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  1. Here, the first child of a green character style Anfangi remains green although the character colour is defined again as violet. I made it siblings in other colours, and they worked fine. It's just this one style that is stubborn. If you detach the violet child style from the green parent, the colour will change. Not a biggie, but you might want to squash that bug, too, in time. drop cap.afpub
  2. Hi, Working on a document converted from PDF, I had some images cause a freeze any time I applied a text wrap to them. Also, I made bulleted lists using a character style on the bullet, with different font, size, color and baseline. The character style doesn't update automatically and the bullet baseline jumps erratically high, like 20 pt when it should be -3-ish. BTW, I managed to get Finnish hyphenation working on a semi-decent level using the attached Public Domain library. The library makes Publisher crash as is, but when you remove the first charset line, it works just fine. The library is not perfect, but it's a good start. Should you be able to tap into the OS X library, that would be just smooth too, but I understand it's not as simple as one would like to think . Sorry to include multiple topics in one post, bit of in a hurry here and wanted to contribute… Asukkaan_opas_01_2019.afpub fi_FI.zip
  3. At the moment, Alt+drag duplicates, but alt+click does not select: you need to have the object first selected, then alt+drag. This is quite tedious dealing with small objects, with which the transform handles tend to get in the way. Please facilitate either immediate duplicating by alt+click -> drag without lifting mouse button, or by click+drag -> alt pressed while dragging. Keep up the good work!
  4. You click to select an object and proceed to dragging, with the same click. Less clicks, less fuss. Especially with small objects with which you always have the transform handles in the way.
  5. When you export a PDF with “Area: All Pages”, the next export returns you to the default area “All Spreads”. All the other settings carry over from the last export, but this doesn't. Which isn't good, if you have to reiterate in a hurry, as one tends to have to, in real life situations
  6. In many apps, when you press alt simultaneously as you click+drag an object, you get a duplicate. It's actually quite a widely spread standard. The best apps let you add that alt while dragging
  7. Läppä

    CMYK PDF export not wholesome

    Soo… I trust making a PDF/X-3 document uses just the same settings that are available to us. Nothing hidden. So the convert to CMYK functionality is there, to be found, huh? Either that or the PDF/X-3 should produce just as flawed results. Right? EDIT: I checked, and specifying PDF/X-3 leaves colour space to “as document”. Useful? Not.
  8. Sent a magazine to printer, they said photos are in RGB. I had exported as PDF 1.4, CMYK, profiles attached. Sent another without profiles attached, hoping that makes a difference in their RIP. This is quite a hassle as now that I'm not paying Adobe anymore, I can't check or edit my PDFs in Acrobat either. or I could, by paying them like 15 eurobucks a month… Please tell me I don't have to revert to CMYK workflow again. That's so 90's. Or point me towards an affordable PDF editor allows me to check if my s**t is CMYK or RGB. Thanks for your shoulder.
  9. Sorry. Was working last week with this file that had several master spreads and I had the publication issue n:o running on two of them. After changing the publication number I had to re-apply masters to all spreads for the changes to apply. But this week, when I tried to reproduce the issue, it was gone. So no “live specimen” for inspection here.
  10. Did you guys really plan that every time one edits a text frame on a master the said master needs to be reapplied to pages before those changes reflect on them? Or is this just a bug? Tell me it's a bug.
  11. Läppä

    CMYK PDF export not wholesome

    Tried this app: http://zevrix.com/pdfcheckpoint.php – it converted MOST photos to CMYK, but not all. Which is as useless as not converting any. Enfocus trial gave me an eternal beach ball effect, maybe because I didn't have any Adobe software installed.
  12. Läppä

    CMYK PDF export not wholesome

    My thinking exactly. The last I needed to preflight PDFs was when I worked in prepress…
  13. Läppä

    CMYK PDF export not wholesome

    And these external editors seem …not less price-prohibitive than Acrobat…
  14. Läppä

    CMYK PDF export not wholesome

    OK, so selecting the colour space in PDF options does …nothing? I thought it was, like, leave as is / convert to RGB / convert to CMYK. But maybe that is not what it does.
  15. Right now, when you have a list paragraph right after another, the latter continues the sequence of the former, like: 1. yada yada 2. blah blah C. nag nag This logic is, at least to me, wrong, as the change of list type should automatically signal different sequence. I just can't imagine a situation where you'd want the sequence to carry over from numerical to alphabetical, so having to change levels or to create global lists to prevent this is more of a hassle. This is counterintuitive, especially when you just want to make quick lists locally without having to create list styles. So I suggest that you change the behaviour so that when the list type changes, the sequencing starts over. Either that or do it like Word does: handle all the consecutive paragraphs with the same list sequence as one list and change the numbering style to all paragraphs is one is changed. That is, IMHO, the inferior (Microsofty) way to do it. Love!
  16. If you have a numbered list and it is accompanied by alphabetical list, the latter inherits the sequence from the former. This can be fixed by setting the lists to different levels, but still I don't think they should be affected by each other's sequences. I created the alphabetical style just by duplicating the numerical and changing the list type.
  17. No, the sequence is inherited from numericals to alphabeticals when the level is the same or “no change”. I made a sample now. sample.afpub
  18. Sorry mate, but no. Then it's another list altogether. You may have consecutive lists of different types and they all should start from 1 or A or whatever, not inherit the sequence of the former list.
  19. …If you could please go ahead and make the shadow max radiuses bigger… I use them often to make the foreground objects pop out just subtly, and to do that the shadow needs to feather out wide and soft. And as the canvases are sometimes quite big, as in rollups and banners, the radiuses need to be quite big too, to do just that. Over and out.
  20. I choose an image, click “Replace Image” button, choose an .afphoto file, click Open and presto! Nothing happens. The same jpeg stays where it was, the new image does not appear or replace it.
  21. Exporting a magazine, a font called HK Grotesk converted to some totally different character set. Seems like there was a some kind of warning system coded into Publisher, as the export view flashed me some serious redded out icons. Inspecting the issue further, it turned out I had both TrueType and OpenType versions of the font activated and that sent the poor little pdf exporter's head spinning. Deactivated the TTF versions and – voilà! So, some safeguards may need to be built, but nothing serious here. (The font manager in question is FontBase)
  22. In text style settings, when you select a bulleted list type, you can't set the list level. This is kinda counterintuitive, as clients often submit numbered lists that have bulleted sublevels. Now that I can't set the level to 2, the numbering sequence starts again after a bullet list even though I've set it to be “next level“ to the numbered one. Like this: Peas Musical fruit More you eat More you N000!
  23. Läppä

    Bullet list level grayed out

    Okay, I found a workaround, but this should not be the way to do it… I select numbered list and then replace the numbering variable with bullet character.
  24. That pretty much sums it up. I had a CMYK document crash me when I tried to export it for prepress. Previous versions had worked fine. Narrowed the problem down to that: if my PDF version is any of the PDF/X versions my export will fail. So I made a Prepress preset that uses PDF 1.4 definition. Layers on / off does not affect success, neither any other variable. Client job, so I don't feel comfortable uploading it for public use. Sorry. If you'd like the doc for forensics, I can send it personally.
  25. Am I correct in assuming that we didn't have outer shadow intensity before…? AND REGEX! TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY! For real. I've been using the beta in maybe five production jobs (Oops! I did it again!) and I'd say when InDesign came out… it wasn't half as finished as your product. On the other hand, we didn't have social media then and they dominated the market. Anyhow, great work again, kids. If you ever feel like hiring a Product Evangelist, let me know