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  1. I have to say, the V2 help guides are absolutely useless, I searched nothing came up! They might as well not have a search functionality......Thank you @walt.farrell
  2. +1, this is not an iPad only problem. I am having the same issue on the windows version of Designer with only 0.1mm as a decimal place?? 2.1 did not remedy it either
  3. Yes, I want to try and create random jagged waveforms from parallel/straight lines (so not freehand), I'd say 8 years from the first request is as good as being ignored
  4. Yes, I looked in the help but clearly didn't "word" my search correctly and was instantly helped by @walt.farrell. I had no idea it was snapping related.
  5. I'd never have thought of that 🤣 thanks for trolling my posts once again!
  6. Clearly this request from V1 (2015) has been ignored, any chance of adding this function in V2 please?
  7. BUMP +1 It's only been 8 years, surely this has to be near the top of the to-do list???🥱
  8. AMAZING, thank you 🥰 I'd never have worked that out myself.
  9. I am zooming in and out of a project of a lot of small logos and I want to turn off the magenta outlie showing on screen. There is no outline to the objects. I've looked in the view mode, outline is off. I'm assuming this is user error but I cannot work out how to just see the objects, without the outline. The logos' are vectors, all the same colour (at the moment). It's the same whether the view mode is pixel or vector Zoomed even further out?
  10. AFFINITY may "read" the thumbnail but it DOES NOT display any NATIVE file when using "open" within the program. You are simply wrong in that claim. The problem is BOTH Serif AND Microsoft. As previous stated (which you clearly are not reading) OTHER software CAN read the thumbnails including software that is NOT. Affinity CANNOT read their own Thumbnails UNLESS it's a RECENT file. I am not sure why you keep posting screenshots. WE ARE ALL aware that Affinity uses a separate interface for "recent" to "open". If XN Software can READ AND DISPLAY the thumbnails in or out of a OneDrive backed up folder in Windows then Serif can also do the same if they bothered to do so. Microsoft won't do anything unless they are pressed by Serif or a complaint is made to the relevant monopoly authorities. BUT, there is clearly a workaround form within the application and that is to do as XN have but clearly Serif have no desire to implement a fix within their software that would not remedy the issue within file explorer but would at least remedy the issue within the Affinity applications which would be a start. Unless you have something constructive to add (like another workaround that does not involve 3rd party software, please stop baiting and arguing, it's becoming tiresome.
  11. All your post did was confirm the Serif position of "it's all Microsoft's fault and we can't do anything about it" to be completely false. If XNSoft can get their software to display ALL Affinity native thumbnails whether they're in a OneDrive backed up folder or not then there is NO excuse for Serif not to implement the same. So @Dan C, please ask your Dev team to explain (not blame others) why XN can show your file thumbnails yet you can't? It is that they just don't want to fix the problem, because that's how it's coming across. You're not prepared to complain to Microsoft (but complain that they worked with Corel, which is anti-competitive). You're not prepared to make a (free) complaint to the EU/US monopoly bodies and you're not prepared to make a viewer (or licence one from XNsoft) that will actually show YOUR native thumbnails from within YOUR applications.
  12. You seem to be banging on about a point that NOBODY has complained about. When has anyone stated that Affinity is not embedding the thumbnails properly? The issue is you are refusing to engage with Microsoft or complain to the EU/US Trade bodies. You are ALSO REFUSING to change the browser within the application. Why can't you do as others have done, including XNVIEW? It's absurd that I have to use a 3rd party application to view the thumbnails of my affinity projects because you refuse to act. It can be done, why are you refusing to do something about it?
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