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  1. UPDATE: I figured out how to do multiple file names. Only problem is they have to be done individually which is quite time consuming. I need to know if there is a way to import a list of file names that would allow it to be more automated.


    I did search to see if I could find the answer to this. It might not be possible but I'm hoping it is. I have both photo and designer but I'm more familiar with photo.

    I need to export the SAME image into multiple file names. They all need to be the same format (.jpg). For example...photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg.

    I have the file names set up so that I can copy/paste them or even import them if there is a way to do that so that when the batch processes it would automatically assign the new file name.


  2. v_kyr I can't thank you enough for helping me test this. You were right. On the PC, I removed that and was able to load without issue and export as well. Thank you!!

    Also, regarding the issue with the output on the iMac, it was the FONT! For some reason, just that one font was exporting weird. I changed it to several others and had NO issues.

    Problems solved! Thank you folks for helping an old lady out. 

    (making mental note to try changing up a few things before posting in the future. )

  3. Nope.  I have the fonts that is required by the existing PDF. 

    One thing I haven't tried is putting it through an online PDF creator. I might see if that will make it work. Maybe something in the original construction of the PDF is causing this? I'll see if this helps and report back.

  4. I import PDFs from other's sometimes and modify them to fit my needs. I have Publisher on both PC Win10 and iMac. On the PC, when I'd import a certain PDF,  it would crash. So I decided to try it on the mac. This error is regarding the mac ONLY.

    Opened the file fine, did a mod, then went to export to pdf for print. 

    I've attached what it should look like and the second shot after I exported to pdf for print. It's like the text is in some other language.

    Please forgive me for not being as knowledgeable as others on this item. Thank you.

    Screenshot 2019-05-01 21.07.25.png

    Screenshot 2019-05-01 21.06.56.png

  5. I was just coming to post this as a request for when the videos for the final product are done. Not that I need the light interface, but more that the use of the dark interface, combined with a dark demo/sample makes is even harder to see. Fortunately, I have a big screen I can attach the laptop to, but I think for the future, Serif might want to consider higher contrast options for the demos. Maybe do two samples and let people vote or something. Thank you!