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  1. SInce the desktop icons for the released version look exactly like the ones for the beta versions, that could be a point of confusion. I have an icon for each version, and my method to distinguish them is to keep the icons in separate areas on my desktop.
  2. @ladlon: Sometimes I have to shutdown and restart my browser when things slow down. Try that, and if it doesn't work reboot the whole machine.
  3. I'm able to watch the video as linked on the Affinity home page. The volume does build slowly, skip to 3:30 to bypass all that and start the actual presentation.
  4. I would redirect your comment to @curtj. I have released versions of the entire suite, and also beta versions of the entire suite, and can load each one individually.
  5. I'm not seeing that, still have both the beta and released versions installed in Windows. If I start the beta, it says that it's build Released version is
  6. Let's set aside the "professional" term. Earlier, you asked where the help files were. Windows navigation is pretty universal, when you want help you go to the top bar of the window and click on the word "Help". If that's a new concept to you, maybe your local community college offers continuing education courses that would introduce you to elementary Windows concepts.
  7. I got an email titled " Your Affinity order confirmation - xxxxxxxx" within 24 hours after I preordered it. In that email is a link to my personal download page which has the download link and the key. If you didn't get the email, there must have been a failure during the order process either on Affinity's end or your end.
  8. Did you get a confirmation email? Look in that for the link to your download page.
  9. When I installed it, a 10-day trial was offered and APublisher opened up on that basis. Did a bit more hunting and found the key further down on the page I was given for having preordered and that worked as well.
  10. I preordered APublisher. I just downloaded the released version of APublisher and installed it. It opens up and the personas for AD and APhoto are active.
  11. I noticed that the Windows desktop icon for the 1.7 released version is a square where prior versions were a triangle. I had thought that triangle was for the released version and square for beta. Is the change to a square icon for the released version deliberate or an oversight?
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