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  1. Another one bites the dust! Opened the app again today to find another folder has completely deleted itself! I’m in tears. :-(
  2. @Alfred Right! Normally if I save a file (in my iPad's Affinity file) it retains all of the vector layers. But just now, when I tried the method DM1 mentioned to close my file in Affinity after saving then reopening, I get a locked flattened file instead of multiple layers. So unless I understood incorrectly, I tried: Creating a vector file > Save (not exported) > Close file from affinity > open vector file from Affinity folder > receive flattened images only in Affinity for iPad. Very unusual!
  3. @DM1 Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to respond to my unusual issue! I tried to do these steps prior to reading your similar suggestion, and all I'm getting when I close the file in Affinity, and re-open the file from my Affinity Document on my iPad is a compressed/flattened image rather than a vector file... I think I may be doing something wrong here? : ( I'll try to create a video of my issue when I have a moment.
  4. @Sean P Thank you for the tip there Sean! I'll have to try it sometime, although it looks like this method is good for flattened images rather than maintaining an affinity vector image? Still useful though! : ) I appreciate the workaround.
  5. I was move a file out of a project folder on my iPad Pro, then suddenly Affinity Designer crashed. When I opened Affinity again, my entire folder with several vector images was gone. Completely deleted. No folder, no files. Which seems completely impossible since Designer for the iPad only allows for deleting files one at a time. Unfortunately, all of the vector images I lost were saved not up-to-date, so those files are completely gone now...
  6. First of all might I say - I'm a huge Affinity Designer fan. That being said, I purchased Affinity Designer for my iPad Pro, with Apple Pencil, and immediately fell in love a second time. I do have a suggestion and hopefully I'm not repeating it. When you go to create a shape in Designer I've noticed that the rectangle that shows Width and Height is extremely hard to see from an iPad even when I'm using my Apple Pencil, I catch myself having to lean over and look around my hand more often than not no matter which direction I pull and shape the container space. If there's an advanced setting I'm missing to move the displaying dimensions somewhere OTHER than directly bellow my cursor/finger, I'd love to learn something new. Thank You, and GO AFFINITY. <3 -Brittani
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