column? I was baffled when I saw that first. Maybe it's not a bug, just ux design choice – a self-explanatory i.
  10. Stroke remembers pressure setting and makes all strokes brush strokes, even when you change the stroke kind. In my sample it means no dash line.
  11. In that sense, it makes sense that it may behave differently in the document, but it would be sensible to be able to replace any image with another, even one that is handled differently once it's placed. But as we know, many wrinkles will be smoothed. OT: I love the amount of thought-out features in these apps. They keep surprising me.
  12. The screen capture tells it all: after Style Name.
  13. Here, the first child of a green character style Anfangi remains green although the character colour is defined again as violet. I made it siblings in other colours, and they worked fine. It's just this one style that is stubborn. If you detach the violet child style from the green parent, the colour will change. Not a biggie, but you might want to squash that bug, too, in time. drop cap.afpub
  14. So cruel. Not all images are treated equal